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I bet Yukari's panties smell like sex.

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I find this erotic.

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i also find it erotic

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There are places humanity is not intended to go.

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oh yukarin, even with your alarming weight gain you are still elegant and classy to me~

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That's odd. Why doesn't she just <gap> the weight away at the cellular level? That's what any 17 year old would do.

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Maybe she actually enjoys having some curves on her.
You get all sorts of ideas when you're 17.

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Yukari is like a billion years old, dude

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Yukari is in the fairly rare position of being older than she actually is.

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suck my cock dude

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you don't wanna hit that

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Come on now, there is no need to argue.
Embrace the insanity between instants and the horrors that dwell in the dark gaps of the earth, and the crawling chaos will tenderly consume your mandoms all in due time.

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Dem gaps

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Porn needs to use this more.

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It's great when the mix in the powers

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You will never be the guy behind Yukarin with your dick in her vagina as she stands with her legs closed ;_;

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Sometime in the fifth century AD, an already slightly moontouched musician named Myrddin had a vision of a woman in white rising out of a lake of eyes, and the last of his sanity was pretty decisively fucked up beyond repair.

Yukari thought it was funny as hell. Arthurian myth agrees.

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So simple, so good.

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Care to link me to the story somehow

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Well on that, hardly anyone uses the copy power that Flandre, Parsee and Yuka have. I for one, want a love triangle work with a man, a Parsee, and another Parsee. Imagine trying to keep both of them happy.

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You've never heard of Merlin?

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... then Anon pulled out the sword that Myrddin thought he had placed in the stone, and Anon was crowned rightful queen regnant of England.

Yukari was amused.

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Merlin was a cambion, which probably means Yukari took him into Gensokyo and made him into a little girl. So it's likely that you now have a loli half-incubus magician running around in the Forest of Magic and forcing other girls she meets to grow dicks.

This explains all those doujins.

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truly a pity it's not used more

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Oh... yes, my bad. Forgot that in a setting where mythical creatures near and far are real, it's almost certain that Merlin was real and Myrddin wasn't.

Then the whole story falls apart.
And somewhere, Yukari is laughing.

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i lol'd
sauce please

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Can you even enjoy screwing someone with a stolen dick?

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It was mostly just to abuse tenshi. A different sort of pleasure, I guess