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Alright faggot posting a Touhou doesn't make it /jp/ related

but since you're butthurt i'll bump this thread and give it a better purpose


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I hate OP and his kin but know what i don't hate

E~rin's squishy, round, huge, soft butt

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Not only her butt but i also ''appreciate'' her gigantic and lewd saline bags

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Apparently it's raid /jp/ day. It would be nice if you guys would at least stick to a few threads so the actual content doesn't get bumped down into nothingness...

Consider it a request from someone equally as bored, but hoping for an answer to outstanding questions in relevant threads.

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I really shouldn't, but it's a difficult to resist. I don't know when I started to find her attractive.

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Luckily theres a few empty pages, glad we had a janitor active a few minutes ago.

And since theres no other delicious doctor thread, might as well.

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Sure thing brah just make sure this ''ifiteforjpgoodoldays'' fag stop this samefaggotry (which is unfortunately almost impossible unless meido comes and ISP ban his shit)

and typing makes me want to rest my hands on E~rin's butt as she makes SCIENCE while she stares at me with a mix of disgust and pleasure on her eyes

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On a second though, fuck resting

i want to brandish a spear with a burgee at the top with E~rins butt on it and have a skirmish against her, so i can charge towards her letting out a ferocious roar fueled by my lewd thoughs, while dodging her danmaku i would throw my spear with the precision of a hundred Craig Harrisons disarming her. when i finally reach E~rin i tackle her and then i

give her the most powerful slap in the butt, with the force of a billion impotent-raging /v/-fags, making her lewd and perfect butt wobble like the lewdest jelly in the world.

on the way to Eientei i take her as a POW and sign a ceasefire agreement with the next terms

-Free residence for me
-Access to Kaguya-hime's room (obviously any suspicious act i commit will get my shit slapped)

bringing this back to the frontpage

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She has some nice meaty parts

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I want her to forcefully "inject" me with her "syringe"

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Just look at her

E~rin is taunting me, knowing i can't slap her butt


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I wonder why Eirin's butt is so enticing. I admit that I have an urge to squeeze it as well.

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i'll leave it as ''Magical lunarian lewdness''