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How is Shikieiki stronger than Yukari, again?

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Because she is. Deal with it.

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It's not necessarily a "personally stronger" sort of deal, she could be "metaphorically stronger" as she is innately in a position above EVERY mortal being in existence.

When you die, you're going to appeal to her. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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How is that 1 m^3 of steel is heavier than 1m^3 of wood.
Because Steel is heavier.
How is that the single character Shikieki is stronger than the single character Yukari.
Because Shikieki is stronger than Yukari.

Just that, it is implied in the character, in the same way that the density of the steel is implied in it an for that reason is heavier than the wood.

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If it can die, Eiki ultimately decides their fate.

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But Yukari can almost certainly handle any shinigami that comes after her. She's not going to die unless she decides too.

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No, when her appointed time comes she'll die just as sure as the rest of the youkai that died before her. Earthly power only stretches so far.

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Why would you believe anything Yukari says?

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change the boundary between old/young? death/life? mortality/immortality?
What can't yukari do?

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why not?

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That's a one-way path.

You set a value to "infinity", you can't bring it back down.

She becomes immortal, she gets the same fate as Kaguya and Mokou.

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Yukari is probably nearing the end of her life. Ran is capable of taking care of the boundary and is raising a successor of her own.

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She's 16, she has alot more years than anybody in gensokyo :|

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Who are we to say what Yukari can and can't do? She's far, far beyond us.

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That's how the system works, yeah. But the strong don't give a damn about the system.