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Getting sick of your old and inferior waifu?

Feel like you want a new and superior one?

Then you came to the right place! This is the waifu trade-in thread, if you wish to trade in your waifu for a better one, you may do so right now.

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My waifu since 1994

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A waifu is a lifetime investment.

In truly painful circumstances, one might change waifus in a life, this is not simply becoming sick of your current dame, but falling for a new lady so desperately that your heart is twisted.

Your waifu is not your favorite girl at the moment, you heartless dog.

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Waifu was a stupid joke. I have no idea why it's being taken seriously at all.

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This one tastes like sour milk.

noo 1 plox

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Alright. I'm trading in Izayoi Sakuya and taking Hong Meiling.

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I always wondered if this is milk or sperm.

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I'll trade you a Saten for her.

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nobody takes it seriously...

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>trading in waifus
Disgusting. You're like those 3D sluts who keep fucking new men. When you take a waifu it should be for life.

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Not sperm because sperm turns yellow in a few days. I know because I collected it myself.

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I want Saten. I don't have waifus to trade, but I can pay you.

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I change waifu every season, but there is literally nothing I can do. When her anime ends, my feeling for her start to fade away, then some new hotness from new anime comes.

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You want Satan?

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already have that

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You want SATAN??

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I traded in Rin for Saber a few years back. Enjoy your used goods Sudo.

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>traded in Rin for Saber
1 step forward, 2 steps back...

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The waifu thing is retarded, I just have a bunch of anime girls I love.

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She tastes like beef ramen followed by vanilla ice cream.

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You can't have my waifu, but I'd like to see what you'd even offer me in exchange.

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I traded in a tsundere nag for a bank breaking devourer all food.

I think I made the right choice.

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I take it seriously you prick.

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You should go look at the waifu board on /tohno/. Those autists think their waifus are really their girlfriends.

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Rin becomes mostly full dere later on, I guess you didn't treat her properly.

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One miko with very low mileage and a bottle of snake oil. Its a great deal for you, I promise.

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Almost made me consider considering it.

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>Sanae Kochiya, low mileage miko

A bold assertion to make on /jp/, sir.

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no, everybody >>>/a/

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My Waifu is already the best possible waifu, I challenge you to offer one better than Youmu.

That's right you can't.

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what's with this faggy cross-board threads lately?

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Normalfags think this kind of shit is hilarious.

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>not putting your semen in the fridge


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Can I trade in my 3D loli for a big tittied slutty Reimu?

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You can be sure that at least [high percentage] of the bad threads you see on /jp/ are crossposts from either /a/ or /v/. It's somewhat amazing.

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you stopped posting Rin for a while, I think that means you don't love her anymore

shameful display

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I don't have a waifu. If you have to trade to obtain a new one, how do I go about getting my first? Do I have to find an abandoned waifu? But then it'd have to be damaged goods.

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Absolutely disgusting thread.

The notion that she could be inferior to what you're offering is absurd.

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