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If you took away any magical powers and danmaku spell cards, which touhou girl would be physically the weakest?

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She was still weakest anyway.

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Hard to say, most of them would crumble without magic sustaining them.

What is the physiology of a youkai anyway?

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Since she is only 40 centimeters tall and - without magic - complerely inanimate.

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Then we'll just limit it to offensive magical powers.

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Has anyone made a list of this yet starting with the weakest and ending with the most powerful?

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Oh, ok.

Then >>8006230

Akyuu is so frail for a Gensokyo inhabitant, it's not even funny.

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Let's also limit it to named characters.

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Variable. Youkai that are their own distinct species, like oni and tengu, have physical bodies with human-like anatomy, except for the occasional absurdities and peculiarities associated with folklore. Youkai that are manifestations or spend their time transformed into something else usually have physical bodies as well, but consisting of some sort of mystical matter and without any consistent anatomy. It's unknown if the latter include shapeshifted beast youkai, like nekomata and kitsune.

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So, what happens if you dispel the forces that bind them in their current form?

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They'll become Yukkuri

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Would you beat Patchouli to death?

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why is patchouli so fat?

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Nothing. A manifested form, while not always the true form, is still very real.

You'll have to go the extra mile, figure out what exactly they are manifestations of, and prevent them from assuming another form by containing the original.
In essence, rather than dispelling what binds something, you need to bind something that is largely unbound.

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Your foot would sink into Patchouli's belly

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If she's such a great magician why can't she heal herself?

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The Fairies because they're like children, Alice because she uses her dolls to do daily chores so she can avoid exercise as much as possible, and Patchy because sickly girl. However their helplessness only makes me love them further.

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Arcane magic doesn't heal, numbnuts.

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COME ON /jp/!

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I think the real question is:
Are there any Touhous that could take on a Mk. V Sentinel without their powers?

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Ah, this is the only kind of grotesque I can tolerate.

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Even without the density manipulation, she's still a fucking oni.

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Stitches are fucking moe, man.

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It isn't grotesque when it's cute!

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patchouli, because she's so fat she can hardly move

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Is this another one of those "How many Akyuus could you take in a fight?"

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Suika easily. It will probably take her one punch to take out the sentinel.
Kaguya can probably destroy the sentinel in one punch too, her strength is ridiculous.
Many other touhous also have unbelievable strength and speed.

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>OP image

Oh man. A battered and bruised Patchouli, desperately gasping for breath after your sudden appearance scared off the youths beating the shit out of her. Clothes all torn and ripped, incredible pain paralyzing her pathetically frail body, she looks up at you with tears of terror in your eyes as you advance... and sighs thankfully when you gently pick her up and cradle her close as you run for a doctor.

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I don't think she'd be doing any thankful sighing if the guy who just beat the shit out of her picked her up and started carrying her somewhere.

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You don't know how Gensokyo works do you?

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I was almost about to point out the after your sudden appearance scared off the youths beating the shit out of her bit, then I realized you were trolling, then I realized that a masochistic patchouli who gets off on beatings and fakes chronic weakness just to entice attacks would be pretty neat.

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I was almost about to point out the >after your sudden appearance scared off the youths beating the shit out of her bit, then I realized you were trolling, then I realized that a masochistic patchouli who gets off on beatings and fakes chronic weakness just to entice attacks would be pretty neat.

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How many Satori can you take in a fight?

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I can walk around punching Satoris all day. They couldn't even gang up on me, because they suck.

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>after your sudden appearance scared off the youths beating the shit out of her
Oh, I actually didn't notice that. Now I feel stupid.

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'Sokay, you're on /jp/ so you're still the smartest guy around by a long shot.

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Obviously Yoshika since she can't even move her arms.

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But you remove her powers and you remove the thing that keeps her animated.

Have fun kicking a rotting corpse

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Proves my point even more.

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I mean if your goal is to be a pointlessly sadistic cunt, then half the point is defeated when she doesn't feel anything being dead and all

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IT'S GO TIME /jp/!

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Yeah but one Koishi in that bunch and you'd be on the ground in a second taken down by your libido

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TOO LATE BRO, you already fappin'.

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back to /b/ with your retardation

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Dude, suck my dick.

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This place is worse than /b/, its the gathering of people stupider that the children on /b/.

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why don't patchi just multiclass as cleric?

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