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Because the other thread isn't really doing its job.

Make sure your version is updated to version 1.02:
West Coast, Day 3 Remilia. I think I'm in love all over again.

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pro player.

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Yeah, I don't think we're going to have a proper SWR thread for a while now. Best come back later.

On that note, FUCK YEAH NBA JAM

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Whenever I copy-paste your ip I can't connect or spectate, but when I enter it manually, I can. Does this happen to anyone else?

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I'd play, but I can't anymore without raging over balance and weather. I'm addicted to IN again, instead.

>> No.800606 EU
advanced level.

oh and, don't feed the trolls in this thread. Just pay them no attention, just keep your posts to SWR netplay related stuff.

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Works fine for me.

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>> No.800611 EC

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That's strange. Try copying it in with the zeros in front of numbers where they don't need to be.

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It's this. The 0's are important, I think.

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Ehhh, you're too good for me.
Good games, good games.

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>>800606 here

humm, really laggy but gg.
Not EU I guess?

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oh and, rehosted

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Oh, right, I forgot EU is a problem for me, other side of the world and all.

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Whoops, I meant "without the zeros." My IP doesn't have the zeros in front of places with 2-digit numbers, and it works fine for everyone.

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translation please.

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sry, it was damn laggy for me
GG thoug

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rehosting, WC preferred, weather on

>> No.800675 eu noob

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Hosting USA Midwest (not in the middle of nowhere, mind you) Beginner Remilia:

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GG. I got alot from that match. I can see them now, most of Alice's openings. Now it's a matter of getting my fingers to work when I need them too.

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Good games, good games.

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GGs lawl

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rehosting, WC preferred, weather on

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GG. Sorry, but that was extremely laggy, AND YOU'RE JUST A TIMEZONE AWAY FROM ME!! WTF?!?

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gg, thanks for the games

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I do really mean 'beginner' when I say it; I've only been playing SWR for a total of 3 hours now.

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GGs, I want to play more but I have a plate of spaghetti at my desk and it was getting cold since I wouldn't put down my animu game. Spaghetti > Animu

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i dunno what's up, but good games. How long have you been playing SWR?
also: rehosting.

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Since the demo released months ago, but I'm still Amateur at best.

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Amateur>Beginner. by far. I've only been able to win a few rounds and *one* match today... Maybe more practice against the AI would be prudent.

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Indeed, some of those were real nail biters.

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noob Remilia

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GGs Zeppelli

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Excuse me gentlemen, I'm a bit new to these network engagements.

Pray tell, what role does my code play in this? Is it necessary for you to fight me, or can I simply just copy, then paste yours and engage in combat with my Touhou against yours?

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Horrible lag was HORRIBLE! Guess my laptop is no gaming platform.

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For self studies, yeah. 3 hours isn't enough time to worry about winning or losing. For now, start with your basics; vs. CPU, see what bullets trumps what (I just learned a charged 5C of Reimu's can eat through 3 of your bats in that match alone), what moves and variations do what, and what's quick and what lags.

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We compared codes and the one with bigger digits wins.

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well, good sir, you may either go through fairly complex preparations to make yourself ready to host, or you may copy someone's IP and port, then select the fifth option to connect.

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perhaps not. I would imagine that WLANs lag more, anyway.
Thanks for the advice.
also: rehosting again.

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sorry too laggy haha

>> No.800974

I do wonder, 222, why did you leave mid-match?

>> No.800977

Maybe if I use one char instead of three, I'll gain levels three times as fast! ec

>> No.800978

that's fine.

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Who was the Sakuya player just now? good game, and again I ask my opponent, how long have you been SWRing?

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GGs, NoiR.

>> No.801033

sry it was damn laggy

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perfectly fine.

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beginner or not?

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Central Canada. No main.
I broke the dpad on my game controller the other day, so if I suck it's because I'm not used to the analog stick yet.

>> No.801057

Rehosting Midwest Beginner Remilia:

>> No.801060

still hosting

>> No.801075 eu

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801091 (US Cen)

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still hosting

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.02 - Weather: ON - Spectators: OK
Intermediate+ Yukari, Intermediate- Everyone else

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Good games, Xarcm (is that how it's spelled? sorry if I got it wrong). By the way, how are some of those moves executed? For example, how do you do that diagonal-up attack? (sorry for being so vague)

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That's 623BC. Chain and spears were altered moves from 214BC and 421BC respectively.
Also I suggest you work on you connection. I was on my desktop this time and it lagged horribly.

>> No.801173

Thanks for the advice, and unfortunately my Internet Service is relatively low-end.

>> No.801176

GG, Donryu.


>> No.801181

In any case, I'm still hosting Beginner Remilia:

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asdf, why is making replay babies with you so painful?

I watch these things plenty, yet I can't figure out for the life of me why it's so freaking hard to punish you. If I want to beat you, I have to play...well, like you. Truly, I'd like to learn to play this way naturally, but I'm hardheaded. I have to think about it constantly, so I end up making dumb little mistakes for Suika to HERPDERP ROCK THROW at. I swear you're a mindreader. It's so hard to feign an attack with you it's ridiculous. You seem to always know when I will and won't continue pressure, or try something different.

But I'm just complaining. There will be a day when I'll be able to best you reliably, you watch and see.

>> No.801197

GG 1P but you lag too much for me.

>> No.801205

LOL, hit the wrong link. GG, Donryu!


>> No.801207

Which is odd, considering we got such good results from EFZ a while ago. Something must be wrong with my connection right now.
GG anyway.

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Thanks for the games www.

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ggs j. edward. Did the game desynch near the end? You completely stopped moving.


>> No.801251

i think you're giving me way too much credit here, you've practically closed most gaps with that pillar, and the only way i can land that rock grab is through guard crush, or when you dont have pillar and im lucky at spamming BC to catch your 5b.

and also im thinking as hard as i can to beat you, its really not anything natural, natural would be like me just flying around j.5a until i catch something, but that doesnt really work out with your bullets

hmm as a side note, i wonder why you dont run reimu's other alt 236 card, the one that spreads bullets across the whole damn screen, that thing is godly. also, remi's 236 alt string appears simple ( well this is my first impression, you're the first remi to ever use it on me ) to get out of with BE/bombs/hangeki and possibly reversal ( and possibly pros can block the last hit on reaction due to 236b being slow, i completely failed at this though ).

and damn, how are you able to do all of this shit on keyboard, thats seriously crazy

well uhh until next time we make babies i suppose, ggs

>> No.801257

Yeah it did desynch

Though if you're refering that being me, it isn't.

Regardless GG as well

I'm completely destroyed and then some.

Thank you for the schooling.

It's evident I must play more.

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ugh lag was horrible
couldnt play at all

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>> No.801309
US West - moderately high

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>> No.801474

GGs Xarcm. That was a pretty silly last round with the 3 or 4 typhoons.

>> No.801479

Menu music is killing me. If someone wants a game, post.

>> No.801490

I would host except for the fact that people can't seem to connect to me. Among other issues.

>> No.801491

Yeah, and you just HAD to get a pillar!
Out of the many times you obliterated me, I'm still proud of our Aya/Tenshi match.

>> No.801498

GOOD GAMES, Donryu! that was undoubtedly the most fun I've had with SWR yet; we both won some, lost some, and wow. great games.

>> No.801506

No newbie hosts?

Im tired of playing against the computer, I need to play against real people.

>> No.801507

GG, Endo.
Playing in slow motion is fun. My only complaint is when I put the command in too fast and it doesn't register.

>> No.801508

Unfortunately I'll have to go fairly soon; Dinner's almost ready.

>> No.801513

If you ever see me hosting, I'm pretty new to this, so feel free to join in.

>> No.801515

dropped there for some reason. but gg's.

>> No.801516

Btw any tips on how to A faster? No matter how much I mash it, you always end up hitting me first.

>> No.801520


Pick a different character? That's kind of a silly question.

>> No.801523

It happens with any combination of character, we were playing Random.

>> No.801524

One thing to watch for is how fast various character's basic jab is. Remilia, for example, has a pretty fast 5A.

>> No.801526

I thought I was alone on this one, because it seems that 90% of the time my opponent's As take priority.

Maybe I just time my attacks badly.

>> No.801528

There's your problem. Plus, if the opponent's attack is even one frame faster, it will hit first.

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I only give credit where it's due. It's a bit of a relief to know that I'm pushing you as well when we fight.

I don't use Spreading Amulet because Youkai Buster works better in high level play, yet...recently it's been character situational. For instance, against a good Alice, Youkai Buster is pretty useless. Same goes for your Suika. I'm seriously considering switching out, because I don't seem to face characters Youkai Buster works well against very often.

And yes, Remilia's corner string IS easy to escape, but it's supposed to be a one-shot thing. If I don't crush you on the first try, I'm either supposed to get punished or back off.


>> No.801534

This man speaks truth.

>> No.801535

GGs. You should try to be less hasty in your fighting and work on your blocking after wake-up more. I almost always hit you when you when got back off the ground.


>> No.801553

I play this game a lot with my roommate, and we're pretty even, but he beats me more often than not when he plays Youmu. All he does is push me into a corner before dashing in overhead, doing a melee combo, dashing away, dashing in overhead, doing a melee combo, etc. He does that combo over and over, and I'm sure there's an easy way to break this simple tactic, but I'm sucker for it every time. Halp?

>> No.801554

severe storm must go

>> No.801556


Punch him in the arm.

>> No.801557

GGs abba.


>> No.801562

>dashing in overhead

There is your chance to disrupt it. Tenshi's 2c is good at attacking tricky angles.

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Southern California
Power Level < 9001

>> No.801570

Is everybody using no-weather? Because if two people use different clients it will DC. Also, remember: Use the 1.02 no-weather as well!

>> No.801583

I'm pretty sure it's the exact opposite, and very few people use it because it's pointless.

>> No.801593

Too laggy swedish.


>> No.801612

gg's was fun getting bashed about by your remi.

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You're going to need to block more often. I'm pretty sure most know this, but if there's a Typhoon, I go to the corner and sit. You can keep hitting me if you like, but I just won't fight that way. Normally I don't BAWWWW about anything, but Typhoons are the one thing I can't stand.


>> No.801681

BRB in 5 minutes GP, gotta take a quick piss and talk to roommates.

>> No.801683

Seconded. Any newb players hosting?
I can't.

>> No.801688
First to 5 wins

>> No.801717

rehosting, WC preferred, weather on

>> No.801764 (US Cen)
Preferably, Alice player wanted.

>> No.801768
US East
Noob, especially if compared to most people here.

>> No.801842

Thank you. I really needed to get my ass kicked by a human instead of the cp. I guess I should parctice combos and actually main a few characters now.

>> No.801847

I would like to add that your Suika kicks ass.

>> No.801853

Good games. I realized my 1 direction on my pad tends to get jammed. ;_;

Rehosting. Just need to go soft on my pad. ;_;

>> No.801861

GGs, but those sudden lag spikes were really annoying.

>> No.801862


>> No.801869

US East

Intermediate Aya/Sakuya

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swedish here. Yeah, the fps on my end was about 50ish the whole time we played. Dunno what's up with the lag, but if you got it too it hampered both of us.

Fun as hell fighting you. Had to go Aya, and even still I lost at first. Doing Peerless Wind God at the same time you did Throwing of Atlas to save my ass from being grabbed was fucking awesome.

Looking forward to our next lag-free match with you.

>> No.801891 hosted

Anywhere in america should be fine.

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GGs, Chardo.

I was really surprised when you beat Reimu that one time. Komachi gives me a hard time, no matter what. It got me kind of angry, so I pulled out all the stops, and I still kind of got pounded on some matches. I didn't realize that Reisen was so...annoying.


>> No.801908


meh, I was failing a lot, just when I was getting the hang of it, LOL DISCONNECTAN.

I want to play again.

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File: 29 KB, 200x200, 1213152786838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
801909 EU noob
I play as yukari and remi. The puffier the hat the better I say.

>> No.801910


>> No.801914


>> No.801918 east, average.

>> No.801920

Yeah good games. Could really use a Youtube video of every blockstring and how to get out each and every one of them. ;_;

>> No.801927


>> No.801931

Hi GP, wanna play a few dude?

>> No.801937


Everyone but Youmu, Remilia, Reisen and the entire bottom row.

>> No.801941

Depression quit... must fill that empty void where I kept some bit of pride with food.
Good Games though.

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GGs! I have to know, how skilled are you with Alice?

>> No.801947

GGs Terminal but I need to sleep.

>> No.801948


GGs, I didn't care much for that no attack during typhoon.

>> No.801951



>> No.801960

Well, if you haven't noticed before. It'd be my 5-6th time using all those characters. So not very.

>> No.801988

I wasn't asking to belittle you, but you were kicking my ass pretty well with her. Just wonder were you a step up from 'noob'. Noobs don't handle Alice the way you did (hell, I can't even handle her that well), and even though I won that round, I had a much harder time in that match than I did the rest.

>> No.802005


Everyone but Youmu, Remilia, Reisen and the entire bottom row.

Still Hosting if anyone wants to play.

>> No.802030

Carry over from using Bridget and playing her on IAMP. Now for me to fill my depression with food.

>> No.802037


RAGEQUIT, Holy fuck your Tenshi is annoying.

GGs though, how in the hell are you supposed to escape that god damned combo?

>> No.802039


Good Games, you are pretty good

>> No.802042

I haven't seen anyone else use Alice... but I'm pretty sure I'm still below average at using her.

>> No.802044


Except for the part where I lost every round.

>> No.802048


you need to border espace, press d twice + a direction during blockstun, if you do it correctly you will escape losing one orb, better than getting your orb crushed + some damage.

>> No.802058

GGs, sorry something came up

>> No.802074
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GGs, Pear.

Your Tenshi is pretty good, but I've put up with Armando's plenty enough to know what to stay away from.

Armando is so fucking good at doing Tenshi's blockstring that the only way you can escape is by Border Escaping between the 2B and j.2B. Even then, good luck with his natural skill.

>> No.802157
Canada West, Randoming

>> No.802196

Hosting ON, Canada. Yukari/Reisen/Random, Intermediate/low-intermediate.

>> No.802199

Good game, Armando.

Also, still hostan

>> No.802200

GGs but you seriously need to work on not spamming the same moves over and over. It makes fighting you a bore instead of being fun.

>> No.802212

To be honest I had no clue what I was doing with that character, sorry I'm not up to your skill level but not all of us are experienced.

>> No.802232

gg, theres not a whole lot u can do on youmu except ground combos and couple of air hits. specially someone as hard to catch as remillia. i can prolly say the same thing the way you play remi.

>> No.802233
File: 29 KB, 296x289, 1213156599273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never said I was good. In fact you were only able to get away with it because I'm a complete noob.

>> No.802250

Now I'm confused but it wasn't so much youmu as everything. Your entire strategy seemed to consist of finding the cheapest move you can and repeating it ad nauseum.

>> No.802252
File: 60 KB, 512x512, 1213156851156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's try this again guys:

also Chardo fucking play me!

>> No.802258

My bad i thought that was directed at me. Diregard what i said i suck cocks

>> No.802263

Hosting for a few more minutes, otherwise I'm giving up for the night.

>> No.802273

uh huh, those strats, are very punishable. if you stop block it.

>> No.802332

GGs. Thanks for the replays. Would've appreciated more Alice matches, but take what you can get, huh.

>> No.802333


Thanks for the games Pear.

>> No.802338

Which is why I'm advising him to get out of the habit.

>> No.802458

>> No.802472

Anyone up? Fucking weather.

>> No.802480

I WAS, but I'm going to go get something to eat now.

>> No.802502



or even the meltanjp one.

>> No.802504

Fun games. I really wish random would stop giving me Yukari though.

>> No.802509

GGs, really had fun when it came down to random characters.
It was a first for most of them, but I've learned a bit. Would love to play again sometime.

>> No.802510

wonder why random always seems to give your mains more than randomized.

>> No.802513

GGs, it was definately fun

>> No.802606

Komachi player here again. Still attempting to improve further and figure out how to combo and setup more effectively.

>> No.802627 ec
warning: tired

>> No.802761


GGs kite, I had fun.

>> No.802767

ggs whoever played against me. Patchouli's still pretty new to me, but I might start using her a bit more. I can't land j.6As with Komachi as fast as I though; they have startup so I need to execute it faster to win an air battle. Oh well, I'll do better.

>> No.802820


>> No.802827


GGs anon, that was fun. The snow level had me going, since I couldn't see Youmu's bullets very well. One day I will be able to go toe to toe with your Alice.

>> No.802851

We done mashan for tonight?

>> No.802882

ggs kite

>> No.802883

Well there's no way in hell I'm going to beat you tonight (or any night for that matter at this rate), so I'll let someone else have a shot. Good games.

>> No.802982
US West - moderately high

Just woke up, need to warm up.

>> No.803068

ggs vercingetox

>> No.803077

I'm considering adding Yuyuko to the list of characters I refuse to play under any conditions until they're rebalanced along with Alice and Aya. GGs until you switched to Yuyuko, when I got mildly pissed off at the game again since Yuyuko never really needs to, y'know, do anything much other than ENORMOUS dash attack, spam ghosts, or use dial-A.

>> No.803082

Perhaps the same could be said of all characters...

>> No.803086

Sorry about that but thats just..well..how I play.

I'll try to keep in mind not to use Yuyuko next time we play.

>> No.803087

yea, its kinda hard to change tactics with yuyuko, at the very least for me. yet some ppl complain about it saying its just cheap spamming.

>> No.803103

The problem is that's the ONLY effective way to play Yuyuko. Her dash attack is ridiculous, doing an assload of damage and having a fucknormous hitbox, as well as having a goddamn FRAME ADVANTAGE ON BLOCK. Add to that the fact that the C ghosts are virtually unpunishable since they come out near instantly and cover her for the next 5 seconds, forcing the enemy to do nothing but run away, making the lag after she's done with the move completely safe, and it feels more than a little ridiculous.

>> No.803134

I know what you mean. I, myself, can't fight against another Yuyuko unless the player is a lot less skilled or unless I'm using Yuyuko myself.

>> No.803247

same case with youmu, with little to no varied projectile, B and myon. so taking advantage of speed is the close melee is the only thing she excel at. still have yet to experiments her alt projectiles, most are not worth taking though.

>> No.803259

Only use alt-236. Everything else is complete shit.

>> No.803295

She's actually one of the few characters whose alt. skill cards DON'T tend to be ass. All of them at least theoretically have a purpose and do that decently well.

>> No.803347

Not using Youmu's alt 214 dash is almost criminally stupid. It is the best dash/graze attack in the game due to hitting low, dealing 3 orbs of spirit on wrong block, grazing, and canceling freely into any number of spellcards. Did I mention it can be used out of a B and thus have almost 100% safety? How about the ridiculously tall hitbox hitting jumpers. It even recovers fast enough on guard break to freely enter a dial A combo. Alt 236 my the only good Youmu skillcard my ass.

>> No.803656

slow startup, doesnt graze during startup so it can't be really reliably used to surf through projectiles, so it's only use is in blockstrings. Sure it eats 3 orbs when blocked wrong, but it's easy to tell when it's coming and the opponent can block it correctly really easily. NOT the best grazing attack in the game.

In blockstrings it's about as good as the original 214. It's a choice of preferrence - I sometimes load my deck with 1-2 of those cards, but usually I stick to the default 214

>> No.803673

Also, if you crush with 5b 214C you can't capitalize on it without spellcard. I prefer my corner crushstring into a 2,3k combo that requires the default 214

>> No.803680

any EU up for a few?

>> No.803709

I'd love to play, but whenever I patch the game, it crashes on launch. Unpatched it starts just fine.

Any ideas?

>> No.803788

Uninstall the game
*Can try changing regional settings to Japanese*
Reinstall the game.
Patch with v1.01.
Patch again with v1.02.

>> No.804518
EU, novice level

>> No.804560
File: 171 KB, 496x750, 1213196341590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

US West Coast Hostan

>> No.804605

Still waiting...

>> No.805701

Very silent SWR day today.

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