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Official touhou power rankings compiled by 2chan based only on fact.

If you disagree with anything you're wrong and a secondary.

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>Yuuka in D tier

No shut up I hate you.

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Caring in the first place makes you a secondary.

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>The rest

Shitposting right?

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who's that red hairred lady at the top?

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You mean B tier?

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>based only on fact.
I played as Marisa and beat the heel out of Reimu (and every other character, at that.)

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Hard to dispute who belongs in A. Moonbitches and gods of course.

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And here come the butthurt.

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Why is there yuyuko and then a shadowy picture of yuyuko?

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....Organized by what? How much they like them? How powerful they are? How silly their sprites look?

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>Cirno along with Iku, Hong and Hina

Just to start with it

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Not being able to die doesn't make you strong. Also, characters that have defeated Reimu not even being in the same tier.

There will never be a good ranking, but this is just a joke.

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wahhhhh my favorite touhou isn't top tier


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>Patchouli stronger than Alice
What facts are these based on?
If they were compiled by fans they are not facts nor canon.
Reported for trolling.

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Because every character has equal chance of beating each other in the Windows games due to the spellcard draft, it's only a matter of dodging danmaku. It's not like the PC-98 or SSiB ones where actual power was used, in which, she never lost in the Pre-windows games.

Just clarifying by the way, this list's a total joke.

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If those PC-98 people were so powerful, then why can't they into windows?


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Marisa on E tier...Blasphemy!!!
Momiji as well? Hell she always steals a bomb/life from most player even if she has no screen time on MoF, don't that make she worth of a higher tier?

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Better list.

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Suigin, not so good

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This list is even worse.

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Isn't Yukari canonically the strongest touhou?
Isn't Flan stronger than Remi?
Why is Lyrica on a lower level than her sisters?
Isn't suika supposed to be way stronger than Yuugi?

among other fallacies

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Alice is a human who turned into a magician just recently while.
Patchouli is a magician of hundreds of years and she spend those years reading magic books and searching for new spells.
Still this ranking is shit. Also, who is that in between Rukkoto and Star?

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I don't even know anybody in I tier.

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Sanae should be on top of Okuu because that is how I like my favorite yuri couple :3

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it's lunachild
it was some weird concept drawing ZUN did of her

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>Aya Shameimaru
>Fastest touhou character
>Can move at 1/4 the speed of light

>Youmu Kompaku
>Can move at 1/4 the speed of light

Who the hell made this.

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>Alice is a human who turned into a magician just recently
Excuse me but are we thinking of the same Alice because you seem to be talking about someone else entirely.
I'm talking about the canon Alice, you know, the one that was an EX-BOSS as a child and owns the grimoire containing the strongest magic there is.

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>Why is Lyrica on a lower level than her sisters?

This is actually an accurate part of the chart, Lyrica sucks shit.

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Learn to read, retard.

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>Yumemi in highest tier
Always gets me.

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Oh shit, I'm such a retard...
But i'm not gonna delete that post! No sir!

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Where the FUCK is Ellen!?

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>EES: Strongest Tank in the World
>Rin Kaenbyou: Manipulation of Corpses
>Murasa Minamitsu: Can make people drown(even if there's no water)
>Momiji: Can see from afar
>Shizuha Aki: Can make leaves turn...
>Orange: Can(and did) die.
>Chiyuri Kitashirawhatever: Manipulation of chairs
wow... why is she higher than Aki again?

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>A Level

>D Level

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I'll never understand how you can have a character that can stop time to recover all her thousands of knives and yet can't use it to kill anyone.

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Your first time on Futaba, was it? There are dozens of variations, and everyone can make their own.

But yes, of course it makes more sense than this crap that gets circulated around here. Oh, that's right, this one: >>7999539

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Yes, the same Alice. The fact that she was a child back then sustain my theory since magicians don't age.
About the grimoire... well, you've got a point there...

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yeah, that's pretty hilarious. if Mokou is D, Kaguya what should be, W?

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That wouldn't be fair.

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She's shit.

Get over it.

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your are is shit

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youre mom faggit

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Your shit!

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/jp/ is shit.

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My shit?

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Sure is Nasuverse in this thread

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This image is wrong and you are wrong.

Your argument is now as devastated as your anus is.

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Why are Suwako and Kanako at the top? Just because they're Gods? Hurr. Then why isn't Okuu at the top with them? She's pretty much a God and her power is far better than theirs.

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>Isn't Yukari canonically the strongest touhou?