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Who is the final boss of /jp/?

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real life

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alpha sudo

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My cock.. dude.

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Remilia Scarlet

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this guy

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>ultimate ability, all foes lose their hands.

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So does that mean the goal of /jp/ is to destroy real life as we know it?

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No, /jp/ never grinded enough so /jp/ has to use its "flee" ability on the final boss. Only you cant flee from bosses and the next turn they are crushed like pennies on a train track, and they forgot to save.

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We are the crusaders who want to overthrow the world to create our own eternal paradise of little girls, silly hats and teaparties.

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Then wouldn't /jp/'s final boss be itself ?

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What happened to the daily dose guy?

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Society is the final boss of /jp/. The final boss continuously puts difficult obstacles in the hero's path to ruin his life, but the hero overcomes all of the obstacles eventually, and one day the hero will defeat the final boss, ending his evil reign.
Society still ruins our lives, so we're nowhere near defeating the final boss, though. This 'life' game is so difficult we're all getting GAME OVERs without ever defeating the final boss.

There's no backup saves, death is permanent and nobody ever beats the game. Real life confirmed for roguelike.