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Which touhou has the best theme?

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All the stage 6 bosses

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Don't we already have an Okuu thread somewhere?

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Well I don't really have a favourite since most of them are delightfully catchy, but I do have a preference in the most boss-like theme and that is Utsuho's since right from the start it lets the player know that they've gotten themselves in some serious shi-

>Which touhou


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Marisa with Magus Night and Love Colored Laser Spark

Second would probably be Youmu with Ancient Temple.

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You mean theme's right, and I would have to say Touhou 7 or 10

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Meiling is one of the worst touhous but damn, I love her theme.

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Subjectively? Reimu. Maiden's Capriccio.

As befits her character, despite Reimu being a fairly easy boss, the first ten seconds alone of her theme firmly hammer home the simple message that now, you are absolutely fucked.

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I have always loved Reisen's stage theme, Kagome-Kagome, ever since I first heard it.

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I really like flowering night, especially the version in scarlet weather rhapsody. Alice's theme in Perfect Cherry Blossom was also very nice.

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I could never pick just one. Ever. They're all beautiful in their own way

That said, I am going to go ahead and post a picture of Iku because Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish is just such a cool song

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Aya. No, not just because she has so many.

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"reach for the moon, Immortal smoke" is a personal favorite.

"U.N. Owen was her" (or however you want to translate the title) is a close second.

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best theme song goes to Alice in th7.
best theme art goes to Yuyuko

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Satori. Or maybe Parsee.

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I'd have to say Byakuren's, no contest. It's so grand, so heart wrenching, I have to go fight her again now that I'm thinking about it.

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flandre. no contest.


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Honestly, I didn't like that song very much, at least not for the first half-minute. Opinions wheeeee.

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Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon

Every time I face Eirin and hear that theme start up, I know that shits about to go down.

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I liked the melody but did not think ZUN used the right instruments/pacing to make it sound boss-ish, the group of arranges I've heard make it clear that it'd be much sweeter if it was a bit more fast paced and maybe replace some instruments with trumpets and add backtracks/echo to the delicious piano.

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I also believe it's the winner of the "Highest Note Hit in any Touhou Song" award.

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I really really like Seiga's theme. That whole stage has my favorite music from 10 Desires.

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Native Faith is beautiful

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i like her stage's theme better than her theme

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I honestly felt as if it was the right pace for the stage, it's part of the reason I love IN stage 4 so much.

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Not my favorite, but Staking Your Life on a Prank is probably the most regular bossish music in the series. It's nice.

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Really? I really liked both, but her theme was my favorite.

As for stage themes, my all time favorite has to be Fires of Hokkai. It's so beautiful. And the way it slowly evolves into exactly what I think a final stage theme should sound like. gohuref

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I've listened to all original ZUN music, including music CDs, OST for games, books, manga series, and can conclude, that there is no such thing as the sole best track.

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well then which one do you like the most

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Like many in this thread, I can't say I have a single favorite...But Corpse Voyage is among them and I usually don't see it get enough credit.


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Okuu / cirno is the only acceptable answer.

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Necrofantasia and Septette for the Dead Princess rank as my top two favorites. Runner up is Hartmann's Youkai Girl.

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I really love how Yuyuko's Border of Life starts.

Ten Desires' stage 1 song was pretty awesome for fucking stage 1 music as well.

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Futo and Mokou are my current favorites.

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Remilia's theme is the best. Septette for the Dead Princess is really good.

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I like it too


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Too bad most remixes of that theme suck.

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I mostly like all of them of rock arranged remixes but i'm not too interested in lyrics in the songs.

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Kogasa and Yuyuko

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Does the full version of Wind God Girl count?

If not, then probably Lunatic Red Eyes, followed by some reordering of Lost Dream, Strawberry Crisis, Infinite Being, Doll Judgment, Immortal Smoke, Higan Retour, Fate of Sixty Years, Native Faith, Nuclear Fusion and Emotional Sky Scraper that I can't be assed to do up right now.

Haven't listened to XD enough yet to properly judge its music.

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I really like a lot of the themes, but lately I've been listening to Nazrin's theme.

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I like Sakuya's TH6 theme.

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My top 3

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Native Faith

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Unknown X

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Top 5 boss themes:

Kogasa's theme

Byakuren's theme

Sleeping Terror (Yuuka)

Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly (The Seihou version)

Vivit's theme (Kioh Gyoku)

Stage theme:

Alice Maestra

Shanghai Teahouse

Desire Drive

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Reimu's theme is Eternal Shrine Maiden.

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flandr is best theme mcdonalds remix so epic xD

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Yukari's Night Falls/Evening Star from SWR.

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True Administrator, Necrofantasy, Futatsuiwa from Sado, Septette, Bloom Nobly

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I like you, Anon

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EXtend ash is the best touhou song

Too bad it's nobody's theme...

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Kappapa~ kappapa~ Nitori~!

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Eh, really? I dunno, I really like the theme but it's way too smooth to really give that "YOU'RE FUCKED" message, at all really. Heck, I like it because it's less ultra-confrontational than you'd expect.

EX-Keine's. She's got her own Last Word, so she has her own theme too.

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Kanako and Utsuho are the ones I think have the best boss themes, I prefer the latter since it sounds actually villain-y.

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ZUN has the best theme.
Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasure is probably the best "theme" he has created, atleast in my opinion. If that does not count, then it's Yuyuko's final spell theme.

Also this. Though I'm not sure if that's really their "theme". ZUN has dedicated quite a lot of songs to just the 3 fairies and their adventures.

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Nitori theme is best theme

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Their theme would probably be Great Fairy Wars. On a side note, I'd like to say that I greatly enjoyed the Fairy Wars soundtrack. There's something that I feel sets it apart from the other ones, but in a good way.

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In order,
Nuclear Fusion,
Fires of Hokkai

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Alice Margatroid's themes.

Plastic Mind
Artificial Children
Alice in Wonderland
the Grimoire of Alice
Doll Maker of Bucuresti
Doll Judgment

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Most theme from EoSD, PCB, IN.
Later games music just getting worse and worse, Fairy war is an exception, though

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Toyosatomimi no Miko.

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Faith is for Transcient People
Reach for Moon, Immortal Smoke
U.N Owen

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I have to agree, though I wouldn't say it got worse. Most of the later ones (post-IN) just don't appeal to me somehow.

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Locked Girl
Third Eye
Curious Shanghai Gu Pai
Beware the Umbrella Abandoned Forever
Wind God Girl

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Wind God Girl and Fate of Sixty Years.

Probably because the first game I played was PoFV and even before I started enjoying the characters or the games I loved those songs.

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Hartmann's Youkai Girl, Chinese Tea and Border of Life.

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the gensokyo the gods loved.
china's theme.

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My favourite 5:

Sleeping Terror
Complete Darkness
Native Faith
Septette for the Dead Princess
Love Coloured Master Spark

Picking 5 was actually fairly difficult, but Sleeping Terror is by far and away my favourite Boss theme. My favourite Stage theme is probably Eternal Shrine Maiden.

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Immortal Smoke
Native Faith
History of the Moon
Phantom Ensemble
Nuclear Fusion

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My favourite stage music is Lullaby of deserted hell. I just love the feeling it gives me.


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Remilia is the best Touhou, and she has the best music. Coincidence? I think not.

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Oh, and the EoSD staff roll right after Remilia. That's second place, and I'm tempted to give it first just because it has the best remixes.

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But Remilia is shit, and so is her theme.

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It's a good thing your non-opinion is meaningless.

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In that case, so are yours and his.

Also don't impersonate White Ren's trip for something so trivial you filth.

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Maiden's Capriccio is seriously not meant to be a boss-y theme. It's a light hearted theme in and out.

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I meant that compared to other boss themes, it doesn't sound as boss-y, or per say, as character-identifying.

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Maiden's Capriccio is a very Reimu-like theme, even though it's carefree and playful you still get the idea that shit might get real any second.

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For those of you who like Native Faith, you'll probably like this remix.


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I don't hate it, but the song and the video reminds me of Asian (particularly Chinese) songs from the 80's in karaoke machines.

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A Mokou mix


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How can I impersonate myself?

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I can't choose between Emotional Skyscraper and Remiria's...

The original versions go well with what the characters represent, like Remiria's refinement and Motheru's grandeur.

And are the arranges of those that I like the most, the piano ones being able to induce sadness upon myself easily, especially Septette. So many sad stories about Milady were imagined...

But I also like the arranges where they are fast-paced and inspire feelings of wanting to Falcon Punch something with all my strength while screaming at the top of my lungs.

Sometimes I even get shivers when I find an exceptionally good song. I think I may have a mental condition or something.

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>I think I may have a mental condition or something

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Thanks, Dr. Rumia.

Time to spin things I guess.

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>no suwa foughten field
>not even grave of being

>and here i thought /jp/ had taste

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Who are you quoting?

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You're a huge fag, but Suwa Foughten Field is one of my favorites.

Next time instead of shitposting, post the song!


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Oh god, Suwa Foughten Field is so awesome. The beat captures such a feeling of overwhelming power

South of Heaven had a really cool remix of it on one of their albums. I can't find a video link sadly, but you can see the album itself here: http://vgmdb.net/album/28673

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