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Space? What's going on?

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How do you make a NEET pie? Is that even possible?

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Non-lewd acts of mothering and affection.

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Yeah, but what kinds? Is she moving over so we can sit together and watch a movie or something else?

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"You want to sleep next to mommy? Ararararara~"

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You will never have mother Ran take you to bed to watch a movie ;_;

It'd be her way of cheering you up when you're feeling ill. Laying by her side with her tails curling round you -- cushioning your back, round to your side, enveloping you and keeping you close to her body. She places her arm around you in the sort of way that tells you she truly wants you to feel better. At that moment, you become weak and snuggle up to her. As the Do You Remember Love credits roll, you sleepily ask Ran if you can have one more day off work, and she tells you that you can stay right there with her for as long as you need.

That she'll stay with you for as long as you need.

In the hazy state you'd found yourself, what with the dark and the musky, comforting scent of Ran's tails, you didn't notice that the whole time she barely gave the movie more than a fleeting glance. Instead, she was looking at you, and smiling a little, and frowning a little, and laughing to herself now and then.

She kisses you goodnight, then you fall into a gentle sleep. For everything is gentle when you are with Ran, and nothing is scary.

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What a great story! Very sweet! Did you write it yourself?

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[x] Touch fluffy tail.

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That was pretty cute.

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What if they made this fig life-sized, except instead of using plastic for the fur, they used real faxhair?

Would you still buy the Ran realdoll knowing that real fixes died to give you her fluffy tails?

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No. But decided that at "realdoll" before you mentioned the dead foxes.

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What if you weren't a retard?

my goodness

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I wonder how much milk a pregnant Ran could produce.

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You will live a long, healthy and prosperous life, loved and admired by all. But you will never get over the time when you were five years old and your mother suddenly left you to go live in a forest.

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shit...it was good until the spoilered part.
after that, I felt really bad...

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C-can I rest my head near your feet mama Ran? I would like to s-smell and play with them.

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whats that from?

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Was she wearing that in your picture during your story? This is important.

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That picture....is so good.....for some reason it makes me want to get a job and find a real 3d woman.

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You disgust me.

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I had hoped that reading this thread just before sleeping would help me dream of Ran ;_;

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even with an aquadynamic swimsuit I dont think she would be very fast

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No one loves quite like a mother.

Sure, you might get a girlfriend (lol, etc). Maybe even a wife (lmao, etc).

But, you know, even if in that case your partner did love you in some way, it'd never be the same. There would always be some agenda. Money. Status. Always some condition you must fulfill in order to be worthy of their love.

For a mother there are no such conditions. No one will love you so unconditionally, so purely. Because with a mother there is no agenda but her wanting the best for you. After all, what does she have to gain by screwing you over? Everyone else you meet in the world can profit from your disadvantage... but she can gain nothing but pain.

When you're at home, she takes care of you. When you're far, she worries about you. If you need help, she'll try her best.

Of course, this is an ideal. It doesn't always go so well. I've read stories of /jp/sies with mums who sound awful, who treat them badly. It's sad to read. It's such a lot to miss out on.

Just remember: even if that is the case for you, Ran will always be here.

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I'm too mean to my mother... I don't deserve Ran.

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So long as she's still around, it's not too late to patch things up.

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My mom is awesome. Who needs Ran.

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I dunno, sometimes I can't tell. I don't get along too great with mine. Don't hate her, but not really attached.

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Sometimes when staring into the horizon I realize I need to call my family, but then I go refresh /jp/.

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Those frequent "health checkups" must take their toll on Chen.

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I will never meet Ran

Not here and not even in dreams


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My mom doesn't love me.