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Worst Touhou

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Why don't you post your best touhou instead?

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In b4 feetspam.

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Best Touhou

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With a simple Keitai camera her pictures must really suck.

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Worse than Aya at reporting

Worse Camera

No Original Theme song

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Worst design
Worst boss theme
Worst fanbase
Worst gimmick
Worst hair accessory
Worst hair color
Worst pants
Worst danmaku
Worst boss from the worst game
Worst Touhou

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All bird youkai are objectively good.

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Worst design
Worst boss theme
Worst fanbase
Worst Touhou

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Even Mystia?

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especially mystia

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>worst boss theme
but that isn't a picture of whats her name
pic related, the character with the worst boss theme

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you seem like a guy I could get along with

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Ok yeah maybe minus Mystia. But the rest are great.

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Tengu aren't birds, though. They are unrelated youkai that happen to have animal traits.

Come to think of it, since "tengu" is derived from the Chinese words for "sky dog", it would seem if any animal trait is to be emphasised wolf tengu are the tengu proper, with crow/raven tengu being a mutation.

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I figured it was not all Tengu are bird youkai,
but some bird youkai are Tengu.

Is that not true?

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Sort of. What I meant was that tengu are youkai that have been assigned animal traits, rather than youkai derived from animals.

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But that's not reported

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>worst boss theme

Hey I know you're just trolling, but it's one of the best out there.


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That is incredibly shit, though. And I like the original theme.

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Best Touhou.
O yes~

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you found biggest lesbo of them all. this doesn't mean shes not into guys.

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When you are the mountain queen, you do what you like and take what you want.
It's sort of like being Rosa Gigantea, except you get to get drunk a lot more often.

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>you found biggest lesbo of them all. this doesn't mean shes not into guys.

That's okay because I'm a girl

Yuugi is really the only person, fictional or non, that I'd go les for.

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Your appreciation of the mountain queen's physique is welcome over in >>7994045

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Where was it's stated that she's gay?

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Ah yes, I saw that thread. Sadly, I do not have an Yuugi derriere, so it would be unfitting of that thread.

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Give it a shot.


Nowhere. Think that aspect of her has been confused with someone else.

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>incredibly shit

Why? It's a quality doujin with decent production and a talented vocal.

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