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Why are butts so much better than tits?

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Because you're a literal homosexual.

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Why are feet so much better than both?

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this is against god. having this type of body is too erotic. dat ass is unholy

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Everyone has them. It's the erogenous zone of equality.

Although, if you take effort into account, you could say the same for pecs and abs.

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If liking this is gay then I don't want to be straight

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I'd give her a spanking.

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because the only people who like tits are babies wanting to be fed

because asses are sexual objects to primates

feet are better though

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Because the only good chests are soft slightly budding chests. All butts are beatiful, especially when layered with soft cotton panties on a young loli

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Ranceko has such a nice but

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Human breasts evolved to look like an ass as a result of bipedalism. Cleavage and a butt are like the same thing visually.

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Pecs and abs aren't generally known for being erogenous zones, though.

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I am sorry to inform you but if you have nipples on your ass you are a freak of nature.

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I beg to differ

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That is a very, very fine derrière.

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My limited English vocabulary prevents me from conveying the intention with the proper words, but you understand where I'm trying to go here.

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The human body is a disgusting thing. Nothing is erotic about it.

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Keep your anorexia out of this thread.

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go on pixiv
copy paste this 撫で回したい尻
go crazy, i'm doing a marathon, every pages must be seen.

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Because you always hope that a nice tight butt will mean a tight pussy.

Sadly, it's often the opposite, as girls with huge butt don't get that much action and keep a nice little cunt.

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What anorexia? It takes a stable and rich diet to build abs like those.

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Actually, just a low percentage of body fat, along with some muscle.

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If you don't build some muscle and just starve yourself down to zero body fat, you'll just get a bloated stomach and ribs poking out. As anorectics tend to get.

Also, the grandiose rump of the mountain queen.

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>you'll just get a bloated stomach and ribs poking out
Story of my life.

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Its not a butt thread without Tenshi

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No Kei-nuh yet?

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Butt what is Tenshi, without love marks?

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Awkward optical illusion time.

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I heard some of you like asswings.

So I got you some ass, and wings.

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So much temptation in this thread. Dammit Eirin.

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touhou wide_hips

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The Queen of butts, wearing the butts of her enemies atop her head as trophies.

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Hot damn!

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Nice butt + flat chest.


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Don't know... something seems off. Her face makes her look really young.

Sadly I got nothing else of Okuu's spectacular corvid rump at hand to compare with either.
Fortunately every part of her is as good as any other.

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>Sadly I got nothing else of Okuu's spectacular corvid rump at hand to compare with either.

Then have another, my good fellow.

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>Her face makes her look really young.
Not a bad thing if I say so myself.

Don't have pic, have catass instead

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File: 1.51 MB, 2300x2044, DatOkuu vs Cirno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Thread needs more Space GILF.

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okay, you've convinced me

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Let us see if the favour can be returned.
Any angle will suffice?

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Something about the proportions seems really screwed up here.

/jp/ - art critique.

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Not quite as bad as the companion piece, though.

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I enjoy this thread.

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Maybe it's just me, but it seems Momiji attracts a surprising lot of artists with not-quite-optimal grasp on anatomy.

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I don't know in what sort of insane alternate universe these laws of perspective apply. But I wouldn't mind going there either, at least not if it was only once.

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On second thought, seeing how I don't seem to have as many pictures of them as I thought, maybe I'll have to retract the idea of the human butt being the erogenous zone of equality. Everyone may have them, but seemingly it doesn't equal everyone caring or noticing.

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Women don't care about male butts. It's just them telling each other that and they feign they do just because the rest does it. Women MUST follow the status quo. They cannot have independent thought, if society says you have to like X, they will like it.

Women don't care how the male body looks, they only look for status, power, etc.

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Apart from Ran's pajamas, still one of the better pictures on the theme of tails and panties I've seen.

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Have fun fucking tits.

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D-Does Eirin know that her buttcrack is exposed?

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At least stick with /jp/-related marine life.

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But Iku lives in the sky, not the water.

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Rather hope that is sweat.

Pink sweat.

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She's a fish.

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I beg to differ.

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Oh, yes. I forgot.

You also need to sleep properly. Very important.

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Not quite sure what the context of this one is.

Have you ever had one of those days off, when you've sort of gotten up and dressed, only to decide you can't really be arsed to get out of bed before noon anyway?

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No wings, but do have fangs.

Sky dogs indeed.

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>getting dressed
Doing it wrong.

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Byakuren's mooning the world!

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tits are the essence of life

nothing can beat tits

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Even with the perspective, her ass cheeks are bigger than her torso from waist up.

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If she was obese, she would be very pear-shaped! Yeah! I would love to see that!

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Babby's first fetish.

Squats & oats.

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I was going to try and come up with some Sanae ass pun, but I couldn't think of anything.

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kiss my ass dude

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What? No!

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I love these pics. They aren't posing or extraordinarily lewd. It's instead just like if we saw them bending down. The ordinary everyday eroticism is best.

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As said, Momiji seems to attract artists that seem to never have looked neither at other people nor in a mirror.

Not even sure what is going on with this one.

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why just Touhoubutt?

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Its the furfags. You know it to be true.

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Really, this is probably too much wolf rump even for the infamous "where can I find a wolf"-anon.


Are you sure? Momiji's bare 10% hardly seems like high enough caliber furry material.

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What the fuck are you posting.

I'm out.

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My point exactly. I'm not even sure if that is what I think it is supposed to be.

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keep them coming guys

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Bumping for moar

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No Kan'u?

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DAT Trudie bunny

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You're fucking disgusting.

Feet are disgusting.

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Your face is disgusting.

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Is dat some Humikane?

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Looks highly Fumikane.


You were not around for the incident that caused Kan'u to be associated with massage oil and moontouched fangirls?
You are fortunate.

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Fact: face > legs > midriff > tits > butts > armpits

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Face > feet > tits > armpits > butt > midriff

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Tits> Face> ass> armpits. Don't give a shit about feet.

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Why do people like big fat asses?
Cute little asses are the best.

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paranoia cat

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I'm not sure, I just do. I don't really care if a lady has a small or large chest, but I prefer larger butts, larger hips, well up to a point.

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Face > hair > chest (should be flat) > midriff > "butt"

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Tits (small, if they are big then it's a huge turn-off for me) > Ass (small, cute, tight) > Face > Feet = Armpits

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Wholeheartedly agreed sir.


The very image of beauty.

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I want to rub my hands all over that chest and midriff.

>> No.7995687


From behind, right? For some reason I always imagine holding someone from behind and exploring with my hands.... ;_;

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Yes, it'd be kind of awkward from in front anyway.

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whats she from?

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Disgusting asexuals.

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Lately I've started liking girls' crotches. Keep your clothes on though, vaginas are disgusting.

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Oh, a thread about my favorite thing

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At least in the 2D realm. In the 3D world tits triumph over ass, the bounciness and softness are simply irresistible.

I support this theory. I do a considerable quantity of abdominal exercises and I can feel the muscles beneath but they aren't visible. My roommate is skinny as fuck and he barely does exercise, but his abs are quite visible as his body fat is like 7%... lucky fag.

I must continue my training, I hope that to the end of the next year I'll be able to become a worthy member of the sinsack community.


Again, the most detailed part of that picture is Okuu's ass.