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Just another day in Yuuka's garden of delight.

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Too rude

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Yuukanyan is doing it on purpose


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She likes a bit of rough play, it's how she keeps her edge.

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At first, yes.

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I'd be angry if sexual plants tore up my clothes too.

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These pictures remind me of how much i would love to take Yuuka on a tour 'round Kommiefornia

showing her the arid, decaying wasteland that is my neighborhood. Then i would comfort her with a pat on the back and showing all the goddamn flora that is growing on my backyard

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Just dump her the next state over and tell her good luck.

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But i want to see her on her knees as she lets a tear out

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Why is this so arousing?

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But i want to see Yuuka on her knees as she lets a single tear out

cuz i find that really damn moe. and i also get to touch her

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stop fapping to my husband

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Cause her facial expression is

somewhat lewd

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Disgusting fanonshit.

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Me wrapping around her left leg.

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Pretty much everything about Yuuka is fanon shit, are you suprised?

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Does it offend you

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Is it just me or is there something very appealing about putting your penis in some kind of plant or fruit? I feel like I could get off just thinking about the squishy, slippery insides of a plant on my penis.

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Enjoy your fungi and skin cracks.

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I've put my penis in a kiwi fruit and had no problems because of it.

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Yuuka threads make me miss this artist even more.

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"fufu...plants doesn't need a brain to work, silly...now, come closer and let me teach you something else about biological differencies..."

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...is she talking out of her throat?

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well, we have no idea how Yuuka biology works. maybe her vegetal cells only imitate animal structures only on the outside...she could make her voice come out from any internal cavity.
or maybe youkais don't have any kind of biology, just MAGIC

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What artist?

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Some guy on pixiv who recently ragequit and closed his account. Drew HUGE amounts of weird Touhou mutations and parasites and transformations and stuff.

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better eliminate that before starts multiplying and corrupts all the strain

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I want to attend Yuuka's birthday party ;_;

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I want to be killed by Yuuka.

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that's like a love declaration!