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Akiha is the best tsukihime!

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Arc is just a fatty

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Ciel is a cock craving slut

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Kohaku is a crazy bitch

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Hisui ... boring ... mundane ... useless ...

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now THIS is Akiha, not your flat trap from some shitty outdated chinese game

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Truly a goddess among insects

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Not enough pubes.

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Watch what you say, bitch.

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Akiha is like if Type-Moon copied Homu and gave her a longer neck.

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How could type moon copy homu if, you know, Akiha was made first.

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How come I never saw any threads about her until recently then?

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But HomuHomu is time traveler y'know?

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Zunbar is autistic in the truest sense of the word. Don't expect logic to work against him.

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Don't bully Zun!bar if you're stupid enough to misunderstand his painfully obvious ironic jokes.

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You know what else is obvious Zun!bar? Your samefagging.

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Yea. It's not shitposting when you're being ironic right?

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It's commonly referred to as a "joke".

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Yes. Zunbar's constant mention of some shitty character from a shitty show he never watched is such a hilarious joke, every time he brings her up or compares her to someone else. Har Har Har. It's shitposting. He is a shitposter. So be quiet you creepy Zunbar stalker.

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>Zunbar's constant mention
>creepy Zunbar stalker

Oh I see.

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Search name Zun search text Homu. Like 200 posts in the last couple months, of a character he knows literally nothing about. The guy is true autist.

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Go back to /a/ with your greentext and reaction images.

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>Go back to /a/ with your greentext and reaction images.
This is your text, retard.

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>ZUN!bar makes a single joke post
>autist-kun goes off on a 60 post rant about how ZUN!bar is the one shitposting

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But he's quoting someone!

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Your wrong because I just took an online autism test:

>>Your score was 25. Scores in the 0 - 25 range indicate little or no Autistic Traits.

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You should know by now that /jp/'s use of the word autist/autism has nothing to do with the actual meaning.

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ZUN!bar thinks any character with long black hair is Homura.

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I can't believe how many people take those posts of his seriously.

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The point is that it's not funny, so it's shitposting you fucking retard.

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The point is all he does is post the same dumb shitpost after shitpost. It's not funny, it's not ironic, he is just a shitty poster 'trying' to be funny and doing a bad job. Constantly.

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Oh joy! a not-Homu thread

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>The point is that it's not funny, so it's shitposting you fucking retard.

That is funny, Zun!bar is funny and you're the only buttmad retard here. Get out of /jp/.

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Anything not Akiha in this thread is a shit post.

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Bad jokes are now against the rules.

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>Zun!bar is funny

Confirmed for 12 year old underageb&

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Global rule 6:
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.
When every other one of your posts is you acting like an ignorant autist, that is shitposting, even if he thinks he is being funny. And yea, it technically is against the rules.

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I can't tell if you're really retarded or just pretending to be. Either way get back to /b/ kiddo

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Do this and see how many non-shit posts you find.

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Just look at those asspained nerds.

Did Zun!bar humiliated you so much?

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>non-shit posts

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The Akiha loving janitor is going to be in tears when he sees what you guys did to his thread.

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Replaying Tsukihime at the moment

Satsuki could have really used a route

It wouldn't even have been that hard to write a scenario for one

Also she shares some odd similarities with Akiha

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>>Anon using the really MEAN version of the word poop a record 50 times in each of his posts
>>complains to me about post quality

Uh huh.

So now that we got that topic out of the way: who's in the mood for more Akiha/Homu?

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>who's in the mood for more Akiha/Homu?
Let's make things interesting. Why don't you tell some war stories instead?

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Why don't you write one?

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Ha ha ha, oh man Zunbar, your posts are so FUCKING hilarious like WOAH! Keep up the good work man.

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Akiha thread is Akiha thread again! Posting Akiha

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Oh wow, buttmodo and his thread.

So ronery.

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Ciel is still much less likely to kill you than other Tsukihimes.

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Hisui wouldn't kill you ...

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Its not like we all haven't its just that fanfiction has its own place.

Wrote a caster route and a shinji bro route too.

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That has to be the one single most deliciously alluring vaguely tongue related appendage I have ever laid eyes upon.

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Who's that?
I don't recognize her, and I've finished all of the routes.

Maybe my copy was broken or something...

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And that's why Hisui is the best Tsukihime. But pretty much every other Tsukihime will kill you much more than Ciel would.

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