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You now get 1 day to spend with your favorite touhou in Gensokyo.

What do you do?

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Bunny & Clyde crime spree, everything's getting stolen.

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I spend my day with Marisa and we steal a lot of books at Patchy's library. Of course there is a strange magic that can turn me into a magician little girl.

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That's a really stupid question, you know?

Drink tea and go flower-viewing while we spend the whole day talking about religion and cooking


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thats HELLa EZ!
cunt punt Sanae to HELL and back

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She lectures me for 23 hours.
then we fuck during the last hour
then i get sent to hell

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Remilia's my favorite, but can I lie and say it's Yukari so that I get to stick my dick in every Touhou I can manage in 24 hours via gaps?

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Look for way for permanent portal. Isn't it obvious?

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I spend the entire day with Alice. Of course we don't do anything and barely speak to each other.

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Blow shit up.

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abuse yukkuri

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become a Flanpire.

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We take it easy and enjoy each other's company. Maybe even try to find a way for me to stay there.

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Make friends with Yukari so she can just gap me back after the day is over.

Then I can have all the fun adventures with touhous that I want.

If it's some kind of magical 1 day trip with 0% chance of ever being allowed back I guess I would probably hang out with Yuuka all day having tea parties and talking about flowers.

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I probably am killed and eaten.

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Lay around talking, hugging, drinking tea and getting to know each other deeply.

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Prepare your shit, another rabbit will now have double the fun.

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If that's the price of staying then I'd gladly pay it.

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Stimulate the local economy.

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But Reisen can't take it easy with Tewi messing with her all the time.

And Eirin would scold her if she wasted time with some muggy human.

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smoke weed all day erryday with my main nigga satori-chan
420 4 evar

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If I remember correctly, Reisen was given asylum in Eientei originally because she provided information regarding the lunar capital.

Maybe I can do the same with trading information about how NASA stopped manned missions for the time being.

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Who cares about that?

All they cared about was info regarding their prosecutors, which they stopped caring around the time Reimu beat Kaguya up. Her profile says that Reisen was admitted in just because she was a lunar bunny escaping from moonbitches.

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Groom and spoil her.

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Dive bomb Mokou at high speed and steal her liver.

Become immortal, and run around the rest of the day collecting pantyshots to remember this wonderful day FOREVER