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So, what about Reimu's parents?

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what about them?

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THEY'RE DE->>7985956

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Who takes over the shrine when she dies?

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Her daughter.
deal with it, waifufags

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Or Mima

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The tradition is to lend the title to the daughter to follow the family line.

Since this is a matter concerning the very existence of Gensokyo and those who live in it, there's an emergency procedure where a non-blood related person can be appointed to maintain the barrier although this implies changing the name, I'm guessing this is in case the shrine maiden is infertile or some other reason.

I'd love to see how the previous shrine maiden was (preferable being Reimu's mother), though if ZUN did that by now some people might take it as ripping off MUGEN.

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Reimu is the eternal Shrine Maiden.

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gensokyo could use a couple more parents

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I'm okay with Zun making Hakurei Miko canon.

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Reimu has no parents and neither will she have children, Reimu is just Reimu. If the current Reimu dies, then a normal human from the outside world grows an armpit-exposing shrine maiden dress and a slightly oversized ribbon, has his memories replaced by that of a grumpy, lazy little girl and drops into Gensokyo. Same with Marisa, except you grow a witch dress and hat instead. That's how lives work in Touhou games. We're all sleeper Touhous.

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Youkai don't have parents. They spawn from the unholy abyss of hell. Unsurprisingly, they have father and mother issues.

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This made me think, just how many shrine maidens has yukari seen and talked to.

Its strange to imagine shes been constantly encouraging and talking to reimu's ancestors, knowing them from their childhood.

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Reimu has no parents and neither will she have children, Reimu is just Reimu. If the current Reimu dies, then a normal human from the outside world grows an armpit-exposing shrine maiden dress and a slightly oversized ribbon, has his memories replaced by that of a grumpy, lazy little girl and drops into Gensokyo just in time to collect the power items her predecessor exploded into. Same with Marisa, except you grow a witch dress and hat instead. That's how lives work in Touhou games. We're all sleeper Touhous.

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Great I'm gonna kill Reimus until I win the lotto

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wait does that mean, with the amount of times I've died, I've commited mass genocide?

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Reimu needs to hurry up and have a daughter. Gensokyo's future is riding on it.

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I'd think someone would let her, you know, grow into an adult first before going into the whole children issue.

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PC-98 Reimu and Marisa are the mothers of Windows Reimu and Marisa

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What if she gave the barrier to Remilia?

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She's like 16 right? That's a mature childbearing woman by 1880's standards.

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Yukari does some bullshit with borders and brings her back to life or something ridiculous like that.

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Seeing as Yukari doesn't seem to properly remember what happened 60 years ago, the chances are she doesn't remember many details of Reimu's ancestors.

And since Reimu didn't even know of Yukari pre PCB, I'd say Yukari probably wasn't involved with the Shrine Maidens from the moment of their birth to the moment of their death...

This idea is pretty interesting, but also pretty depressing.

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Precisely, although it's clear that Yukari did at least meet with the first Hakurei shrine maiden to build the barrier, there doesn't seem to be any indication that she met the next ones afterwards (besides maybe just seeing who they were).

Not every generation do you get a ghost that asks the youkai of boundaries to loosen the barrier so that the shrine maiden comes to slap her shit straight for not returning it to normal. Besides, Yukari is immersed with the current outside-world technology and is constantly showing it off to Kourin and Reimu, although sometimes she gets a bit tense trying to fascinate the latter into it which is cute.

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Danmaku makes you sterile. That's why its nonlethal, but still used to keep the youkai population in check.

You will never have a child with your barren miko.

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So danmaku is actually a woman's eggs?

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That's fine, she a lesbian anyway.

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Books say physical damage doesn't do shit to youkai but danmaku does since it's spiritual or something.

It also says that with humans it's vice-versa, so the only way a human could be sterilized with danmaku would be if Utsuho came along and third-leg'd someone.

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"Hey lets go play in that hot spring that popped up. the one that used to have the spooky spirits in it."

"What's heating it?"

"Who cares?! Weeeee"

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Hmm, I suppose that would also explain why men cannot danmaku...

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The mating ritual of the modern Touhou is complex and deep. During periods of great stress, usually brought on by environmental events such as unusual fog or violent weather patterns a Touhou will become agitated from normal behavior and take to the sky in search of a mate. When a possible suitor is discovered a terse verbal exchange is made in which the two Touhous evaluate the willingness to mate of the other party. If both parties are prepared to reproduced they begin the complex mating dance of the Touhou.
They release haploid gametophytes called "danmaku" in a semi-random pattern over an extended period of time. This danmaku is comparable to the way in which plants release large amounts of pollen over a wide area. However it also serves another purpose. Much like the peacock's plume the way in which a Touhou arranges danmaku beautifully demonstrates the sexual fitness of a potential mate. If a danmaku reaches an egg, sometimes called a "hit box" then that Touhou will typically become submissive and follow the now dominant partner to a new location for tea, a necessary nutrient for the growing child.
Due to the semi-random nature of danmaku based reproduction breeding there are sometimes accidental fertilization, resulting in unusual combinations of mates, also known as "crack pairings."

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Reimu has a new mom now.

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Of course!


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And here they are with grandma.

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what about Reimu's boyfriend?

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What horrible words are you speaking of you heretic?

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So Reimu and Ran are sisters?

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Eh, he's boring. It's like he has no personality and is someone that the reader projects on.

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Where is that doujin where "Reimus mom" almost kills yukari and wants to exterminate her once and for all?
I think it was made by visionerz, or at least the art style was similar

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you mean this person?

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That's not a boy, therefore it can't be a boyfriend.

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Close enough, really.

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Miko's have to be virgins, so how's she gonna have a daughter?

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Nobody says Miko have to be virgins.

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Wrong, Marisa is a girl and she gets raped 24/7.

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Why does it feels so satisfying to see Marisa as a victim?

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>Whatever the name may have meant in olden times, it [miko] now designates virgin girls who fulfil a number of duties...

Herbert, Jean. Shinto: At the Fountainhead of Japan. New York: Taylor & Francis, 2011. Page 114.

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That doesn't mean anything since different communities had different traditions.

Also this is Gensokyo.

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Reimu is a clone of the Hakurei miko who presided when the border went up.

For all the years since then, Gensokyo has been protected by a rude teenage girl who just wanted to sweep and drink tea. This one's lasted the longest, thanks to the spellcard rules.

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>thanks to the spellcard rules.

As if Reimu would lose a fight even without the spellcard rules

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so then the reason she's dying is because of being a clone?

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And guess who's technologically capable of that level of cloning? The moon people.

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There was a doujin along those lines, I believe.

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So then Eirin is Reimu's mom and Yukari is Reimu's creepy dad who only watches their daughters from a distance until they're old enough to rape?

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Why is this a discussion? Hasn't it been established that Yukari is ZUN's deux ex machina?

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no not really

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This picture is so good.

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And here I ask where you got it from.

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Bullshit. Reimu is never happy to see Yukari.

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Books say she's only one who's able to ''deal'' with her, everyone else wants to stay as far as they can. You could say Reimu's the least bothered person in Gensokyo for Yukari at least.

She does say she'd rather not want for her to be close, since her intuition tells her that Yukari is always plotting something mischievious (and she's right).

Either way, CoLA says that, while she doesn't want her around, she does listen to her in her frequent visits and talk about everything. Pic is from that chapter.

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Well, she's still never happy to see her.

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Reimu is gleeing while Yukari attempts to nab her food?

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She has her "bitch please" face on.

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Yukari is her dad.

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I'll just leave this here...

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>Young and old Reimu look pretty much identical
>A bunch of identical looking Reimu with different clothes
I get it. Hakurei family consist of nothing but Reimus.
Pic related, it's a family tree.

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The pic is Reimu as she's portrayed from EoSD to UFO if you haven't noticed.

Some artists have been doing this kind of paradox interaction of Reimus before, don't know what the tag is though.

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>Official Reimu

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Quality response

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Exactly how many dumb 2hu doujins like this are out there?

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UFO says otherwise.

Also sarashi enigma.

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You mean futa? There are plenty of them.

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who's supposed to be the futa

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Yukari in >>7987000

Reimu in >>7987134

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if memory serves I think it was both of them

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Oh, you just had to post that.

Why oh why.

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I know that feel.

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I wonder what a room full of Reimus would smell like

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Strawberries and anger.

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Armpit sweat.

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Home grown country vegetables and vinegar

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> receiving an invitation to drink from a bunch of men

This will end well.

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Reimu, no! Don't do it! It's a trap!

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Surely this will end in friendly discussion of mundane topics and not gang-rape and pregnancy.

>> No.7987636

I'm worried about those men. Do they know who they're inviting?

Raymoo is going to party so hard, smash all their stuff and rack all their cash when they're not looking.

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I think they went to her shrine with the gears instead.

Anywho, this is the next page.

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"why do I want to suck this dick"
"why this dick.."

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>gang-rape and pregnancy
Of course not, they'll just bind and gag her, inject her with some powerful aphrodisiacs, vibe her up and leave her there.

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>rack all their cash

If this were true she'd already be a millionaire from all the parties she's done.

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Marisa's suave 70's collar is pretty rad.

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Hell yeah Remilia.

>> No.7987676

Why is Remi nude?

>> No.7987699

How else are they going to get beer, they squeeze it from her teats

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Meanwhile at the awkward parties of Chireiden.

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I like to think it is a combination of all of these at once.


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delicious Satori poop and vomit~

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Oh yeah I have that and fapped to that already. Can only hope more similar ones will be made.

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Who has the worse constitution, Patchy who sits in a pile of books all day in a dark dusty library, or Satori who sits on a chair in a dark dank cave all day?

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Yesterday I ate six hamburgers.

>> No.7987811

Disgusting amerifatness.

>> No.7987813

I dont think sitting all the time would result in shitty poop. I for one can vouch for that since I sit all day and still have healthy poop. Its all about what you eat.

>> No.7987815

She's hiding more in her apron.

>> No.7987818

Yesterday, I ate my last spam musubi. I haven't eaten anything today. I don't want to go to the store.

>> No.7987824

It can lead to worse things.

>> No.7987829

Unfortunately the Touhou+vomit/sick/hurling/etc selection on Pixiv is quite limited.

>> No.7987840

That's because you're looking in the wrong places~

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some weird shit on there. what the fuck has been done to Ran.

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I've only consumed one sausage over the past two months, so I'm excused.

>> No.7987851

*give dick* here have another sausage

>> No.7987853

Oh dear child, you're only at the top of the iceberg.

>> No.7987856

oh god that is a delicious looking Yukari picture. must find more like it. welp, i know what i am doing for the rest of the night

>> No.7987862

There seems to be over 400 pages worth of that kind of thing, have fun.

>> No.7987865

bottom of this page

>> No.7987869

They even have the site optimized for mobile users.

Now I can surf for Touhou scat porn while on the bus!

>> No.7987873

Oh yeah I just found that. This place...it was meant for me.

I think I found my fallback home if/when 4chan finally kicks the bucket.

>> No.7987874

Water ducts is a bizarre website. I sometimes find stuff to fap to in it, but I need to save it and fap to it latter on, because most of the stuff just weirds out my boner.

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Oh man this site, where have you been all these years?

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my boner just got murdered...

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With every flip of the page, what I thought I had every fetish acquired I find it broadening.

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File: 1.01 MB, 1200x800, remi vs faceless guys1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This set. Oh my goodness.

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Lethal camera indeed.

>> No.7987914

I know I have seen that image before. I am sure that was posted around here once before.

>> No.7987918

Maybe fapping to that will clear my Tyrophobia.

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ignore the quoted number i was bring up quick reply and forgot to delete the number

This is weird and amusing,

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I'm Shou! :3

Bzz bzz bzz~!

>> No.7987929

Oh jesus, thats a keeper

>> No.7987932

A new addition for those Okuu threads.

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Nope. get out of /jp/

>> No.7987939

Terrible quality guro isn't going to affect anyone.

>> No.7987942

Don't worry, I found one for the Satori ones too.

>> No.7987943

The little bit of poop coming out was a nice touch though.

>> No.7987948

What, is the good stuff supposed to so something?

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What the shit?

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for the chen threads

>> No.7987952

It's her true form.

>> No.7987959

I somehow doubt that.

>> No.7987960

I always wondered how it was attached.

>> No.7987962

The eyes on that look familiar, does anyone else recognize the artist that does them like that?

>> No.7987966

Would you rather have poor quality, or outright disturbing?

>> No.7987972

it's like ironman

>> No.7987973



>> No.7987977

I think I remember a K-on pic that also had eyes like that.

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Its a zip

>> No.7987992


>Reportedly, the ingredients of the elixir remain in the liver of whoever drinks it. Eating the raw liver of an immortal is said to grant the same immortality as drinking the elixir, though it will not deprive one from their own because they have already been rendered deathless.

>> No.7987995

Oh god...

I never noticed how cute Orin looked with her hair out like that.

>> No.7987999

I'd like not to talk about this, touhous having children is time elapsed, time elapsed result in events and those events could result in the death of someone I like.

>> No.7988003

The more I scroll on this site the more I notice that I recognize a lot of these images. I know that some of theme are from pixiv. (Or is it that it came from this site?)



>> No.7988008

If I ever ended up in Gensokyo this is probably one of the first things I would do, not because I hate Mokou, but because it would be the most likely way to get it. If I asked Eirin for Hourai Elixir directly she would probably give me some sick shit I couldn't even comprehend the side effects of, Kaguya would be a total bitch about it, and I seriously doubt that Mokou would do it willingly, however she probably would be easily duped into getting knocked out long enough to rip out her liver.

>> No.7988017

Now that I think about it this site seems to basically be a japanese gurochan. I dont know why but I feel slightly disappointed.

>> No.7988020

There's other things on there than just guro.

>> No.7988023

There are. And a lot of them are autisically cute like >>7987926 which i am enjoying as i look around

>> No.7988021

But there's everything in it besides guro.

Mostly experimental it seems.

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What's with all the touhou plants?

>> No.7988046
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I want a Satori plant to sit warmly next to my window.

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Why can't I hold all these ears?

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I think I just found the best picture on the whole site.

>> No.7988063

Disgusting. Who is that?

>> No.7988066

Simply wonderful.

Makes me think of Indiana Jones.

>> No.7988075

Youmu sure does get amputated a lot.

>> No.7988076
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It took me a full ten seconds to realize what that was.

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This is the kind of sadism that Alice threads need.

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Hm...the meal doesn't seem complete, though.
Ah, there we go.

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This is the worst.

>> No.7988092

Put it in the hand sticking out of the bowl.

>> No.7988105 [SPOILER] 
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Oh, I remember this site. This was the only thing I saved from it.

>> No.7988113
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Why is tenshi soup with a corndog so delicious?

>> No.7988115

The taste is said to be heavenly.

>> No.7988126 [SPOILER] 
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Now we're talking. There's not enough Touhou pipelining.

>> No.7988134

Eh, you can find a whole thread dedicated to that on gurochan /s/