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"last thing you fapped to" thread

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this pic.
last week

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That scene in VH where she rapes that dude upstairs at the inn.

Also in before "anti-lewd" autism. There's been a lot of that shit this week for some reason.

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Someone needs to upload all of PANZERS touhou doujins to a mediafire. English of course........

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Gets me every time.

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Fap, shlick, details, details.

This thing.
Can't get her out of my head, and it's not even a named character. It's not even a character I care for very much, and still keeps coming back. I've become haunted by foxes.
It's a quite pleasant haunting.

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Still this same Okuu doujin.

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Reminds me of the Kanokon doujin with the prolapsed cervix fucking.

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Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Thanks for bumping the thread as well.

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Please delete your post.

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it was already on the front page

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was pretty good

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>i will never fuck a lesbian

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I fapped to some gyaru JAV.

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This girl embraced strange men like they were the love of her life and dropped them right afterwards. Five fucking stars. Most enjoyable NTR series I've read in a long time.

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please give me a link or something

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It's on my scan list. Just keep your eyes opened in the next Okuu thread.

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if you say so

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I-I-It was only a one-time thing! I s-swear!

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I don't see how this is in anyway /jp/ related but I'll post answering your question and hoping that if the mod feels like banning me for it he bans you too.

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I don't think you fap to the image as often as you claim to.
Lying is bad, Anonymous.

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>"look at me im a girl"
>furry shit

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Because there's been threads like this in the past and they were popular.


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I've been wondering when panzers will finally do one about reimu, since they draw her so goddamn hot and its obvious that she fucks him too.

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I'm seeing this request everywhere ever since the Momiji one came out.

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I usually get off to stories. For some reason this interferes when trying to masturbate to doujinshi. I cannot climax if I can't get in to the story. This means they need to either be easy to read in Japanese or translated.

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> This thread

Tonight's gonna be a good night.

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MOAR please

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Same here. Erotica really gets me off. I can't fap to just pictures unless I can imagine a really erotic story behind it. Lately this story always gets me off, but I feel a massive sense of disgust unlike anything I've felt before post fap.

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I have each one bookmarked and since no one would click a link, I decided to just screencap my favorite parts from each. Out of the thousands posted on that particular site, I have 159 of them bookmarked, maybe 150 of them including incest or a young girl in one way or another.

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There's also a site where the posts are very unbelievable, but the mental images I get from reading those unbelievable posts gets me off as well.

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Flexible Survival.

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What a great photo.

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Oh god, that last line.

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No need to feel disgust.

Posting something you've masturbated to is kind of embarrassing so I'm stopping.

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I fantasized about drugged breathplay sex with Miyako.

Bring her close to orgasm, then start depriving her of air. When her eyes start to roll back, apply maximum stimulation so she achieves the best climax ever while simultaneously passing out.

Don't even need HCG to fap anymore

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erotic asphyxiation is better than cocaine

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I've never masturbated over a sleeping girl or ejaculated on her face, but I have printed out pictures of Saten and ejaculated on them. It does feel better and the load is usually larger than normal.

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Oh satori, you so lewd.

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Someone post the post of the guy who actually went through with this and woke up his sister's friend, got chased out of his house and got punched by his uncle.

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This was superb, anon. Thanks.