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Can this even be debated?

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Not really.

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Stand aside, little fairy, you can't withstand the might of TAO

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Can we have a ZUN edits thread? I had some but I can't find them now, and I want more...

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Sorry Iku, but this is the best pose ever.

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Best pose goes to bkub Chen

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I love Futo's poses so damn much.

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Best TD Touhou.

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I prefer headphones.

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I used to think this too, but I am not so sure anymore. She had such a huge impact on me when I first played the game, I loved her from the first second.

But I also still really loved Yoshika and had a similar relationship with her when I first played the demo. And now, Tojiko is really growing on me for each passing day: she's just so adorable.

tldr; I love all the new Touhous so much godammit why

in b4 bad taste

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Tewi still awaits a challenger.

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Hey, hey, Futo-chan, Futo-chan!

I'm a ghost! Gao~~

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Why, hello there!

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So cute

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Hey, hey, Tojiko-chan, Tojiko-chan!

I'm a sushi! Whee~~

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Help me, I can't stop!

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Thanks for this. I found a few in another folder, luckily.
I remember having one with a bunch of ZUN-art Touhous in a miniwan. I think Ichirin was the one driving. I'd love to have that image again.

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Get back here, you!

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Dammit, why is this so adorable?

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I don't know. My first time seeing it now and the last panel especially just kills me.

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You tell me.

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What I like with the Ten Desires cast is that iI get the feeling like they're all selfish bitches in one way or another. Yoshika perhaps being the only obvious exception.

Yeah, I know, this is Touhou, but it feels like we haven't seen a real typical "selfish girl"-type character since Tenshi in 10.5.

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I legitimately like their designs.

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Well maybe I should have mentioned it's not the ONLY things I like about them. I like a lot of things about them.

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Kyouko's not selfish.

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Well, maybe not selfish. But she seems pretty naive and obnoxious, at least. It's very cute.

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Seiga doesn't seem that selfish. She could be motherly to Yoshika.

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> That feel when you realize only 6 new characters and too many cameos

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6 is a pretty comfortable number but I do agree there were too many cameos.

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6 poor new characters too.

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I don't know... She left her duty as wife and her whole family behind her, tricking them into believing she was dead. She apparently lived her life quite spoiled too, but she just left without a word of thanks or anything, and in her homeland she was considered to "bad of a person" to be a hermit.

I've come to think of her as the kind of person who generally doesn't care at all for others, or what others think of her. Perhaps, she only gets along with the dead, her jiang-shi, whom she can raise into being what or whoever she wants.

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Yeesh. No wonder Byakuren wants her and her crew eradicated.

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An unexpected amount of cameos for a Touhou game indeed, but all the new characters were good.

I enjoyed this cameo because it makes sense yet it's unpredictable.

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Actually as far as I know Byakuren herself has so far never said anything of the sort? In TD Nue just acted on her own because she saw a chance to pay back her debts when she thought some newcomers where gonna mess with the Temple youkai.

It's like one of those gangster movies or something

A new gang moves in and starts claiming ground. Nue calls her old friend Auntie Mami to mess up these kids before they can become a treat to the boss.

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>a treat to the boss
Still, seems like raising the dead to turn them into your eternal slave is something the bad guy would do. Also the ability to pass through walls? I don't see how that can be used for good at all.

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Miko has weird hair. I wonder why?

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I agree, just the thing with Byakuren I wanted to comment on.

I have also realized, that the ones that helped build the Myouren Temple was the Moriya family. Maybe this has already been discussed to death, but I never thought it made that much sense for them to do this. But suddenly, it turns out the Temple hindered the resurrection of an old japanese emperor and her secret TAO clubhouse.

Sounds fishy to me.

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why didn't I notice this until now

Also, I agree, just the thing with Byakuren I wanted to comment on.

I have also realized, that the ones that helped build the Myouren Temple was the Moriya family. Maybe this has already been discussed to death, but I never thought it made that much sense for them to do this. But suddenly, it turns out the Temple hindered the resurrection of an old japanese emperor and her secret TAO clubhouse.

Sounds fishy to me.

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That was Youtube comment quality.

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You think Suwako's are up to something again?

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Who are you quoting?

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disregrd taht i suck cocks

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That was Youtube comment quality. 

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That was Youtube comment quality.

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More or less. They have been active in almost every canonical release since their introduction, so this makes it likely. And it does make more sense of Kanako and Suwako knowing of Miko's grave and all that, compared to the Temple youkai, seeing as most of them are probably new to Gensoukyou. Perhaps they wanted to play the two groups against each-other? Or at least try to lessen the war for faith by hindering Miko's revival.

Sanae is probably oblivious though, just like with Hisoutensoku and the prototype dam.

But, it's too early to say anything for sure.

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This thread ended pretty prematurely.

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I was really skeptical towards it at first, but now I am starting to like it. Still depends a lot on the artist though.

I prefer it when it actually looks like hair, and not ears. Because they are not ears; it's just hair shaped like ears.

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What's going on in this picture?

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You remember the Koolaid Man? That guy can fuck your shit up. He is even worse than the Juggernaut. While Jugger will only beat you to death and complain how he wasn't loved enough, the Koolaid Man will give you a tangy enema and make you his personal sweetened colored water dispenser.

And do you know what the Koolaid man's power is?

Go through walls.

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I think the artist is commenting on/making fun of how many straps/bands there are on Futo's clothes?

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Tojiko and Futo make a good duo.

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Well who knows

Maybe the Koolaid Man raised the dead and started extreme religious groups during the weekends?

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That was Youtube comment quality.

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They do. I want to know more about their pasts. The little stuff we know is so confusing.

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el 13 de octubre de 1991
un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares
si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar
en otros 5 threads mas o si no
nick vendra por toda tu familia
haslo o moriran p­orfavor hasme caso
yo lo lei y lo hise

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>I'll take you down!
>Please let me handle this!
>Enough playing around!

"I'll take you down!" is already becoming Tojiko's catchphrase. Will the other two follow suit?

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I keep seeing われにおまかせを!on Pixiv, but not as much as Tojiko's unusually preppy やってやんよ!

They will probably stick, but I don't think as much. Mostly because Tojiko's mid-battle lines are the only things she says in game, which make them more.... memorable.

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Does /jp/ prefer a taller or shorter Futo? She's the kind of Touhou who gets pretty much equal of both treatments by fanartist. I personally prefer taller, but only a bit taller than average. She's no Meiling or Shou.

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I've never actually played TD beyond the demo. How does mid-battle dialogue work? How is it shown?

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Shorter. She's supposed to be all old-fashioned and stuff, right? People were shorter in the past than they are now, right?

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Watch a play-through? And it's not really "dialogue"; just single lines given when Tojiko and Futo team up during Miko's spellcard. Their lines are like in >>7979492

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She's an owl yokai, posing as a resurrected princess to get attention.

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Shorter, I don't know why though. Probably cause I like her hat big.

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>Watch a play-through?
And spoil myself the danmaku!?
I know, I mean do dialogue windows pop up mid-fight? You know, the kind you ctrl through.

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Nah, they are just like little speech-bubbles above the characters on the screen. And I just remembered I have this picture.

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So I guess I am minority on /jp/

I somehow just have a hard time imagining such an important servant of the court being so small. Instead I've come to think of Miko as being a bit on the shorter side, somehow.

I admit little Futo sure is cute though

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About heights

It bothers me a bit when I see a tiny Yoshika. How can she be Seiga's meatshield like that?

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Small Futo is ball bustingly cute.

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It must be incredibly painful to have diglett burrow in your skull.

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Can you really compare dancing to surfing?

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sore wa chinkoatamasou desu wwwwww

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