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So...do any of you like lolicore?

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fucking love it.

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Go back to your last.fm circlejerk.

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goreshit has some allright songs, never bothered to check out other songs from that genre

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Do people actually listen to that shit non-ironically?

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What's lolicore? I don't understand all this music terminology. I do enjoy some character songs of loli-type characters, if that's what you mean.

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It's basically hipster music mixed with random anime sounds.

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Indie band music with anime clips?

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no more like breakcore

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by the way, did someone recorded last allkore event?
i did most of the day 1 and few hours of after party or day 2, not sure, if anyone needs it

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Lolicore is that dubstep with loli cumming sounds shit, isn't it?

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Well, I listened to some of the titles in OP picture.

I thought this was going to be music. What is this shit?

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I don't know, but the name LASER IMOUTO impresses me a great deal.

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As it should. Both lasers and imouto are awesome by themselves, let alone combined into one package.

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Too deep for you fagget?

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Sure I do.

If you havent checked it out yet more thoroughly, you should start with the classics and the more "pure" artists like goreshit (which you have already), lolishit, AKumaDiekon, loliripe, No.305, Ganz Schmutzig and so on. Then theres all kinds of newer types that come in any imaginable genre mixed with it too. Especially lovin' speed/splitter/shit/noise lolicore~

Also that feel when shotacore causes everyone to puke ;__;

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I used to think I liked everything loli but this proved me wrong. This is some of the most ear wrenching music ever created. You should feel bad for listening to it.

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Lolicore is pretty bad, but I still get nostalgia from browsing /a/ while listening to loliripe.
And the album and song names are often hilarious.

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Thank god /jp/ radio doesn't play this shit.

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This. I only keep lolicore music for their names and album covers.

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LOLI RIPE was pretty epic back then. Some of their songs are actually listenable too.

It's noisecore, you either hate it or love it.

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So basically it is just hardcore techno circa 1996+vsnares in a non-ironic "happy" mode but at 230bpm?


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Australian advertising samples punning on "can't" => "cunt"?

This is newcastle, au hardcore.

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Lolicore is about as horrible as Radiohead. Radiohead sounds like a guy taking a huge constipated shit, lolicore is more like a little girl having explosive diarrhea. Completely different yet both shit.

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>>7972283 lolicore is more like a little girl having explosive diarrhea
But this is my fetish.

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Does anyone else old school remember the OTAKU double album on FISCHKOPF?

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>comparing lolicore to Radiohead

You make me sick.

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and both are associated with pretty cool bears.

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it sounds kind of weird but i actually like some of this, thanks for sharing OP

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I can understand it not being to everyone's tastes, but good God.

Lolicore + Beat Hazard is amusing for anyone who has it.

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we all know that feel. anytime.

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If you don't understand the techno/house split from 1989, then you can't really understand why this counts as techno.

Also, I've heard noisecore, and this sir, is not noisecore. There's hardly any anglegrinding.

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Cant help it. I developed a deep loathing for Raidohead. A friend of mine used to rave out them all the time but anytime I listened to the crap he was raving about, all I herd was sounds of pain and suffering, like the guy was getting ass raped. I was a huge stroke of irony when we were at the movies and a Radiohead add came up and it showed what appeared to be dancing hamsters. I guess I know where he gets his inspiration.

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How can you say you love music, if you won't even eat her shit?

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oh god why am i actually listening to this

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The greatest hero of our time. I wish I could see him live someday. It would be an honor.

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>Smells Like Teen Pussy
thats like best smell on earth

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD_O6OOEqT8 oops lost 8

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pretty rawking.does he have any release?
smells like body odor

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Even the band and album names are indicative of the content. I always though music actually had, tunes and melodies. How do people manage to make and listen to this.

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I'm sorry that something called lolicore turned out to be so bad.

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I think you mean awesome.

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lolicore and pretty much any other "genre" under the "core" group has an even finer line between what's honestly good and what's just auditory vomit than 8-bit and DnB

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Yes quite many infact.


Check that site out. Just press the links on the NET release and then it goes to another site and on the bottom there is a download button. But you'll figure that out, you aint a baka. Splits and solo albums alike~

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Oh and keep in mind that there many downloads by other artists too so dont download ALL of them unless you are sure you want to.

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thnx ^_^

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Sure is pretentious faggots in here.

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It's just speedcore with samples of anime seiyuus.

I listen to plenty of noise, and plenty of Japanese techno, but this always falls flat. It's either monotonous 120000 bpm unchanging drum-machine wank the 16 year-old author just slapped together while learning fruity loops, or it's just a sample college of some really kawaiiuguu Lucky Star samples, or usually a combination of both. It's too homogeneous to be good noise, it's too noisy to be good music, and it's too loud to be good ambiance. The general idea behind it is "I can't figure out how to operate my DAW, but I'll fiddle with some softsynth knobs and draw stick figures on my MIDI sequencer, then I'll spam samples of old Japanese hags pretending to be little girls over it and give it a dangerous pseudo-pedophile vibe so everyone loves it".

It's pretty mediocre.

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Lolicore doesn't exist in Japan.

Yes, please. I missed some.

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Who said it did?

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Fuck this. Just listen to Passenger of Shit instead.

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Somebody just stick all that shit in .rar...

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Shamwow3y3's name is Javier Escaler.

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How fucking twisted do you have to be to listen to this shit?

Like, what in the fucking world... are you trolling yourself by listening to this? Because surely only someone who hates his life would listen to this...

I just can't stop laughing after hearing some of this shit LOL it's just so stupid. oh god lol...

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Not really, prefer Drum & Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat Hardcore instead.

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I think its about wether you are uptight about music you listen to and how open you are to new kinds of stuff. Of course some people have fragile ears. For example some like stuff on the radio while others hate it with all their hearts. Same applies here~

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There's a difference between music and a guy who knew nothing about making it so he put samples through a grinder then attached YTP-styled loli noises on top.

>> No.7972546

>Of course some people have fragile ears

What are you on about? I would call that "most people", this stuff is just plain ear-ripping.

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I had the same initial reaction when I stumbled upon this thread. I had heard of loli ripe before, but never listened to this shit. Lolicore's not really music. It's a joke. Unfortunately some people try take it seriously..

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I apologize, I was rather rude, I was laughing when I made that post.

I just really don't see how you can enjoy this. the bpm is ridiculous, you cannot dance or even enjoy it, it's just like... I don't even know how to describe the feeling when I listen to this, other than the feeling that I'm going to explode.

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Thanks to this thread I just spent half an hour playing back tiny sections of the Amen break at different speeds.

>> No.7972564

Sure there is a difference. Some have skill, some dont. Some care about it, some dont.

My ears arent fragile at least. I can listen to all kinds of harsh stuff. With the exception of high pitched quitars. Those aint my favourites.

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I can listen, as in my ears are able to without any long term harm. but my question is how people can stand it, let alone like it.

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I hate music threads. Every time we have one, I am painfully reminded that /jp/ is full of plebs.

Lolicore is pretty cool, but I can't listen to it all the time. The almost unfailingly poor production (no, it's not all intentional even if you/they want to say it is) tends to wear me down. There's very little dynamics to much of the music.

Because they have a similar ethos but a style that's much more to my taste, I prefer artists in the vein of the Maltine and Bunkai-Kei labels. Anyone know of similar net labels?

>> No.7972574

hmm I suppose its all in the taste and what you are used to listen.

>> No.7972575

and what's a "pleb" to you?

>> No.7972577

I only hear lolicore when I'm playing osu maps of them.

Only this goreshit guy seems to be appealing to me.

>> No.7972582

Or, maybe, having a thread about a type of music doesn't mean you listen that music exclusively and think it's the best music ever.

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lolicore and a few other *cores seem like the ultimate hipster music, the majority won't listen to it because of just how off the wall it is, and those who listen to it can discuss how the majority just doesn't see the quality in the music. Its perfect

>> No.7972585

Good examples of plebeian behavior are responding to something you don't understand or appreciate by saying "this isn't music" or "this is a joke".

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There's a difference between being ignorant and exploding.

I really don't see how you can make the argument outside of personal taste that this is enjoyable music.

and that's stretching the term Music.

For example: I don't like country or rap music. Now, while I dislike both of them, I can't deny the fact that they both are music, and I can understand honestly (not by number of people who listen) why they would enjoy it.

When I listen to this, I cannot. All I hear is some retardedly fast bpm and I picture a little autistic child bouncing on his bed at superhuman speed and then exploding. I cannot legitimately defend anyone who listens to this, no matter how hard I try outside of the "personal taste" argument.

Also, a previous anon stated this was a joke. Is that true? If it is, I'm just going to stop posting.

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Or, maybe, there aren't that many genres that are /jp/ related and that would just be another crossboard shitpost.

>> No.7972594

sure is elitist hipsters in here.

>> No.7972595

goreshit is pretty good. Also any other heavily DQN-based lolicore musician.

>> No.7972597

fuck this thread

>> No.7972598

goreshit is the closest to being actually okay breakcore, the rest is amateur shit

i was hoping for some generic goregrind/pornogrind with anime samples but whatever

>> No.7972600

So much for /jp/ not caring about music opinions. Grow up.

>> No.7972601

What about denpa music?

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Music threads are worst than VN threads because it's always: mytaste>yourtaste

But at least in VNs there's actually something to discuss in non-abstract language (the plot).

Plus, in music threads there's also these hipster/underage arguments which is pretty similar to baby's first VN, only much more annoying.

>> No.7972603

You raise a valid point, but just because hipsters like something doesn't mean that it's solely hipsters, there are plenty of people who just like the music. Also I don't think you understand 'core'. Most of the time, *core music is something involving extremely tight pants, heavy makeup, pseudo-angsty teenagers, and long hair, also breakdowns.

>> No.7972610

I honestly wonder what the OP was thinking when he posted it, his picture perfectly describes the correct place for the thread, and perhaps one that would have less...confusion.

>> No.7972613

It's funny, because you don't understand the insult you used. Tell me what I don't listen to because it's not "hip" enough.

Liking everything but rap and country is a meme in /mu/ for a reason. But, to answer you seriously, it's an acquired taste like many things in the world. Whether it's a "joke" or not is all up to the artist's perspective. Some might take it seriously, but if you watch >>7972361 you can see that he's mostly just having a good time.

>> No.7972618

...eh, just as bad as wubstep

>> No.7972619

Learn not to use words like "pleb" and you might not get labelled like that, because that honestly is what you sound like, at least the elitist half

>> No.7972621

This track reminds me of the good old days of FISCHKOPF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPF-c8u0qvE

Also Explore-Toi

>> No.7972626

I mean, if you just like it because it grew on you, then more power to you. I just don't understand how.

All I can think about when I listen to this is some like 15 year old kid who was like "what the fuck", but he kept listening. Over the course of 5 years, he was warped into a hideous creature, with this music playing in the background.

>> No.7972627

When someone does something that's dumb as fuck, you call them a dumbass. Are you really complaining about elitism on /jp/?

>> No.7972629

When someone has different tastes from you, you call them inferior. Are you really trying to be serious here?

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First, you like some form of EDM. Something "easy" like house or trance. Maybe a bit of IDM. Then you develop a taste for, say, hardcore or breakcore. Gabber starts to seem pretty cool. Speedcore enters the picture, maybe some noise on the side. Then, you find out that there are artists doing all this with samples of the little girl. Why wouldn't you enjoy it? It's all a fairly logical progression.

>> No.7972637

There are ways to express that you do not enjoy something without sounding like a pleb. Are YOU trying to be serious here?

>> No.7972638

Wait what, aside from IDM being a rather crap term for the genre, isn't it the opposite direction from things like hardcore and the like? Or does that sort of stuff get labelled under it, since last I checked "IDM" was house and ambient mostly

>> No.7972639

A female friend of mine loves "ron" by goreshit.

>> No.7972640

Nope. but you announcing your arrival with a sweeping statement that /jp/ is full of plebs is rather ridiculous, are you being serious?

>> No.7972643

I see a lot of "how do people like this?" and a few flames, hardly full of it, rather a few, just as there are a few trying to explain what's compelling about it. Then you come in trying to place people in castes.

>> No.7972644

He was giving IDM is the gateway drug to lolicore example.

personally I grew up on this shit in the early 1990s, nothing like a gabber lash, 250bpm and hakku.

(Normally the screaming girls in hardcore are the victims of ethnic cleasnig)

>> No.7972646

IDM is an unfortunately labeled genre. That's not quite right, though. It's mostly a movement of EDM artists away from a predictable rhythm, and is characterized in many cases by "lol clicks and beeps". It also lends itself to breakcore easily enough, and you'll find that some lolicore artists borrow from it.

>> No.7972647

There is a limit to how fast you can enjoy music before it becomes too difficult for the ear to discern the beat, or the melody with all the sounds of random shit going on. Like, why would you want a little girl speaking in the middle of a song and then edited so she keeps saying the same thing over and over again.

It starts to sound like a japanese dude who liked loli threw himself into a meat grinder and outcame this, pile of random stuff and that's the song.

Maybe it just bothers me because I'm a musician.

>> No.7972648





>> No.7972651

I listen to things often labelled under "IDM", and I feel as thought this would make my ears burst, maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Perhaps you mean Glitch?

>> No.7972655

And now for Touhou speedcore

>> No.7972656

That's an interesting assumption to make, considering I believe I wouldn't enjoy it if I wasn't a musician.

It happens every time, pleb.           

>> No.7972660

No, I mean IDM. The poster who hypothesised IDM as the gateway to lolicore obviously doesn't know shit.

By glitch do you mean soft IDM stuff like Autechre, or do you mean glitch hardcore like vsnares?

>> No.7972666

The former, I strayed off from faster music very quickly after getting interested in music to begin with

>> No.7972668

Since /jp/'s whining cunts appear to be soft happy hard core shites: ron, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITjrMPiAYfY

>> No.7972671

Yes and no. If you're looking for genre labels that really shouldn't exist, glitch is a candidate. A good example of IDM is Plaid.


>> No.7972674

I think there's a direct correlation between living in a heavy industrial city and liking hardcore techno proper.

Given that I grew up under the shadow of blast furnaces, go figure.

>> No.7972678

>The poster who hypothesised IDM as the gateway to lolicore obviously doesn't know shit.
You're right, moving from standard four on the floor EDM to more atypical rhythms as a precursor to enjoying more atypical music makes no sense at all!

>> No.7972680

That would certainly make sense, as I grew up in progressively more rural areas. There goes compensation theory.

>> No.7972686

IDM is a faggot term to begin with. Something for publicity.

>> No.7972687

Which is strange because vsnares comes out of the newcastle thing where breakbeat met 4/4 hardcore and gabber.

4/4 is a perfect starting gateway to lolicore, because that's precisely the history of the genre.

>> No.7972691

My view personally was more the intensity and speed. What I was saying is how does a calm non-jarring genre lead to something as fast paced and loud as things like lolicore.

>> No.7972696

>First, you like some form of EDM. Something "easy" like house or trance. Maybe a bit of IDM.
Maybe you didn't read the same thing I typed, but I'm not sure where we are disagreeing.

>> No.7972700

Anyway, lolicore is kicking it oldschool wrt production values... even though they're not 8 bit 4 channel trackers.

>> No.7972705

That was why hardcore, breakcore and really everything else that was mentioned was mentioned.

>> No.7972715

How does Detroit become Speedcore?

>> No.7972716

I guess, I actually went through trance then house then to "IDM"...then stayed there pretty much, though I listen to orchestral pieces too, I love melody, personally. I don't like jarring music, or for that matter most things that drown out what could be a melody or just don't use it in favor of some other element. I pretty much demonstrates my character though, I don't like pain, spicy food, roller coasters, romance. I'm about as bland and grey as you can get.

>> No.7972720

>Doesn't like romance
>On /jp/ where object romance has reached the waifu stage


>> No.7972723

Please leave. Thanks.

>> No.7972728

and I don't have a waifu, go figure.

>> No.7972764

I'm puzzled as to the link between hardcore techno and lolis—but goreshit is a good producer

>> No.7972772

LOLI RIPE - Be My Pet! and Goreshit - 5th Grade Chiyo-chan are good songs. Otherwise I haven't really looked into lolicore.

>> No.7972813

Speaking of, anyone else like Yellow Magic Orchestra?

>> No.7972946


>> No.7973852

This is made by weeaboos? Disgusting.

Give me true 日本音楽

>> No.7973890 [DELETED] 


It's funny you should say that; all the Japanese renditions of little girls screeching over loud undanceable techno I've found have all been better.

>> No.7973894


It's funny you should say that; all the Japanese renditions of little girls screeching over loud undanceable techno I've found have all been better.


>> No.7973901

Exactly. Speedcore > "Lolicore"

>> No.7973908


goreshit makes some good tunes

>> No.7973970

I actually love lolicore. This shouldn't really surprise anyone, though.

>> No.7974014

I don't understand it, but then again I haven't heard much.

But I mean if animetal (anime metal) can be cool as HELL, then maybe this can too?

>> No.7974074

But this isn't Japanese traditional music.

>> No.7974097

Sounds like every happy hardcore shit but faster.

>> No.7974105

Thanks /jp/ since always I've loved breakcore.
And you come up with this to me.
New music genere added to my likes.
I can't believe you've been useful to me.

>> No.7974118


And lolicore is what?

>> No.7974126

Hell yes. When my ass is dragging it's the best shit to listen to. A 5-hr Energy Shot and some LOLI RIPE and I'm fucking AWAKE.

>> No.7974156

speedcore or breakcore with a different name.

>> No.7974163 [DELETED] 


...which is sped-up hardcore.

>> No.7974166


...which is sped-up hardcore.

>> No.7974198

Fast & happy doesn't make for speedcore.

Children these days.

>> No.7974205


You'll notice I went to some pains to not refer to that as speedcore.

>> No.7974206


I was talking about happy hardcore

>> No.7974208

Steppa from Goreshit is one of the only albums I like.

>> No.7974212


They're the same thing, except one is "happy".

>> No.7974231

>They're the same thing
>except one is "happy"

And no, they are not the same thing at all.

>> No.7974247


Hi /b/a/v/.

>And no, they are not the same thing at all.

Yes, yes they are. Your rebuttal was riveting, and well-substantiated, but I feel I've prevailed here today. Try again next time.

>> No.7974264

Holy fuck retard.

Why the fuck you don't search some happy or uk core and then compare it to hardcore?
Too hard for your retarded brain?

>> No.7974292


I listen to plenty of both and there's no substantial difference. Moreover I've stated an opinion and all you've done in return is get frustrated and call me bad names. If you don't have anything to back up your ideas with, why don't you bow out of the thread now that you're all cried out?

>> No.7974335

>I listen to plenty of both and there's no substantial difference.
Happy shit:


>> No.7974340

whats a loli?

>> No.7974347


starts in the middle of second or third set

>> No.7974398


That's hard trance. The guy doesn't even self-describe his music as trance on his myspace page and all the tags on last.fm are trance. This is more representative of hardcore than that is:


>> No.7974458

>K90 Red Snapper, Hardcore
Endless delays, elevations... just no.

Here's some Liza n Eliza from 1993

>> No.7974468

This is also an acceptabible answer.

>> No.7974479

Does anyone know about any interesting album, similar to 24EFFECTS?, or how that kind of music would be labeled as?


>> No.7974491


>> No.7974510

The melody is chip. The beat is breakcore.

>> No.7974540

Actually it's freeform hardcore.
I don't think the guy gives a fuck about the genre of his music.

>> No.7974559

Although the beats are pretty slow in this mix...

>> No.7974586

I remember playing that in the morning at max volume once and my dad came running down the stairs and shouted that it felt like a train was going through the house. Good times.

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