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I bet yuyuko smells like strawberries

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She smells like cock, dude.

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She doesn't smell, idiot. She is a ghost.

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Suck my cock dude

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The ghost of Dreamcasts past.

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I know you can wash it off but I don't understand why someone would desecrate a Dreamacast like that.

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The dreamcast was shit in the first place.

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Yeah, you can go suck my VMU dude.

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Piss off, he improved that ugly thing.

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I bet you all couldn't afford the thing at launch and had to settle with the bum trash PS2. In a way I can feel your pain.

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I don't think it's really that bad. As long as it still plays.

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What are you talking about, this is wonderful.

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No thanks, I'd rather suck your cock instead.

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Lol have fun with ikaruga bro. Must be great not playing games.

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The Dreamcast had Skies Of Arcadia and Power Stone. Balls in your court.

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Have fun with Skies of Arcadia and Power Stone, nurd!

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Get fucked.

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I fucking will along with the best online game of all time phantasy star online.

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Oh, I wasn't actually planning on arguing; I was just being obnoxious. Allow me to forfeit since I don't know shit about the Dreamcast. It's the one thing I've always wanted but never got around to buying.

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That probably explains why you are the miserable piece of shit you are today. Do turn your life around though and buy one.

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Well, the Dreamcast may be a good console and all, but you just can't compare it to the PS2, I mean, the PS2 is in a whole different level, it's the epitome of consoles.

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The PS2 only gave us two good things - Timesplitters and Metal Gear Solid 3. Maybe Odin Sphere as well but I will have to sit on that for a while.

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I don't think even the most hardcore of PC/Nintendo/Microsoft fanboys believes this.

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I...I must disagree.

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Well, you can take your opinion and yourself back to /v/ along with that image.

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Try harder.

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ITT: Console hipsters

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How about you all go to /v/?

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How about Devil May Cry, God Hand, Shinobi, Kunoichi, Chaos Legion, Chaindive, Over Zenith, the Zone of the Enders series, I can't think of much else off the top of my head.

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Who are you quoting?

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"I bet yuyuko smells like strawberries" to console flamewar shit in less than 10 posts. Good stuff.

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OP here
I.. I just wanted a nice yuyu thread ;_;
We all know the PS2 is better anyway, i mean, it's still releasing games after 11 years, so go figure.

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The good thing about being the OP is that you can remake the thread if it gets derailed too much.

But let's make that an emergency solution and just hope the Maid deletes the other HURRVIDYO-related comments as well.

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Or just emulate fucking everything on my powerful PC using a peasant stick for control.

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Well, that's /jp/ for you. It can still be redeemed though.

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You can't have a Yuyuko thread without Dreamcast propaganda.

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Unless you are from /v/, you can.

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What seems to be the problem?

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Seeing porn of Yuyuko-sama makes me Kircheis

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awww I wanted to see her with clothes

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It's very soft porn though. I wouldn't even call it porn.

Also I prefer my Yuyuko naked. What can I say?

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I prefer her with her cute pajamas

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I'm not adverse to that either.

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You're too soft, Youmu!

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Dreamcast-sama is cute

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i bet yuyuko smells like rancid cooking grease

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Yuyuko deserves a better thread than this.

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It makes me happy to see an occasional picture where Yuyuko looks cute instead of being a rotting hag.

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I bet yuyuko smells like chicken grease

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I think she looks pretty cute in most pictures

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She sees your ice cream.

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Lets not guess what she smells like. It makes me feel too soft and fuzzy~

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"Hey look, hey look! I got cat ears! Hihihi!"

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She cant possibly be this sexy.

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Her sexiness is like her powerlevel, your mortal eyes can only see a fraction of it.

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A long-haired Yuyuko wouldn't work. Normally, I am strictly long-haired or nothing, but for some Touhous, short hair is all that is allowed.

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One of my favorites.

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Are you sure about that?

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I love seeing her together with Youmu

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I'd drink with Yuyuko.

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That's it.

Nobody will ever draw Yuyuko in her SSiB dress. ;_;

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That picture looks like she's floating on a fart cloud.

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yuyufarts are best farts.

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Yuyufarts smell like strawberries.

Therefore, the odor does not come from her body itself but from the ethereal gases emitted by her spectral anus.

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I want to sniff yuyuko's hair.
I want to stuff my nose in her hair.