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why this guy so beta and retarded?

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Because TM

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Choking maids while masturbating is pretty alpha

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Sirius of the Snow Field is neither of those things. He's capricious death.

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who's better? Hisui or Kohaku?

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I'm pretty sure Shiki isn't beta because he picks fights with other people/delinquents, he's a delinquent himself and he doesn't shrink away from responsibility. He's also not retarded because he doesn't make any real philosophical arguments that are based on fallacies. He doesn't even do anything retarded in the games.

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OP was trolling you silly

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Being bossed around by your little sister is beta as HELL.

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They see me trollin'.

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A good brother would devote himself completely to making his sister happy.

Also, siring her children. And the maids'.

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Why are you so beta and retarded?

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>being bossed by sister
>teases sister around and makes her look stupid at other times
I'm not sure you understand what beta means.

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Teasing Akiha must be such a delicious feeling.

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MESSER RUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why you do bad things like that, Shiki?

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If he's retarded.
Then who I am?

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In his defense, Akiha was trying to step on him at the time.

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I am the only one who dislike shiro ?

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Shirou is great. And he can't be that stupid since Archer is pretty smart.

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maybe because he is /jp/-related?

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Is this a full blown meme in /a/ now or something? And still to this day that is?
Cause I don't really get how people have the stamina to keep, beating, this dead, horse.

I might just be boring myself, but I don't really see the big "fun" of it when there is little ground for the statement if him being overly "dense" or "retarded". Especially when it would make the vast majority of all protagonists in modern culture, dense retards as well if that is what's going to set the standard.

Generally, I would just say that jokes (and lies) need to have some clear truth in them that can easily be covered as well, beneath the joke as its foundation.

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why shiki so perfect and lewd

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why does /jp/ love f/sn so much to create endless threads about it while making fun of it

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i can understand why you hate thoro but nanaya?

you cant get any better then this.

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Oh summer, where art thou?

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