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This is bullshit. I know the janitors are keeping track of my posts and deleting them. There were plenty of other shitpost threads on /jp/ so there should be no reason that mine got deleted.

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Why do you shitpost?

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You are being monitored.

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Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you need to do it too.

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I'm only trying to fit in.

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Not OP, but I shitpost because I'm pissed at meido for deleting my Yume Nikki thread, and apparently having a mod ban me for off-topic a few hours later. He also deleted my vocaloid threads.

In general, my shit threads last far longer than when I try to make something productive. That's why.

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The fact the administration can see what you've posted is somewhat scary. I can no longer feel like I can say whatever I want.

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I can visualize them sighing and rolling their eyes when I quasi-samefag to keep my threads going. It's sort of unsettling.

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>>7958736 here
Also, I've never been banned for shitposting, whereas contributing can be dangerous. Especially with all these autoban words.

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>shitpost threads

Here it is:


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Pffft. Janitors can't look at IP or track posters. That is pretty obvious.
Perhaps you should try being less paranoid and focus on the quality of your individual posts instead of thinking everyone is out to get you just because your shit gets deleted.

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So is it just you doing this or did you bring friends?

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Where do you think you are, dude?

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>autoban words.
Such as?

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Do you think using sage in one post and not in the other makes your samefagging and less oblivious? Pft.

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Nice try.

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I am a /jp/ native and I say "Psh" sometimes. Should I stop?

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Can't we all just shitpost in peace?

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Consult the council first.

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Pffffft. Why would I want to shitpost with you?

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/jp/ is dead. Long live /jp/.

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