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[Yuuka] has joined your party.

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/leave party

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O-oh... I understand.

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/msg Yuuka hi can i hav som money plz? i need for new wepon xD

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k yuka you done this before?

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Level down!

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Nonono, you gotta do it like this:
/w muenzuka? gib sunflurz pl0x HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHEUHUE

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GIBS MONIS PLIZ uahhuahauahuahuauaahu

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This is bullshit, I'm going back to my mog house.

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/msg [Yuuka] why the HELL would you use that name

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/w yuuka hey let's cyber

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u a girl???

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/p asl ?

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/p Wanna terrorize some carebears?

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>[Yuuka] has joined your party.
/kick [Yuuka]
Get the fuck out of my party you weeaboo

>[Alice] has joined your party.
Nice name. Follow me, i will protect you.

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You must gather your party before venturing forth.
You must gather your party before venturing forth.
You must gather your party before venturing forth.
You must gather your party before venturing forth.

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/kick [Alice] [Anonymous7949640] out of your party
>[Yuuka] have joined your party
/give [Yuuka] a [bouquet of severed human appendages]
>[Yuuka] likes it! <3+1

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[el Brasileiro HUEHUE] has joined your party.

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[Tenshi] has joined your party.
[Tenshi]: sup bitches! xD

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/skill [team attack][Yuuka][Tenshi]
BDSM activated! its super effective!
>[dick] take 100 points of stiffness!

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from [VaShThEStaMPeeDE491]: hey wher u get that gun frm

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[TewiIn4ba]: if u give me your gold i can double it
[TewiIn4ba]: trust me i know the admin

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Take this shit to /v/

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I'm pretty sure Tenshi's internet handle wouldn't just be Tenshi.
It would be something abrasive to the eyes and obnoxious like Xx4nGlE0VLuVxX.