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Sup /jp/

I got banned from /a/ for making a thread about crossdressing. The reason the mods gave was "troll."

Cheer me up with delicious librarian.

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I'm proud to say I'm the asshole who reported you.

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I don't do favors for people that post on /a/.

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My ex-girlfriend had large breasts, and dressed in nothing but a white dress shirt often.
Her dad called her a slutty librarian.

I found this humorous.

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Well there have always been faggots on /a/ like you. But that a mod is listening to people like you makes me sad.

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Your ex-girlfriend was fucking her dad.

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That's why she's my ex.

It's a tragic story, really.

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Your post wasn't even remotely on topic and reeked of gaiaonline/yaoi fangirl faggotry. Fuck off.

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You're a faggot.

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What the fuck were you doing there?

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That the kind of people saging this thread don't know how to textless adds to my certainty that you people are the cancer.

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Normalfag detected.

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>>794684 here.

This was four years ago, before I knew the internet was a great place for idiots to hang out in.

I haven't had a girlfriend since.

Rather, I haven't had female friends since.

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What about it made it gaia? I'm pretty sure gaiafags don't talk about that kind of thing.

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You would know?

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Well I usually just go to /jp/ and talk about touhou in between playing SWR and trying to beat IN on hard.

But before the summer I frequented /a/ and I thought I should give back to the community by trying to make interesting threads to fight against the cancer.

The ban is only seven days long, but that kind of mod faggotry will probably keep me away from the board for much longer.

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All I know about gaia is what /a/ has said about the site, and from what /a/ has said about the site its full of underage intolerant normalfags.


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Good. /a/ has enough cancer to fight as it is without your type.

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God bless you for trying, but /a/ isn't a sinking ship, it's already on the ocean floor.

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Futile. Concentrate on saving /jp/ from the summer. If enough of us try hard enough, maybe this one won't be eternal. /a/ is long dead and buried.

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Sorry for the drama people. I'll stop encouraging retards and try to post more librarian.

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/a/'s been dead. Shut the fuck up.

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Go back to /a/, then.

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>mod faggotry
ohh ban worthy offence, thread carefully Anonymous. Last week I had a mod let me know this the harsh way.
But I know what you mean.

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But I had so much fun on that board, I learned so much. Watched some damn good anime because of it. I met some cool people (kind of), even arranged to meet up with some /a/nonymous irl on July 1st.

And even during the summer there were some good threads, that thread I made was pretty cool if you ignored the random sagefags. And then suddenly "board's closed lulz"

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/jp/ doesn't have mods, just that one huge faggot janitor on his little crusade. Banning everyone who's railed against the faggot mods would take more moderation than /jp/'s had in its entire lifetime. By several orders of magnitude.

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The mod's reasoning was flawed. Really, you deserved a ban for strictly /jp/ material on /a/.


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I thought the penalty for offtopic junk first offense was thread deletion, not a seven day ban...

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mods in /a/ ban you for calling them faggots, believe me they'll ban you for posting off topic too.

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It's gotten harsher since the second most recent /b/ was displaced by the crop brought in by the scientology faggotry.

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Probably. I remember when they were on a crusade against loli semi recently (a KnJ thread I made got deleted so I would know), although that was a janitor so it wasn't as bad.

Anyways thanks for cheering me up despite making me fundamentally more disillusioned with the world. Now gotta study for my summer class.

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>Your appeal was reviewed and denied. You may not appeal this ban again.

My appeal was: "I don't see how what I was posting was a troll. Offtopic maybe but not a troll."

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