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ITT: touhous with same personalities as you

hard mode: no kaguya

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Touhous have personalities?

I guess Koishi since i'm autistic

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Kasen, I'm a moralfag who more often than not tries to motivate unmotivated people and fails.

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I have no personality, so that makes me all of them.

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marry me

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Guess why.

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UFO Sanae

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you waste a lot of money

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Come live with me. ;~;

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>/jp/ - secondary culture

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Introspection via Touhou?

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u jelly?

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No, I am quite solid.

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A more fucked up, anti-social version of Mokou.

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Being a total perfectionist =/= sakuya but that's the only one I can think of... (v.v)

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I... I have no idea.
I both hate people and want to help them at the same time.
I'm not sure who is like that.

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Reimu, but without even the youkai visiting

I don't even like her

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This crazy bitch right here.

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Do little girls count?

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I was meaning the laziness. But that last frame depicts me very well too.

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i'd say i'm pretty chill so Letty Whiterock.

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Alice and Parsee

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You fanon much.

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It's not as if I'm tsundere or anything

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Deal with it.

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So lonely and bored spoilt brat.
And I fucking love peaches.

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Easily the closest.

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Do you also like getting punished?

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As close as it gets.

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Touhous don't really have canon personalities, but I'll g o ahead and say Wriggle Nightbug, minus the whole bug thing.

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Well, you can get some hints from the game dialogues and other official works. For example, you can guess Byakuren's personality isn't the same as, let's say, Aya's.

Of course, when it comes down to it, all touhous have a fragment of ZUN's own personality.

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I'm surprised this thread isn't filled with tewi and suika.

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Sakuya, I suppose.

Because I think one of the few virtues I have is loyalty and sometimes I have murderous feelings.

And I'm obsessed with vampire girls too.

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I can't say I have even close to the same personality as any of them. Oh well.

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what the hell guys, I tought we were all patchis.
anyways, I'm a patchi, but replacing books with videogames. I mean, I would read a lot of books if I had a huge library full of books, but I don't..

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Hey, this gives me an idea. I'm feeling masochistic, so I'll go google touhou quiz and see how deplorably mind-numbing the bulk of them are.

Oh, yes. That's some good vintage rage.

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I love fried tofu, I'm protective of things/people I like, and I always feel like I'm off doing other people's bitchwork.

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>I would read a lot of books if I had a huge library full of books, but I don't.

Liar. You do have a library, even bigger than Patchy's, and it takes less effort to get to the books, too. >>>/lit/1466666
You don't read as a hobby because you are a lazy bastard.

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Every flat surface across my room is literally strewn with books, but I'd have thought it would be silly to focus on one comparable hobby and say you share a personality - sounds too much like some /a/ kiddie saying they're just like >insert favorite anime character here< because they think they're some edgy stone cold killer with no empathy.

I'm with >>7945512.

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Gotrek Gurnisson obviously.

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There are no Touhous who are addicted to anything, I think.

That's probably the most defining feature of my personality.

So none of them, I guess. Well, maybe the Tsuchinoko.

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hungry moe

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Who is your Felix?

Also, Flandre is probably the closest to me.

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Nobody in particular, but there is somebody I'd want to be like

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I was born with the head of a monkey.

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>fat neckbeard

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Keine, I'm in school now to become a history teacher.

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We just want to take it easy, but we get interrupted constantly with responsibilities that involve cracking skulls, exorcising demons, and beating up gods.
Swaggin' this hard ain't no game.

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I don't really care about being lonely.
I'm content with with being alone.
But still like to "socialize" with others every once in a while.

So yeah, asocial.

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Parsee... because I am forever alone like her!
I want a girlfriend!

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my BMI's 22,5 you bitch.

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I wish I was like fanon Nitori but no matter how much I try to lie to myself, the truth is that I am a dumb lazy nobody.

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I'm arrogant and abrasive in public but can work very hard to keep up with people who are much smarter and more capable than me, although I like to keep that under wraps. I also steal petty things from stores and restaurants and offices and my friends houses on a regular basis for some reason...also one of my hobbies is studying western esotericism.

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Youmu, because I am a half-ghost too

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Kill yourself. Why would you want a girlfriend in the first place? She will bother you, you won't be able to watch as much anime as you do now, same for VNs and eroge. Also, who would want a loser like you?

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Like Aya, I am a photographer who doesn't really respect people so much as wanting the best pictures/stories. not much of a personality parallel so much as profession

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I think it's impossible to get a touhou with my personality.

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Sanae because I'm always covered in other men's semen.

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But Sanae is a pure and good girl!

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Komachi, definitely.

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Komachi. Lazy as fuck.

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What touhou had a shining career ahead of them, but then failed miserably because the they discovered the internet?

From Straight As, going to the European Parliament to debate about environmental water issues, to jobless, futureless NEET with dead mother and father?

In one big swoop!

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Alice probably could have been a famous actress, but then discovered Gensoukyo.

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You're a faceless man

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You're 100% right.

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I would be chen because i have the best mother in the world.

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Well, aren't you a darling.

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Tell me more about your mother.

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Mokou, maybe?

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You shut the fuck up.
Shut the FUCK up.
You are nothing like momiji. Momiji is perfect, you are scum.
And posting such an embarrassing picture of her, no less...

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shikieiki because of my judgmental nature and burning hatred for big breasts

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Marisa for me too, for the same reasons

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The Touhou that nobody cares about but feels deserves much more attention than that all the others are getting. The prick Touhou, basically.

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I have no idea. It changes really quickly

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>does good work when actually working
>wastes money
>imposing figure
>second-in-command type

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Either Reisen, Reisen2 or Mokou. Maybe you can put a little Alice in there too

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I can't fucking believe we are having this thread.

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Why don't you get some friends, try to get laid, do something besides going on 4chan to try and act like a pretentious shitdick. If you had anybody in your life who actually wanted to listen to what you had to say you wouldn't be doing this, and if you weren't a complete piece of shit you would realize that nobody is going to read your point of view you faggot. Just stop or kill yourself, either or is fine with me.

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>Lazy to the point I can't even look after myself or feed myself. Will feed self if forced to.
>Do not mix well with other people and prefer to be alone. Will only speak when forced to.
>Lonely most of the time.
>Can't make decisions for themselves and would rather someone else do it.

^I forgot to add these obviously, I don't think there's a touhou who are like that.

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Koishi. I'm eerily in tune with what people are about to do pretty frequently. I speak in unison with people, I realize what they're going to say seconds before they do, I think of them making a particular decision and they do.

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Pointless job, people treat me like a bag of shit, lazy, delusional, for some reason world seems to hate me.

I used to backpack across the central Europe If that counts as a hidden badass trait

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Then we must kill you.

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around alice mystia yukari satori koishi mokou

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That's wide....

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Do you also go Jaaaa~on?

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Probably Eirin, simply because she is a Doctor/Pharmacist/something medically related, and I am a medical student.

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This is me in a nutshell.

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Unfortunately, airheads are not cute IRL...

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I am a naturally jealous person and envy almost everyone for one reason or another.

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Under that ugly overcoat, Parsee hides a beautiful, slender body.

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Satori. I'm surprised nobody else chose her, but whatever.

Nobody really wants to be my friend, as much as I try. I can understand why, but it's a part of me so I can't really change it. I have a thing with copying people, especially what they say. I like to take care of people if they allow me too, and I also have pets I love taking care of. My face shows few emotions, but that doesn't mean I don't have any or can't show them. I also have a little brother that's better than me in a lot of things, mostly physical.

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Including the bad health as I've got a incurable disease.

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Don't worry! Doctors all over the world are working hard to cure autism!

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I wish it was autism mate. I was serious about that part.

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Tokiko, because I'm hipter and love reading books.

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because I am very dependent of another person ;_;

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pretty much this, but if I had to say someone I guess Yuyuko

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Patchy, but there's some Yukari in there too.

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Insane engineer that lives to disassemble junk and really loves people but is scared of getting hurt by them thus is awkward around humans.

Seriously, /jp/, none of you?

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I'd like to think Ibuki.

>> No.7947449


Nah, I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

>> No.7947454

It is highly unlikely that anyone on /jp/ is a qualified engineer. Person with an engineering degree? Sure. Being an apprentice engineer for a couple of years before writing an exam, getting a permit, and being an actual professional? Not so much.

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This is very accurate.

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Now that I think about it, a fairy would probably fit me. Childish, mischievous, and those things. Probably just a nameless one at best though.

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>Likes to be alone
>Loves libraries
>Loves to read
>Illness prevents me from be active

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it is pretty sad that all of you seem to think your characters are such shallow things that they can be easily represented by cut-out icons from (of all things) a shooting game

there is also something hilarious about you defining yourselves via consumer icons

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Needs improvement, even if you're trying for "so bad it's good".

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Bitch, who are you to talk?

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Reimu or Satorin?

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I'd be Remilia, I'm pale, enjoy tea, have a rich ancestry and heritage, lived in Europe in a large estate and then moved to Gensokyo to fight mikos.

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Probably Remilia, I'm pale, enjoy tea, have a rich ancestry and heritage, walk around with an umbrella out of necessity, lived in Europe in a large estate and then moved to Gensokyo to fight mikos.

Oh yes, I am also a vampire.

>> No.7947619

Reimu, most likely, as I am also a lazy faggot who only ever does things when they absolutely need to be done.
/jp/ is (or used to be) an agglomeration of failures, after all.