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Which onahole is best for beginners?

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you're mom

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>not using an ass dildo for sexual pleasure

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So I should get a Dragon Dildo?

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Who are you quoting?

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a loli

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Clearly OP. He mentioned onaholes and it can be deducted that he isn't using a dildo. Also he seems to be quoting time itself.

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Dragon dildo's are probably to big for a beginner.
You want to get something simple at first, probably with vibration.

Something like picture related is a good starting one.

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Are dildos and onaholes really mutually exclusive?

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Use both at time same time for that ahegao experience

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Don't bother with Tenga, they are overpriced.

Try twin tales if you have the money.

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Does using an onnahole really feel that different than masturbating?

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sorry i wouldn't betray my hand

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But she already betrayed you, typical from a 3DPD.

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Your hand has already done over many men without you knowing about it.
It sneaks off in the middle of the night to go out cock hunting.

This is why your hand is so warm and smelly when you wake up.
It can no longer live without big ones, and you are the one who turned it into a slut.

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Thanks. That isn't too bad of a price. Which lotion lube to get?

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>An inside is so tight that it drives out a penis.


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It's saying that it's so tight, when you're using it it'll feel like it's pushing your dick out. Either that, or it serves as a ward against penises. Could go either way, really.

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I would like to try this too.
What's the cheaper alternative? I don't need 2 of them.

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Perfect for my rape fantasies~

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Holy shit it comes with pantsu?!
But it is kind of expensive. What's something comparable for cheaper?

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Just buy any of those, most of the cheap ones will tear a lot faster, so you kinda get what you pay for. But go with something cheaper to start with.

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>A certain girl

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W-why n-n-n-not?


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I've got the "rapegun" one, has both holes.

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I like to imagine that Nitori made this thread, and that the expression of irritation on her face is due to sexual frustration as she realizes her arousal is too much to be sated by just her hands.

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I want one that feels like it's sucking me in.

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TENGA flip hole is the best thing that has happened to me.

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I like you and your imagination, Anon

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sooo, any specific models anyone wants to recommend?

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If you shove the onahole into your anus you can have a REAL asspussy.

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but then I wouldn't be able to feel the dick thrusting inside my anus.

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The hivemind opinion over the past few weeks seems to be Secret Twin Tales if you can afford it with preference leaning towards Kana, or the Ore no Imouto parody onahole for those looking for a really good one for cheap.


I can't comment on either personally and am only sharing what I have read recently.

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thanks bro

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woops, forgot my sage

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Ahh.. You also can make you OWN onahole. Using cornstarch, water, penis and beer glass (for mould).

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Many have tried, none have succeeded.

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>*Tsundere means a girl who acts cold and strict in public but later when she is alone with her boyfriend, she becomes so sweet and lovey-dovey.
Really? I thought it meant bipolar.

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the bipolar type is the shitty and cheap mass production version

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Is that a FRIED CHICKEN? Man are accusing that owner of that onahole collection is Africa American!? Man are you racist or what?

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For those with cigarette moe

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Is it any good? What's your experience been with it?

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Sure, why not, let me just...get out my penis here...

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My hole is nice and tight, perfect size for small penis Anonymous.

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No thanks.

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I'm not really interested in your hole, but please talk more about how small my penis is.

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Different poster here, I have it as well. It feels pretty great, though I prefer my Twin Tales better because of the tightness. Unfortunately, I didn't take proper care of my Twin tales so it tore. I'm probably going to buy a new one soon with hopes that nls will have a xmas sale or something. In the meantime the rapegun will last me. It's pretty satisfying though.

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Which Twin Tales?

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Is this guide accurate?

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That's good cuz you're not getting it.

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Haha you're a pretty funny guy

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I don't know about turning it inside out, I did that with my Azu-nyan (cheap one) hole and it's kinda deformed now.

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>>7942447 , here
That's what Killed my Twin tale kana. Don't turn it inside out. Instead, just scoop out the lube and cum when you wash it with hot water in the sink.

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Will there ever be a day when you DON'T ride my nerves?

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There'll never be a day where you ride my tight virgin ona-hole.

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I can definitely live with that.

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Why don't you cosplay and camwhore? You sound totally hot.

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>You sound totally hot.
Eww landwhale fetish.

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>peel yourself naturally


Why not just get it cut?

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I have an excellent idea

Everyone get back to talking about onaholes instead of talking about tripfags

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Fine, how about you start us off?

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>/jp/ prerequisite


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>there is no need for going to live in safe families. I can't understand this shit. What's the purpose of that lotion?

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>there is no need for going to live in safe families.
I can't understand this shit. What's the purpose of that lotion?

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Oh sweet almighty.

I have an erection by merely gazing at it!

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I would also like to add that I really want to order one, but I'm afraid of customs seeing it. I know you can ask them to remove it from the box, but I've heard that the bottle of lubricant it comes with also has naked lolis on it. It's risky, and the temptation is indeed great.

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it's not a shame

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Is it wrong that I'm saving these pictures so that I may masturbate to them later? Just look at that mons/mound! what ever the correct term is.

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I want it

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Wow, thank you for these links.

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I want this.
I can have a sex with mai waifu at last.

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Since homophobia isn't really holding them back anymore, why don't dildos get the same treatment? I'd totally buy one if they manages to get askray to draw a dickgirl for the package.

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What's it do?

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I'll show you latter...

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Its just a controller. A penis controller.

Imagine you being able to control an H-game scene with your penis... well, that's it. The button is for letting the game know when you ejaculate, and the rubber portion is removable for cleaning.

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I... I need this.

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Oh... I thought it would have a warming system or something

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Oh you guys!

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I kind of want the Ore no Imouto onahole since the one I got is ass.

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ass hole?

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USB flash drives get plenty warm when you put information in/out of them, so I could see this being easily done.

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USB can deliver quite a bit of electricity. I've often thought of trying to fashion myself a pair of heated pants powered by USB. I'm sure an onahole warmer/heating system wouldn't be out of the picture at all.

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I'm sure I've seen some kind of USB-controlled onahole with warming. The inside looked like a pair of conveyor belts.

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USB powered pants.

That's it. I quit.

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I don't know man. All these electronics wrapped around my dick don't sound too safe, y'know.

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Embrace the future.

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The worst that can happen is you get a little static shock. You may even enjoy it.

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Can that be used as a game controller? If one thrust is a pickaxe swing in minecraft, the game might actually become playable for non-autists.

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What the hell, Illusion got beat to the punch, they were the ones showing off their cool USB onahole tech last year.

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So we have usb onaholes.

We have super deepthroat.

Now someone needs to combine the two.

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Yes, now there should be a penis dildo controller for online multiplayer.

Do you want to be the little girl this match or me? We can't all be the little girl...or can we?

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wait no
okay so
how about this: a sex mmo with two kinds of controllers: usb dildos and usb onaholes
the devices are linked to one another so it's like you're really having sex with someone!

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If you're going that far, you may as well make them contain the right sensors and actuators for feedback. The idea is actually too damn good, that makes me wonder if nobody did it before.

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I would totally preorder the controller, that is, if you could replace the inside with your own onahole. The one in the demo isn't big enough, and since it can't really stretch, there's no compensation.

Fucking damn it though, I really wish I could use it though.

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Forgetting the price, how do they compare?

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Does anyone know if NLS has sales around Christmas? if so I might hold off until then.

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Brings a whole new meaning to Hotglue circlejerks. Or possibly not.

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Link very related.

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Now all we need is a multi-player option + two different controllers.
Onahole and dildo.


Infact i am surprised that no one has done this yet..

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Playing with Adult toys.


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Are these yours?

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Can you post some samples?

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I downloaded them all, the first one is mixed pictures of figures, dolls and some dakimakuras, the others are videos of dolls, figures and dakimakuras getting hotglued.

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Thanks man!

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well, you certainly saved me a lot of time.
Also bump.

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Which anal toy would one recommend for beginners. These two have caught my attention.

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Never liked the nr1 type myself, but a lot of people have had much success with them.
I prefer a toy that you can ride or push in and out rapidly.

That said if you intend to get pleasure out of them you should probably get a anal shower/home enema set aswell, because you do not want shit on your toys.
And it helps by making the insides clean and more sensitive.

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lol ur gayh

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Aneros is supposed to be magic.

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Tons of commercial onaholes.

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What's going on on japanese TV

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Jesus Christ, is that a Nanoha onah-- It has penis.


>> No.7949128

Fuck, I laughed.

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What would you recommenced I use to clean? The more discreet the better. Currently I'm in a university dorm, and my roommate and I, whilst in separate rooms, we share a toilet, so nothing which would make an ugly mess.
Is there any particular anal toy you would reccomend over those two? I would prefer something vibrating as well.

>> No.7949668

Not the anon above but there seems to be a fuckton of things here that are all small enough to hide away.

That said i would imagine some of the larger err things would work better..Probably..Maybe..

>> No.7949780

I'm not too concerned about size as I can hide it away easily, I mean more or less something easy to clean.

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Looks pretty sweet.

>> No.7949882

I've read something about a sex suite...which was discontinued in the experimentation stages...

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Who are you quoting there?

>> No.7950014,1 [INTERNAL] 

I got a 2 day ban for this:
"Shiposting: Who are you quoting?"

>> No.7950014,2 [INTERNAL] 

About time they cracked down on that shit.

>> No.7950014,3 [INTERNAL] 

The fuck? You were banned, but the greentexting LOLOL EPIC TRAPZ XDD faggot from /v/ doesn't even get his post deleted? You should send out an e-mail if you haven't already.

>> No.7950014,4 [INTERNAL] 

You can thank /g/ for that, someone thought it would be funny to make a bot that spams "Who are you quoting"

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I already had about half of those.

Were those taken from 8/2, perchance?

>> No.7950917

My R-20 and 17 Evo came in today. These are my first onaholes, so I'm no expert, but both felt so great that honestly, it's almost oppressive.

The tightness on the Evo 17 is phenomenal, and that last wall before puncturing the womb is simply bliss for internal climax. The R20 is also great, however, quite a bit looser even with the vaccum in place. Whereas is I let go of my hand, the Evo 17 will squeeze itself off, the R-20 sinks down. However, the three particularly tight sections in the R-20 are fucking phenomenal for full shaft strokes, hitting the end is great.

I've gone at it with both around 8 times total in the last 4-5 hours. Just my initial impressions. I think the tighter the better for myself, really think it's kind of a loss that Secret Twin Tales and Seven are so small that I'd break them.

>> No.7950942

Has anyone tried any of the following three?
If so, anyone care to review?


>> No.7950944

Pretty sure this my picture I posted awhile ago, thing was amazing but my god did it tear fast.

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Ah dammit, I can't download this torrent because I'm in residence at the moment and Torrenting is cut off. Would anyone be so kind as to uploading a few of the best videos into a rar and MU or MF?

>> No.7951215


Ha, I have the same shit at my dorm.
Use Torrific.

>> No.7951248

I'd honestly love to get one of those twintales but the fear of the FBI knocking on my door is too great for a hunk of rubber.

>> No.7951262

Not him, but damn, thanks anon.

>> No.7951311

Ah, thank you very much kind anon. I never knew such useful site existed. With this I can also DL my backlog of VNs I wanted to DL when I get back home for winter.

>> No.7951325

If you're retarded enough to believe that the FBI, or any US-related agency would track someone down for lolicon.....

You should just do the world a favor and kill yourself

>> No.7952952

They don't really have to track you down when the package has your mailing address on it and customs inspects a fair number of packages coming into the US.

Lolicon is in the grey area, and its legal status will depend largely on local jurisdiction and interpretation of the law by a presiding judge.

However, the FBI DOES have a very large focus on child pornography and there have been cases of legal precedent where loli material was ruled to be such.

>> No.7953093

you can use an intermediary, and ask him to change the box and all loli references.

>> No.7953247

This is correct. You can ask them to remove the packaging, to change what is written as the contents etc.

>> No.7953948

Would you say that the 17 evo was well worth the price? I am debating to myself whether I should get that or the Twin tales