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And as I expect, she simply looks wrong with huge breasts.
Hopefully, artists will draw her more often with a flat chest.

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Breasts are for Buddhist fucks

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Looks fine too me. Artist always love the big tits and so do I.

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Flat is Best

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not it isnt

she looks great

fucking homos

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Isn't that a matter of taste? Some like it less developed,while others enjoy it more developed. Personally, I prefer the bigger busts, but I don't mind if others do not have the same opinion as me.

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Yeah, I think it looks weird too. Some characters should have them, some shouldn't, but maybe that's just me.

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Why so upset?, not enough followers?.

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You do have a point here, I admit - some characters are designed with a certain bodyshape in mind, and differing from this standard can be weird at times. On the other hand, the stackedness of Touhou characters wildly vary in fanon, so it's somewhat more acceptable to have both flatter and bustier variants of the same character, I think.

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I guess, although for Miko it looks really funky to me. Maybe it's her hair that makes it look strange, I'm not sure.

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Her hairstyle? That is an interesting thought. Certainly, it gives her a unique appearance. How well it fits with bigger breasts, that's something I cannot really judge, but I can see why you see it that way.

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Wolverine bed hair.

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Her breasts are too disproportionate with the rest of her body. Downgrade 2 cup sizes and I'd have no real complaints

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I for one welcome our giant breasted overlords.

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Oh yeah, the issue of proportions. That's true that above a level, it makes the picture less realistic in a way - which is sometimes ignored for one several reasons, as I noticed. I guess it depends on the preferences of the person who draws the picture. Of course, everyone has a different opinion regarding this, but it's alright.

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Flat Chest are so un-stage 6 like.

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Rather prefer Miko as a young princess. Even if it would probably disqualify her from being a proper member of the Old Maids.

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She doesn't even need to be flat, just not what ever that is.

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There already is an alliance of giant breasted overlords, though. And given their occasional differences of interest, doubt they would be willing to give up on their dominance.

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All touhou's have the potential.


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All of them.

Except Suika.

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Just because the potential is there doesn't always mean that it should be explored.

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No Yuugipai? I sad.

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That's what I meant when I said the bustsize of Touhou charas is not a constant and varies between depictions, even though for some of them (like Cirno or the Three Mischevious Fairies) it feels less fitting, if you ask me.

Yeah, there is a group which is generally accepted as well endowed. Can someone bring a top 10 or so list about them? I always wanted to make a ranking of the most stacked Touhou characters, according to fanon opinion.

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Don't be. It's just a formality. Yuugi and Yuuka are not always counted to the Old Maids, since they don't run households of their own.

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From what I've seen, it'd be something like...


With Patchouli and Sanae being runners up.

And because it's fanon, there's ALWAYS exceptions.

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You lack ambition

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Thank you! With fanarts being inconsistent, it's kind of hard to decide on a proper list, but you seem to summarized it well, it indeed looks like a correct ranking (in fact, I was only sure that Yukari is in the top 3).

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It just doesn't work for some characters. I've seen some, it looked strange, out of place, didn't fit. But maybe I'm being too picky.

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Exactly what I pointed out in an earlier post of mine. I have seen pictures of pretty much every Touhou around depcited with big busts, but there are situations (especially the more child-looking ones) when it seems a bit out place. Obviously, there is no problem if someone enjoys these cases, too.

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We heard you the first time, no need to be defensive no one was saying you were wrong.

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Sorry, I tend to be a bit defensive when I am talking about stuff like that. I hope I did not get overboard with it.

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I'm sorry. I have a tendency to get a bit out of control.

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Oh, that's Yamame. I thought it was Shizuha from the thumbnail. With the cleavage and no "spider eyes" I was thrown off.

In fact, I'm surprised Minoriko isn't part of the big bust alliance, probably because she isn't that powerful. Her portrait makes her look more mature than most and, you know "bountiful harvest" puns.

If only more people had that kind of common sense on the internet.

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All of my aki stuff is on another hard drive.

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Wouldn't be that strange considering they are among the few proper fertility goddesses around. But then again, history has shown all too well that among goddesses, it's not necessarily the size that qualifies you as a fertility goddess.

It may however help if you have 4900 separate breasts on your body, or if you enjoy doing lewd things with snakes.

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Following that reasoning, Minoriko would indeed have the justification of being in the "busty club", but it seems like that fandom logic works a bit differently. Thinking about it, the development of some other characters can be explained: Yukari's boundary manipulation, Byakuren's "increasing physical abilities", etc.

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Why does fandom draw Komachi as a titty monster?

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Because its hot.

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Because that's what she is.

Unlike almost all of the rest of the supposedly well endowed Touhous.

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She's the only touhou with any apparent breasts AT ALL in Touhou.

In the land of the lolis, the B-cupped breast is massive.

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If I remember correctly, she is one of the few characters, who - at least in the fighting game spinoffs - got depicted bustier (along with Yuugi), but correct me, if I am wrong.

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I'm sure we can all agree that she just looks wrong in general. The earthquake must have struck while ZUN was drawing her.

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>I think we can all agree

No. This will never, ever be true.

Besides the two right hands thing, which seems like a mistake, I like her design. It's simple, but it works.

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You know a touhou is shit if she doesn't look good with oversized breasts.

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Okuu too. If you don't believe me we can pull out the triangles again.

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Sanae too, actually (see: Hisotensoku and UFO). Yuugi if you count them official prerelease artses.

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Alphes, heh.


In that case, so are Reimu and Marisa.

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>In that case, so are Reimu and Marisa.

I just meant characters with visible busts that are bigger than A's, but you can count them too. They do have visible bumps in that game, but maybe that's when Zun decided to start drawing them.

Even if all of the characters were japanese, it's hard to imagine that they've all got negative breasts.

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Yuka is as tall as Reimu and flat according to PMiSS.

It's a direct portrait even.

Just sayin'.

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>And as I expect, she simply looks wrong with huge breasts

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Curiously, SSiB also has Chen being as tall as Ran.

Guess it's just her proportions that makes her look tiny in PCB.

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Have you perhaps thought that it was Aki Eda's lack of accurate perspective?

Chen is also shown as a loli in the fighting games.