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Okay /jp/ according to some people, I am considered an otaku, i enjoy anime and what not, but i dont really know what an acually okatu is, help me out?

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Are you too dumb to Google it or something?

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googles to mainstream

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An otaku is someone that never leaves his house and is often addicted to games/anime/porn/whatever. It has a negative connotation.

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Great news, you're not an otaku, you're a hipster!

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Cool story
i knew i could trust 4chan with an acuall answer

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Otaku is fine
It means you have a passion
Asperger's syndrome

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I just enjoy anime, and video games, and hentai
but thats about it, otherwise, im just insane and pessimistic, so baisicly normal

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Who the fuck are you quoting?

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I know what you mean
You're just an average guy
With bad interests

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>implying i was serious about being normal

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Im aually far from average

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Unfortunately, you really are normal.

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>I just enjoy anime, and video games, and hentai
but thats about it, otherwise, im just insane and pessimistic, so baisicly normal

Aha, that explains it then - you're no otaku, you're just one of those trolls that thinks 'trolling' is making themselves look like an idiot.

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Are you sure about that?

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God damnit, and you apparently insert paragraphs into the middle of sentences, kudos - you've made my post look almost as bad as yours!

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Im acually being serious, dont much care for trolling out side of LoL

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Dead sure. Every average guy nowadays watches anime and hentai and plays videogames.

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OP trying to fit in and make this place his sekrit kloovhouse

i suggest we give this thread a better purpose and post some E~rin's butt.

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So im guessing everyone in /jp/ is just a no-life neckbeard that won't care for anything posted above, can't believe i expected more from you people
my bad folks

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Don't be silly, there's no way people with such poor English exist in reality!

There aren't none trolls that can type out such poorly formed sentences in this day and age, surely. That's before going into the lolsorandum 'insane' stuff you tagged on the end.

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So you know me better than I do, thats cool

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>Fake Fagets in my h00d

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LoL= League of Legends
calm down sir

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My, that's a perfect idea.

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> won't care for anything posted above,

I'm sorry, what is there to care for that will stop us being a ''no life neckbeard'' and redeem ourselves in your eyes?

All I see is either a poor trolling attempt, which is what it looks like - the file names suggest you've at least browsed 4chan to some degree.

Or the alternative, a normal asking for information that should be general knowledge which you received at the start of the thread, while boasting about liking anime.

I don't see anything else of value posted - you got your answer at the start, what more do you want exactly?

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What, you come here for advice and don't like it because it wasn't what you expected?


Read these before you get butthurt.

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Did i mention that i want to slap Eirin's butt so hard?

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Okay so im not an otaku, thanks for helping out faggs
but dont be so quick to judge me because i have a life
thanks for lending me your ears

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Get a load of this nerd.

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Hoo boy, someone's butthurt.

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That made me giggle

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>Getting ASSMAD infront of da BO$$
>Making shitty assumptions

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All i wanted from this, was to find out exactly what an otaku was from other real otaku's, i guess no one on 4chan is a whole human being

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Is that supposed to provoke some angry reply by suggesting I'm not talking about your complete inability to use grammar properly and inability to construct a proper sentence?

Not working, just confirming that you're one of /b/s 'I make myself look like an idiot - that means I'm trolling!' crowd.

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>I have a life

Yet you F5 this thread so hard right now to see how people responded to your posts in order to confirm your ego and get rid of a fraction of your insecurities.
Boy, your life must suck.

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once again, no

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Its 10:50 im about to go to sleep, i refresh the page after i reply

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I think he just wants some acceptance

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>Normal seeking acceptance on /jp/
Is he lost?

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If i wanted acceptance i wouldn't go on 4chan.

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Better chances than you have in real life.

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But you're trying so hard right now. You excuse yourself for every single thing you say and do so you won't look bad in front of other people.

You really are insecure. But that's ok, that's the average for teenagers.

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I love when Meido deletes those threads right after I deliver the final blow.

And I love Meido.

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Fuck the meido.