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madoka a shit

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I tried to post "madoka is a shit" in a Shitkaku thread about Madoka and my comment was thumbed down until it became almost white.
What the fuck is wrong with those peole, besides the fact they post on Shitkaku?

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I think nonsensical trolling is frowned upon on most places on the internet.

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madoka a piss

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madoka a shit is my favorite /jp/ meme =)

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lulz me too XD
i f**king hate those f/a/**ots and posting their sh*tty madoku on my /jp/

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Madoka a dick

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What's the story behind "Madoka a shit" anyway? I was away from /jp/ for several months.

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The origins of 'Madoka a shit'

Originally I spammed several variations claiming Madoka was in fact shit.
Variants such as:
1.Madoka is shit
2.madoka is shit
3. madoka is a shit
With each post I became lazier and went with "MADOKA A SHIT"

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>Irony is art - Sarcasm and irony are funny, however "LOL I DONT LIKE THIS SO I HAVE TO ACT LIKE A RETARD XD" isn't accepted. Acting like a retard to "mock" something you dislike only makes you worse than the people you are trying to mock. Neither is spamming the board with stupid shit just to be funny.

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