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If given the proper funding, could Mamizou assassinate other important relgious figures, like the Pope or the Dalai Lama?

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Mamizou thread.

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No, because those have their own youkai henchmen and the Pope is a friend of Yukari.

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Since things are powered by belief, the Pope is still one of the most powerful people on the planet.

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The rule of touhou is that the sillier the hat, the more powerful the youkai.
Suffice to say, the pope's level is over 9000.

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Also a sith lord

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STILL fucking waiting for mamizou giant tanukiballs / futa action

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pixiv is full of the stuff now.

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Stop that fujoshi aren't suppose to be this sexy.

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Why do you think someone so sexy is a fujioshi?

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Balls of steel

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Never has it been so brutally emphasized that indeed, Mamizou really is a little fat dog.

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Must be fun having a tail.

So fluffy.

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So fluffy

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Naah a big fluffly tail would be terrible if you wanted to stay a biped.

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I'd like Mamizou to wrap her tail around me when we sleep together

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That feel when the tail is actually a giant pair of testicles.

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N-NO! It's her warm, fluffy, furry tail! Affectionately wrapped around me like a blanket, to keep me warm.

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Mamizou's the kind of Touhou you could see as being really, really, amazingly laid-back, like you could just go hang out at her place at a moment's notice, and drink/smoke whatever, eat whatever snacks she can scrounge up (too lazy to actually cook you something), and talk about anything, or hardly talk at all... but whatever the case she'd just be an open book and not try to hide her true self from you, encouraging you to also be yourself, and form a kinship with her quickly.

You'd then fall asleep sometime very late at night after some long and deep conversation you can barely remember later, on her couch or rug or something... you'd wake up before she did sometime between morning and afternoon, and you'd go over to knock on her door out of curiosity. She invites you in, and you see her bed's all messy and unkempt, as is her hair, and she's also naked yet doesn't act as if it's any big deal. She invites you onto her bed and you just start talking again, and before you know it, almost without even realizing it, you then have quick, lazy, sloppy, instinctual sex with her with no strings attached. After all there's a mutual understanding of the kind of casual kinship you share, and also the entire thing occurs while both of you are in that groggy just-got-up state of mind. And then afterward you each go about the rest of your day like nothing happened.

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It is a tail.

But if you're interested, she most certainly has grapefruit sized ovaries. It's one of those things that aren't affected by shapeshifting, along with the ears and tail.

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No way.
If Faith = Power, The Pope would be impervious to harm. Shots would just bounce off him.
And don't even think of bothering if it was Pope John Paul II. He could topple the Moonbitches with how many believe in him still to this day.

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>but whatever the case she'd just be an open book and not try to hide her true self from you
>her true self

... and then the second paragraph got a bit creepy.

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No one loves Mamizou glasses? I think they are cute...

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But as far as Gensokyo's concerned, the humanoid Tanuki IS her true form, sort of like how Nitori does not look like some lanky reptile-like thing as well as every other Touhou that doesn't look like traditional lore would suggest.

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The Pope and Gensokyo have a treaty.
Pope gets to rule over and live in the real world, and the citizens of Gensokyo get to live in their little fantasy world.

The Pope already won the crusade against the Youkai, he ran them out of the real world. Now he has it all to himself.

If he ever wished to enter Gensokyo, he would wreck their shit with his faith and magic.
He kinda got screwed here on Earth though. Not his fault that the real world decided to use technology.

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So what about Nue's true form? Is it because she isn't from Gensokyo despite her being from japanese folklore?

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So if there are less Catholics in this world that means there is more chance of Gensokyo spilling out and making us all into little girls?

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No, that just means that a different sect of Christianity or the Jews take over.

Imagine all the 9 Crusades as Touhou 6-13. And imagine the Israelites and the Jews as the PC-98 games. And current Reimu is Jesus. It's kinda like that.
Muslims are just a bad plot device for Crusade 10.

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>rule over
>the Pope
Oh man,

this pic related, amirite?

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Mami, why... ;_;

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On second thought, you're right. Among shapeshifting animals that only have the bare elementals in common with their original forms, maybe the true form is subjective.

But the kappa are a mystery.

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I want to get Mamizou to switch to beer so that she'd develop beer boobs.

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Never heard that expression before.

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It could be a fairly recent finding but I've heard from two different sources that beer, aside from giving a man a beer belly and bitch tits can increase a woman's cup size. One of the sources also said that it causes males to produce less testosterone, making them look more feminine.

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Hm. So a diet of red meat and ale might actually help if you want Yuugi's physique?

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christ that is fucking disgusting and now i wish i hadn't asked for it

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A little fat dog.

I mean that as a compliment and matter of fact, of course.

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It depends on whether you want normal Yuugi's physique or fem Yuugi's physique. I can't say for sure but I think the beer and the training might cancel each other out.

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Normal Yuugi means loli, right?

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your highschool buddy said it's true? It must be true then! Durrr

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Should be, but I meant musclebound Yuugi as I got used to viewing her as such from the pictures posted on /jp/.

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Also scariest Yuugi.

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Muscle Yuugi is true Yuugi.
Also best Yuugi.

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Everyone was loli once.

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TV and radio were my sources. Their sources are probably scientists or some other kind of egg head. Believe what you will, but I've met many alcoholics in my time and they seem to have developed the cute little tits and belly that one of my sources claimed.

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(user 7930531 has a chrischan-style rack, only from binge drinking instead of just being born with no testicles)

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You're implying that's a bad thing.

True Yuugi
Best Yuugi
Scariest Yuugi
Sexiest Yuugi

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Quit being so mad and drink some rum.

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Perhaps "intimidating" would have been a better choice of words.

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Once I woke up and something punched me in the eye. It turned out I'd slept on my own arm and it had gone numb, wagging back and forth.
Wond if you had a tail, you'd sometimes wake up and wonder what exactly that was in bed with you, seemingly attached to your rump?


Anon is a wise man.

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On that note: We have Shinto and Buddhist mythos now, why not move west! Hinduism - multi-armed touhous! Judeo-Christianity - Loli Moses and her plague-themed spell cards! Islam - Loli Mohomma--- oh... that probably wouldn't end well for Zun... Native American religions - Great White Buffalo-chan, Avanyu water-snake girl, Quetzalcoatl!!!

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>that probably wouldn't end well for Zun

... if they can find him. ZUN isn't exactly a rock star.

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But they'd burn effigies of him, and that would be sad.

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Yeah, but it's just puppets. That they likely made themselves and spent a lot of time putting together. So their loss.

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Hardline Islamic puppet-effigy otaku vs Japanese Touhou otaku...

This I'd pay to see.

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Impure slut with exposed feet.

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Yeah, she's the best out of the TD cast.

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