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So /jp/, how do you plan to kill yourself?

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Drowning myself in an ocean where little no people are there.
Optional: There's that generic cliff to jump to.

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Decapitation via train

>> No.7928970

living a long fulfilling life, likely

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inb4 sudoku

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I will create the perfect loli robot maid. Then I'll mass produce them, and sell them all around the world. Then I'll push da button and the loli robot maids will reveal against the world and kill everyone. Meanwhile, I'll be brutally beaten, raped, and eventually killed by the original loli robot maid I created.

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Why would robots want to rape or have sex? Even if they had pleasure receptors, why would they want to do it with you?

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They're my creations, I ain't gotta explain shit.

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Because you program them that way?

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Slow burning charcoal burner, a sealed room and a large amount of sleeping pills.

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I plan to live forever.

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From my heart and from my hand why don't people understand?

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I'll wait till the next world war is started and will do my best at dying or becoming a war hero.

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This. I want to become a hero.

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Getting really old.

I mean like crazy old.

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It is impossible to die if there isn't anyone to acknowledge your death.

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You are not Emiya.

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going to hang myself in the closet.

have bought the rope and everything, just need to work up the nerve

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If I die, I'm taking this world with me.

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Sacrifice to Dagon.

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Attempting to subdue the Mokele Mbembe unarmed.

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I don't think I have the guts.

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Exit bag. Cheap, painless and 100% effective.

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It won't be suicide. I'll use the last of my money to get some basic camping supplies and 2 weeks worth of food then go out to the woods and see how long I last.

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I have a .44 revolver. I figure if I ever have to check out, I'll just place it right above my heart and pull the trigger. If I die, I want to see it coming. Blowing my brains out would make that difficult.

>> No.7931981

I'll bite my tongue off

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Shootout and C4

>> No.7931985

I'm going to handcuff my hands and jump into the ocean.

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My plan is to grow as old as I can.

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You probably woudl end up dying slowly.

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I plan to infect myself with contagious diseases and spread them everywhere I go, until the rot renders me unable to walk and I collapse in the middle of a crowded area.

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"I won't be killed by your technique!" then I'll jump to my death.

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>place the gun in front of your eye.

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The pain maakes me feel aliveeeeeeeeeeee.

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You really should get a smaller caliber. Once it enters, it will bounce around inside your skull and scramble your brains. A .44 on the other hand will likely pass right through the other side.

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Achieve wizardry at age 30 for abstaining from lewd actions. Become a lich. Live forever as a useless piece of shit.

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Buy a gun, go for the high score.

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Pfft, isn't the high score like a100+ now? No fucking way you can compete with that.

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>Cho Seung-Hui
>high score

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The high score is really hard to get now without some serious planning, may I suggest suicide bomb in front of a major building? I would suggest not doing such a thing but that's probably one of the better ways to go. That or at a daycare or some shit. If you're gonna kill yourself because of suffering and normalfags are probably to blame, make them suffer back.

Personally, I'd be to chicken to ever do anything. I would have to take an indirect route such as the charcoal burning in a sealed room technique. If worst comes to worst I'll just make a psychologist believe I'm crazy or about to kill myself any moment.

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Who set it? The crazy old guy in the laborers party youth manifestation?

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Bombs don't count


Yeah, this guy >>7932040 He got 69.

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I know, while it doesn't count for score It still can leave a pretty good impact on people's lives. I mean, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to set a score higher than 69...

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Ill probably buy a gun and go the bandit way, steal, rape and murder whoever i want. To bad that with modern forensics and law enforcement i would only enjoy that life for a few days, a week tops.

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Maybe we should agree on a point system, a president beeing 50 points, the pope 100, and ministers 5.
A pope visit to a country would be a good oportunity to get a highscore.

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Heat seeking shoulder launched missle on a Airbus 380. Instant high score.

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