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Who is Patchouli?
I mean, what is her role in the scarlet devil mansion? does she have the same hierarchy as Remilia? can Remilia give her orders?

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She's just a yokai with a passion for reading. I guess her and Remi get along because they're both shut-ins.

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Remilias girlfriend?

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She is a loyal family friend/freeloader. I believe a lot of classy manors had at least one back in the day.

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We need to find out how they met

It needs to be either exceedingly grimdark or exceedingly relaxing

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Remilia's sex friend.

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I know that, being a /jp/er, you're not exactly familiar with the concept, but the two of them are friends. Friends just, you know, hang out with each other.

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She just sort of hangs around. I imagine she just befriended Remilia by chance and then decided to abuse her wealth in order to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming the world's greatest hikikomori.
Though she does help out with just about everything. SSiB is a good example.

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Either way, it involves tea.

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>she does help out with just about everything

...which was explicitly acknowledged at some points already.

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Court wizard?

If you have a castle, you get yourself a wizard. Sakuya can stop time and all that but I'm sure some magic is used in the place.

And it's not like she was useless, she defends the mansion when it's being attacked by the protagonist, voluntarily or as her duty.

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Who are you quoting?

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Then, they mated.

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She's a teacher, too. Flandre's teacher?

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Arcane alcohol?


Bleh, no.

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She came with the library. Haven't you been to a big enough library? Those come with their own book-obsessed little girl and/or orangutan attached (Dalian, Patchouli, the Librarian, Nya, Eve, Yue...), you just need to know where to look. As you know, large quantities of books are capable of warping space and when the information concentration in any library exceeds a certain threshold, the place collapses unto itself and connects itself to the L-space. If you are present in a library during this event, and especially if you're the one bringing in the last book, you may end up as the library's resident little girl.

Wikipe-tan was the result of such an event, due to the vast increase in Wikipedia's size.

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Wait so if I amass a huge library I can become a book loving little Loli

Time to find me them books

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The classiest pairing.

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if only ;_;

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Guys what if Patchouli is really a man who magic'd himself into being a cute little girl?

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Making drinkable alcohol is an art. Making alcohol a loli can enjoy without throwing up now thats a masterful brew.

Unless she just waters it down and mixes it with juice like most pedophiles.

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Then congrats on him for living the dream.

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Prince Shotoku is confirmed to use Taoist heathen magic to turn himself into a girl, there's no reason why Patchouli couldn't have.

Aren't the required library sizes extremely large? The Great Library contains everything that happened or will happen, Nya's library likely contains information on everything that doesn't exist and can't exist as well. Even the smaller libraries like Dalian's compete by having magical books, though Dalian's last keykeeper used to buy books by the shelf so small is comparative here.

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Remilia can't order her around. I mean look what's under that ankle-length dress.

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Then there's hope for the rest of us.

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He was quoting >>7925936

Can't you read?

Jeez, you're useless.

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Patchouli is /jp/ when they reach wizard status. They get room and board, are friends with lolis, take it easy 24/7, and have tea parties every single day.

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Maybe for you


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I thought she was Remilia's tutor and friend.

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Its implied in IN that Patchouli is Flandre's tutor. No idea about Remi

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She is a Librarian.
It happens to be in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but it is still Patchouli's library.
You could argue, that she is below Remilia, but that might perhaps not be much of the case anyway.

The library and the main house are practically disconnected.
The library is Patchouli's domain.

I suppose you could liken it to how even the house lord can't easily disobey he head chef while in the kitchen.

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She's not a librarian. She's not some worker lending out books. In fact, she's not lending books out at all, at least not if she can help it.

She's called THE library. For all we know about youkai nature and origins, it may actually be literal.

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She's like the master librarian in Castlevania. Sakuya is Death, Remilia is Dracula.

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Holy shit, that was pretty awesome.

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Aside from being her friend, Patchy helps Remi fulfill her whims and solves problems around the mansion. As far as magic ability she's one of the most useful Touhous. Also great for bedtop sports.

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>>7926462 Patchy helps Remi fulfill her whims

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>>7926323 She's not a librarian. She's not some worker lending out books. In fact, she's not lending books out at all, at least not if she can help it.

"Library" does not mean "public library".

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I like to think that Patchouli was a friend of the Scarlet's father that got roped into tutoring the sisters and helping manage Flandre, and in return got the full run of the Voile Library. When it came time to move the SDM to Gensokyo, she did most of the work and came along with because frankly she didn't have anything better to do.

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Remilia is 400 years older than Patchouli, so that's VERY unlikely.

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And we know this how?

I wasn't aware there was anything that gave Patchouli an actual age, and her being only around 100 years old seems rather odd.

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we can make this a patchi thread, I don't mind.

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From my understanding, she was born around a hundred years ago, but then again, she also started living at SDM around that time too.

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>Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - おまけ.txt
>The 4th stage boss. She is the friend of the young mistress and is a witch who has lived for 100 years.
>The "One-week Girl".

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Well sumbitch. Just checked the wiki and sure enough, her EoSD profile says she's only 100 years old. Feel a bit stupid now.


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oh shit, my head is filling with plot-hole questions...
like: Remilia and Flan...from what hole they got pooped?

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I just wonder why the fanon always depicts Flan as a little girl living happily in the mansion, when as far as I know, the canon says they have her trapped forever in the basement for being too powerful.

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The basement stuff is also fanon.

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You assume that there is a plot with some holes in it, but it's the actually the opposite.

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Assuming you're wondering who their parents were...

We have no idea. All we know is their birth dates. 1503 for Remilia, 1508 for Flandre.

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Dracula of course.

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Kato Kaelin of the SDM.

She assists Remi in making life more interesting. Sakuya is to proper for that and Meling is too useless.

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...yes but, before moving to gennosorkel, where they lived? plus, vampires don't reproduce by mating...
who's their vampiric father? etc etc

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It's what becomes of MEN when they gain wizard powers. Patchouli is an example of what becomes of women.

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nope. I remember reading in some official source that she was only pretending to be related to ol'Drac

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That was disproven by ZUN himself in an interview, to just be a lot of hooey. Remilia just says it to add to her image.


That would imply Meiling is ever allowed to do anything but stand outside the gate and manage the gardens.

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I like that idea a lot, but ZUN specifficaly said her father wasn't count vlad tepes dracula

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Meiling is gate guard and gardener, yes, but she is also regularly challenged to (official) fights. Remilia is said to watch those for her amusement.

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the fuck is with that outfit she is wearing? Such a slut.

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Judging by their names, clothing, and style of building of the SDM, its generally presumed they're from somewhere in Europe. Except for Sakuya's and Koa's names, which are Japanese, and kinda come out of nowhere.

As for the reproduction thing, its a bit vague in Touhou, as Vampires are considered as just another type of Youkai and Devil.

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this guy draws the nakedest naked Raymoo ever.

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>Sakuya's name
Remilia gave her that name
>Koa's name
What the hell?

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True, but she still stays at her post for those, and it's just another part of her guard duty.

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I just realized: Cirno is locked up on the left being used as a freezer.

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I am aware Remilia gave Sakuya her name, but its a JAPANESE style name, which doesn't make much sense if she was given it while the SDM crew were still in Europe. Same goes for Koakuma's name, assuming the same.

Meiling has an excuse as it's her actual name and she's (presumably) actually of Chinese origin.

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>Koa's name

That's cruel, anonymous

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Patchouli is the necromancer that raised Remilia and Flandre from the dead.

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>I am aware Remilia gave Sakuya her name, but its a JAPANESE style name, which doesn't make much sense if she was given it while the SDM crew were still in Europe

Remi = weaboo
Gives her maid a japanese name.
Moves to glorious fantasy Nippon

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makes sense

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Koakuma's (and Daiyousei's) name was fan-given. They weren't named in EoSD.

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uff, my post vanished two times. it's useless to type it again now.

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>Remi = weaboo
>Gives her maid a japanese name.
>Opens border to Gensokyo

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it was fan-given at first, but then ZUN made Koa's name canon

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yeah, I noted it too, but I was busy with Patchy.
why is she always so erotic?

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I know Koa didn't have a proper name or anything in EoSD, but I admittedly assumed it was made official at some point.

If not, my point with Sakuya at least still stands.

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She is the legendary demon Mukyuni, destroyer of hearts.

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Not really. He called Meiling Chuugoku once, but that doesn't make it canon either. Same with daiyousei.

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"Her Infernal Highness Of The Nine Hells And Six-Hundred-And-Sixty-Six Temptations And Betrayer And Deceiver Of Pious Souls And The Hierodule On The Beast Called Dragon At The Ninth Sun And The Lion On The Grater Whom They Call Shame And Who Reigns Above All In Damnation And Sin And Debauchery For All Time."

Better known as "Little Devil".

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sounds legit to me. the importat is that when I die in gensokyo, she bring me back as vampire.
or another undead, as long its a cool undead.

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...guys please don't tell me you really are taking this test. I was just joking...

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I was halfway through it but then my brain tried to evacuate through my nose.

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What's the point? There are only two to choose from anyway. Might as well just flip a coin.

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I posted it, but didn't have the guts to read more than the title...you sure are a brave one.

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I want to live at the SDM, even if I had to be the lowest servant

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she is sdm's lich and magic specialist. you know how undead seem to be always getting in groups.

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It's different if he calls her like that once and if he calls her like that and then says "This is her official name now!"

Plus, Koakuma and Daiyousei didn't have names before the fanon named them.

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I too think it would be bliss to be a part of the Scarlet household, if even as one of the fairy maids.

Actually the fairy maids have a pretty good life considering they really don't do anything but play around making messes that the head maid cleans up. It really is more like the benevolent Remmy takes in wayward fairies and gives them a home, food, and clothing.

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No. I want to rule the night togheter with my beloved. and if I get to gensokyo, not even death and Shikieki Enma herself will stop me.

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What I'd do to her hips...

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I laughed but realized, shit, that was 17 years ago. How much of /jp/ would even be old enough to get that reference?

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Given that I had to wikipedia your point, a better question is how much of /jp/ would be American enough.

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While I feel the same, I have to think you'd have to earn recognition from Remilia-sama first. Plus, she might not be able to make you one of the Scarlets...

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17 years its a lot of time...I don't know why, but today I feel a strange nostalgia floating on jaypee.
you remember when we dreamt about being the cool guy who saves the anime princess? damn, I feel so old and tired.

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Oh well. sun's up, time to sleep. see you tomorrow /jp/

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...its dusk already?

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I want to take Patchy out for coffee...

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Does it even matter? It isn't like the sun is any more than a nuisance to the vampires of Gensokyo.

You missed out on a day in the orchard with Remmy.

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The SDM must be a wonderfully quiet and relaxing place. I'd eat Mokou's guts just to be an immortal so I could be a blood slave for the vampires. Also does anyone have a pic of an emaciated Patchy with crow's feet?

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>"This is her official name now!"
This is where you need to present evidence.

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>emaciated Patchy with crow's feet
...uh, MumukyuYaga?

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Patchy is full of arsenic, I don't get you guys' obsession with her.

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I don't understand it either. theorically, my favourite touhou is another one...I just can't resist Mukyu.
way too erotic.

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But that's the wonderful bit.

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"This character had initially no official name. Fans have named her Koakuma (小悪魔), meaning "Little Devil" or "Imp". ZUN later confirmed this name in an interview, making it official."
well, at least the wiki says so..

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for those of you who have seen Shiki:

Imagine that story replaced by Touhous, the character parallels (either in appearance and/or personalities and relationships) of the Scarlets/Kirishikis are too great to pass up:

Patchy = Sunako
Remmy = Seishirou
Flan = Chizuru
Sakuya = Tatsumi
Kaokuma = Ebuchi
Meiling = Yoshie
Reimu = Muroi
Mokou = Natsuno
Keine/EX Keine = Tohru/Shiki Tohru
Mystia = Megumi
Eirin = Ozaki
Kaguya = Kyouko
Cirno = Masao
Star Sapphire = Nao

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What's so wonderful about poisonous bodily fluids?

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Exotic bodily fluids are (sometimes shamefully) inherently erotic.

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Yeah, that's my point, what's exotic or erotic about lead and arsenic? It's like finding your detergent erotic.

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That's not a full quote. Let me show you the full quote:

>This character had initially no official name. Fans have named her Koakuma (小悪魔), meaning "Little Devil" or "Imp". ZUN later confirmed this name in an interview, making it official. [Ref. Needed]
>[Ref. Needed]

Even the wiki acknowledges this isn't even verified. And even if it didn't, there's the issue of the entire quote sounding like a giant overinterpretation.

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Everybody had been calling her 小悪魔 for a while before ZUN called her 小悪魔 in an interview (lit. little devil, possibly generic) when somebody asked about her, so it's going to be her name until ZUN decides otherwise, and that's going to be never.