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Would there happen to be a chart of some kind that depicts the bust sizes of all the touhou characters?
or just a majority of them?

Which characters have the largest/smallest bust?
Pic unrelated

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i want a green dog

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i want that bucket.

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yukarin collie is the best

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I fucking love that Unzan.

Also I would really like it if a version of these pictures noting the breed of each dog were made.

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Rinnosuke, Tokiko,who are the other 2?

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Renko and Maribel

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Utsuho is hilarious

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thank you

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>Have you ever seen
>a dog dyed dark green?

For largest bust, I put all my money on Mamizou. Since she doesn't have giant tanuki testicles, she surely has giant tanuki tits instead.

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If you wanted to discuss touhou doggies with us, OP, you could have just asked.

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Who is that between Alice an Prismrivers? Layla

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...I'm baffled...
sage of I don't know anymore

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Touhou ponies, touhou dogs, what's with all this furfaggotry?

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uh, nope, sorry. I just said I was baffled, not that this is bad as ponies.

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Those puppies are so cute

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Sanae is the only girl with canon boobs

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These images have been around a long time...

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man, all them dogs faces look like letty

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or perhaps Letty looks like a dog.