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How should I respond to her flirting?.

- 'Don't ask me!'
- 'I have no idea.'

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"Yeah, mathematically likely. So why contain it?"

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Why would he give in to Asuka's cock lust when she's just going to go back to being a bitch after she's satisfied?

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Hey Asuka, do you think my schwanz 'll get bigger if it's heated?

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>don't know how to flirt a girl

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I think it's kind of strange that the whole point of Evangelion was to make the viewer feel frustrated with the shitty main character not doing anything right. How did it become so popular?

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People empathized with him instead of criticizing him.

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Everytime, he tries to man up and fails. If he was competent from the beginning, the whole thing would be pretty boring.

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because nice trips

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typical /jp/er

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Who gives a shit go back to /a/. Reported.

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In the end they'll beg us to save them.