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What do the breasts of a human female feel like?

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Like bags of sand.

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A soft container of honey brewed by the gods

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bags of sand

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Lifelike texture ;_;

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Who wants breasts when you can have over 20 lbs of ass and pussy?

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That meme is stale.

Now back to your play pen. >>>/a/

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I hope you didn't seriously expect serious replies in this kind of thread.

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Boring, honestly.

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Yeah, it's pretty underwhelming. It feels like any other part of the body, except there's no hair. The only excitement is fact that it's breasts.

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Hope and dreams.

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Well, big part of the excitement around breasts comes from the fact that it's a taboo enforced without real reason.

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If you hug a girl how much do her breasts squish? Can you feel them push into you?

I need to know for my dakimakura.

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So America in short?

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bags of tits

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They feel like soft and puffy bags of flesh. Warm and soft. Grab your own tits and give them a squeeze. That's basically the same, except girls' are softer and don't have hair on them.

They're wonderful. However, they don't come anywhere near the feel of a girl's lower half. A perfect butt is the miracle of the universe.

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Interesting. I'll have to make the breasts in my dakimakura more soft then since they're kinda firm at the moment.

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Ummm depends on the size, i've had flat chests (of course they had a bit of breast) and they are kind of firm, while bigger cups tend to be soft not much though.

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milk bags of salty coins

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/jp/ scientists have been studying them for years.
So far, results are inconclusive.

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I'd assume they feel like groping a butt. I base this theory on men liking boobs and women liking butts.

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a fat, un-toned butt, maybe. butts are more muscular so they're firmer unless there's a lot of fat on top. breasts on the other hand are just fatty tissue. big ones are far more squishy than any butt i've ever felt.

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Way, way back when I wasn't an insane loner I touched various teenage chests. I find that when you've "Breached the barrier" you don't fetishize them too much. Instead you gain other interests. The tongue, for instance.

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What does a penis feel like?

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I prefer grabbing butts and caressing pussies. I was pretty underwhelmed the first time I squeezed a girl's boobs.

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/r/ more stories.

The idea of touching a boob or dat ass is one of my fetishes.

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You begin.

oh wait lol

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I have hugged girls, girls have hugged my hand, pressed their breasts on my back while leaning on me etc that Ive gotten used to it. Girls are nothing but bitches and whores.

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bags of... water...

[Like bags of sand.]

Fake breasts feel like that.

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That's why I'm asking, nerd.

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Imagine like the roughest stone ever covered in poop.

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Why the fuck do people keep asking this?

They're sacks of flesh. Shave your own flabby ass and grab it if you want to know so bad.

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Touchless virgin here. I bought these but they were kinda disappointing.

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Fill a cloth pouch full of crisco and seal it up. Bam, you have a breast.

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Some feel really squishy and nice, like jelly.

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and the texture?

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pretty much the same as an onahole

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Depends on the breast, but for a young woman's medium-sized breast, the top part is smooth and warm on the surface, soft when you squeeze it, and under that there's the firmer mammaries. It feels like a nice pillow if you rest your head on it.

A bit, but there's a limit to that. The top layer of fat is soft, but then come the mammaries and that's kind of the limit and it doesn't get any more squished. Also depends on the bra, there are soft ones that are basically just a thin cloth that the breast is surrounded by, and then there's more supportive ones that can be quite hard (they've been moulded to a shape with heat, and the shape doesn't give in too much due to the shaping padding inside). And there's everything in between, of course - that's the kind of bras most women have.

For fatter or older women, there's more softness. For young and flat ones, less. Sadly, soft equals droopy in breasts: the firm, hard tissue is what holds the breast up.

Due to these individual factors and the kind of clothing, the feeling can vary greatly. It can feel really soft, or quite hard/firm.

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Oh, and I forgot one more thing: it also matters whether the woman is wearing the right size. It's a trend these days, especially for young women, to wear a too small bra to create cleavage. This pushes the breast to the girl's chest, creating a more hard feeling, like it's already squished down to the mammaries. It takes away all the softness, since the poor breasts have too little space...

90-95% of women wear the wrong size, though, so this can happen with any woman technically. Too large cups don't create the same kind of problem, though you might feel yourself pressing against her bra rather than her boob first.

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That sounds nice.

Who needs one of those expensive therapeutic pillows when you can just sleep on breasts.

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I don't know but I felt a girls hand today.

How could it be that soft compared to men, how does that even make sense...

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On a serious octave, why is this thread still here?