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Is this My Little Pony?

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I can see her pantsu~

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The japanese vesion

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i dislike ponyshit
but this is good

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Why would a horse wear panties when they have a tail for that?
Also, where're her udders?
Not little enough.

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Thread ruined. Everybody go home.

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>loli centaur

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Stop posting.

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Why? You're all always so angry and hateful towards one another.
It seems to me like /jp/ needs a bit of friendship magic.

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Are there any scenes where she rides the MC?

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>Ponyshit trying to teach shit about friendship to the bro-as-fuck niggas

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Is the cg pack out?
brb, searching

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Ponyfuckers are the scum of the Earth.

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MLP sucks

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have some ponyshit then

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That's amazing.

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This game's level was too high even for a monstergirl enthusiast such as me.
Tincan sex, I mean what.

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Is there an uncensored version?

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Fuck, you fucking fucks. Its 2 in the morning and in an hour its time for me to go jogging. Now im going to be imagining this creature born from the pits of hell while im out there alone.

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No cg sets out. I'm a sad panda.

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I really do not understand monster girls, the current boom they’re going through, or people who are fans of them. You’re all crazy.

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Shut up moogy.

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There really isn't a "boom" its just that a monster girl game was translated. Unless you one company focusing on monster girl titles as being a boom. You see nagas, harpies & sometimes centaurs in jrpgs a lot, so thats what you tend to see art of.

I like monster girls, but only when they're still mostly human. Too bestial isn't really my thing.

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Yeah there is.

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Now this is how you draw decent monster girl porn.

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It would be awesome if you would share,anon!

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>There really isn't a "boom" its just that a monster girl game was translated.
Do you even know how many monster girls professional and doujin games are being produced when before there were basically none?

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You tell me, I'm not exactly a huge fan of the genre.


VNDB isn't all encompassing, but its still mostly vanadis.

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Okay now i am going to need the name of this.
I have yet to read about sticking things into a horse.

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Monmusu quest was the 2011 best selling doujin title. Two companies focusing on monstergirls was unthinkable just a couple of years ago, and Vanadis has steadily being growing in quality which means it has the support of buyers. More and more doujin games are featuring fuckable monsters and published material like doujins and kenkou cross books is growing too.
You can't really judge if there's a boom or not from translations.

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Or you could image search the pics on e-hentai like I did.

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>Sexing with Ultra(wo)man
>Sexing with a metal cylindrical robot alien thingie

What the hell is up with this game.

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>Demi furry girl is actually kind of cute and not as weird as the other-
>She has a penis.

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プリンセスX ~僕の許嫁はモンスターっ娘!?~
Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~

Just released days ago

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Yeah, that thing made me say wtf, pic related, it's their tender loving, also kind of want to play the game now.

The centaur's route is weird, you usually don't see much lovey-dovey bondage/fisting from japan.

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>Stick your penis completely into the tiny vagina of your sister? who transformed? into a tiny fairy? like Tinkerbell from fucking Peter Pan.

>Her body is too small so your penis makes her abdomen protrude out like she's pregnant.

>Come inside her.

Alright. That's it. I'm done. Good night.

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What the fuck.

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Purest form of love

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He is breaking her metal hymen.

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I'm sold.

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ok, now this isn't even remotely close to abnormal anymore. It's gone over the edge and hit abyss already. Tell me, what the fuck is going on in people's heads.

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Even monster girl fans don't know what the fuck this game was supposed to be, the 2ch thread is full of people going what the fuck.

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So... that tin can has a route?
Well, i'll be damned.

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I think it's pretty damn entertaining though. The rattlesnake-lamia trying to make you eat a live chicken head first is a nice running gag.

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Yeah, the common route was pretty funny and that's why I ws looking forward to the game so much, but once you enter a route the drama is pretty mediocre, if not outright bad the "power of lies" ending had me literally facepalm.

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Looks like her skirt wasn't long enough to hide a horse.

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>non-humanoid robot lovin'

It seems I've found a new favorite game.

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Not seeing links to cg here guys.

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there's your link >>7919931
you lazy fatass

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CG set http://exhentai.org/g/414440/10e52eccc9/
So who the HELL is this girl?

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This thread, man.

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Do not want.

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>Snake body
What is that even supposed to be.

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A Succunake?

A Snacubus?

Your answers as good as the creators probably.

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A Nazi robot loli from the south pole.

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Oh wow

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Shes the sister of the robot.

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It's a Lilith probably, or that's what I've seen commonly with demon snakes. The rest of the features are just so generically demon it would be a shame to leave them out.

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Did i just read a futanari tag on this?..
So we have horse females, strange bat snakes..Big cylinder robot girls..And also a heroine with a penis?

..Time to fucking download.

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Is it weird that my first thought was on how fucking impractical and hard it is for her to put those panties on?

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Holy shit digimons with armored T-rex heads were so awesome.