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Think of a Touhou.

You say "suck my cock dude" to her

What happens next?

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Sanae coz shes slutty as HELL XD

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I die.

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she doesn't understand filthy barbaric languages.

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Next she sucks my cocks.

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Depends of a Touhou. Rumia woul probably bite your dick off. But Sanae would suck it without hesitation.

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I am going to regret this..

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Great joke!

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Oh! you are horny!?
Sorry for not noticing!
Give me one minute and i will create something for you to fix that problem.

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I get beaten up. Then we drink tea afterwards and act as if it was just a silly joke.

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"You first"

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make it rough

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Suck my dick you say? hooh? arent you a brave one..
Well if you want to suck on MY dick that badly Anon-san i guess i will let you just this once~

I should probably mention..I am quite big compared to most humans..
And if you spill even a little of my precious juice without swallowing it all..

Well..Lets just say that having your lungs filled with sunflowers is something most humans dont survive..

Now..Get down on those knees like a good girl..Or in this case is it boy? ufufu..

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suck my HELL, Sanae
LOL! slutty as HELL! well, HELLp yourself~!

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Idiot! Don't go around saying things like that so casually!

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She wouldn't say anything or even look in my direction. She might roll her eyes with her back facing me but that's about it. She'd still help me out, I think.

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You never cease to amuse me.

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"You...You don't respect me anymore, Anon?

...Just go to hell."

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I get a keystone to the face.

"Suck on that."

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>Im sorry, but Sanae-san is soo beutiful. I cant stop thinking about Sanae-san. And I would like Sanae-san to.make me feel good. Or maybe Sanae-san wants to feel good too?

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My dick is sucked by a dude.

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"Eehh? But blowjobs are so much effort.. can't you just thrust in and out of my mouth while I lay there for you?"

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I can explain it was just a joke!

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Sorry Yuuka, no homo~.

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All of them?

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Ok but would you be willing to show me your big tits. They look awesome.

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Insta boner.

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You shouldn't have done that...

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"Wait let me fi-"
"But i"

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I just had a thought.

Remilia would be really, really bad at giving blowjobs. Erections are caused by filling the penis with blood, and it would be in her mouth... Yeah, this can't end well. At all.

Not that my lovely ojou-sama would do something lewd like that.

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it's inadvisable to request blowjobs from vampires. Unless that's what you're into

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"Sure thing! I've been absolutely famished. You better give me lots!"

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>You say "suck my cock dude" to her

I'd just get thrown somewhere to explode.

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Ah, y-you first.

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Is that so?
Well, why not?
Go ahead, stick it in the darkness of my mouth~

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>I wrote that post and then felt like fapping to Remilia blowjob
>I went and re-read that exact doujin you just posted.

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Not if you fuse with another Prinny.

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I suck her cock.

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>read that exact doujin


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Knives, knives everywhere.

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>What happens next?

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Keine would never do something so shameless!

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Kogasa wouldnt argue. She would do anything to strenghten her existence

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She'd surprise you by biting it off or something.

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Well, drop your pants!

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Yeah, you drop your pants, and she will take a photo of your penis and post it on /b/

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Are you new? Do you seriously think that posting anything in /b/ is worth at all?

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> Are you new?

What's the point of asking that? No, really. I'd like to know your responses to "yes" and "no".

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He was making a joke, anon.

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What have you just said? Repeat it! Fuckin repeat it!

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>He was making a joke

Well, no shit sherlock.

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I don't think she'd say anything.

She'd just "kyu" and you'd go boom.

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I don't think she knows what that is considering she's been locked in all her life.

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Watch out bitch, here comes some canon.

Spellcard rules, she can't kill you, but she can making non-living things explode

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So she attacks you with spellcards, you get your ass kicked, and as per the rules, the winner gets do do what she wants with the loser.

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Wait, wait! Thats not what i meant!

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Yeah, they'll have to call Reimu over to punish the people who break the spellcard rules. But then she'll learn that you told her to suck your cock and she'll ruin it suicide by stupidity and call it a day.

Tea and cake for everyone.

>If victorious against a human, you may not kill them.

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Yeah, they'll have to call Reimu over to punish the people who break the spellcard rules. But then she'll learn that you told her to suck your cock and she'll rule it as suicide by stupidity and call it a day.

Tea and cake for everyone.

>If victorious against a human, you may not kill them.

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Nope, sorry, the rules were made to stop murder. You can be killed if you're from the outside world and just crossed the barrier by accident and a hungry youkai eats you, according to the books.

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Nothing has been mentioned on the matter of whether the rules are ''breakable'' (or any of that Reimu and Yukari coming to get you), it's pretty clear they're more than just ink on a paper. Two examples are Utsuho using danmaku despite wanting to burn and kill everything and everyone, and Byakuren knowing and having spellcards despite being sealed in for millenia without knowledge of her surroundings.

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>her face when

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There's a hidden clause that says the spellcard rules only apply to girls.

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"Suck it yourself.

And how did you know I was a guy?"

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>You can be killed if you're from the outside world
Well, there you go.

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It's specified that basically what you need to have is ability to shoot danmaku, after the spellcard rules every being inside Gensokyo adquired the ability magically and if in doubt one can visit Reimu to properly configure the patterns and beauty of one's spellcards, according to the books. And that's just what happens to those who get in by accident and managed to avoid getting eaten.

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