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"Hiiiiiiiiii! How are you? Hmmm? How was your day?"

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All days are equally frustrating ever since Mima stopped appearing in touhou.

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Master, are you snorting coke again ?

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Anyone else here feeling...sexy?

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Where have you been? We missed you!
(Actually, its probably just me)

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No you old withered antique hag. Go away so I can sleep.

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I feel great because

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>A f-female! Smiling at me like that! I'm no used to this.....

Especially THAT female....

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Mommy has been very busy, but don't think I forgot about you! Mommy still loves her snuggly little NEETypie very much!

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Brought a goofy smile to my face....

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HAHAHAHAHAHA, stop it Ran, you're killing me.

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Oh! Did I embarrass you?

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old hag

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Stop shikigami abuse! Join the campaign today!


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gap your face over here and suck my cock dude

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What has everyone's experience been like with Boarder Inc.?

I thought their customer service sucked.

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I'd like to invite Yukari over and cook her a nice, delicious homecooked meal and then share a bottle of chianti with her.

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yukari seems like she would be more of the old-fashioned aging plutocrat wife, constantly loading up on vodka and pills

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Out of business ;_;

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I would do the same thing. Except I would pick a table to site on that only has legs. So then I would slowly move myself and the chair back, and then just casually take out my cock while we are eating. Obviously she has never seen a cock before but she'll know it's something sexual. Then while she gets redder and redder, I'll just fap until she can't take it anymore.

And then we have some tea and I pretend like nothing happened if she asks.

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Ego death.

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Hi there, Yukari, Ran. Remeber that threesome night we had some time ago? Cant wait for another occasion to show you some more of my tongue skills.

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Today's my 19th birthday and I have no presents, friends or family.

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We are at the same age then.

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prffff slowpokes go die already

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I wish you a happy birthday, Anonymous.

I never do anything special for my birthday, but I hope yours is a pleasant one.

Please enjoy this Yukari picture for the wrong holiday.

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Also birthdays make me feel bad. It feels like I'm closer to dying than anything. I was blissfully happy and I was not even aware that I was 20 until a few weeks when a family member called me and asked me how old I was.

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That's the face I would imagine she would have. Oh sweet heavens I would do anything to see her like that and I'm probably the shyest, most timid person I know.

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A-Anon-san, what's that thing you got there?

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You mean, t-that's your...

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it's been HELLa crappy, i'm hungry as HELL and am waiting for the growseries T__T

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You... you wanna stick that where?

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I-I don't know, Anonymous....

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>yukkari hides out in your closet watching you masturbate.png

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Can I post NSFW images here, even if it's a blue board? It's we're browsing this board at jobs right?

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If you have to go lewd, spoiler it. Not just for jobs but for people who don't want to see it. Besides why would you browse any board here when you risk getting fired or reprimanded for it? It's just beyond stupid and I would feel no pity for those people.

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Stop that you guys, I know it will never happen and that makes me very sad. I'm also aroused and that is a problem.

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