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Left or right?

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Left AND right.

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Kill left
Fuck right

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kill right
fuck the shit out right

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Both, and their master that is out of the frame but still there.

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kill both
fuck the corpses

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Right is right

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Pat left on the head.

Make passionate love to right for weeks.

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Oh, Reisen I, I love you so much~

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When there are only bad choices, which choice do you make?

Picking one of them is like voting. It ends up shit no matter what you do.

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Reisen obviously.

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Right. Left is a monster.

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Typical two-party system victim.

One solution

Rabbit revolution

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I dont think I can make any of them happy.
Iam not worhy of them.

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Why do they have exactly the same name and even the same race? This is annoying.

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Happy? Right would settle for neutral, honestly.

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This. You'd make Reisen more than happy if you even let her breathe while fucking her.

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She just needs a hug

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>What are you doing there, Reisen? Haha, don't tell me you're planning on going somewhere soon!!

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What do you see when you look in her eyes?

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>Y-Yeah, I'm going to the playground to meet someone tonight!

Reisen spent the night in the playground alone and caught a cold the next day.

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"Hey! You still don't own a Sega CD?"

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It also rained on her the whole way back

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What would you do if you found Reisen, shivering and crying and alone, at a playground in the middle of the night?

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Oh god, stop it.

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Call the cops.

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Wondering what the hell am I doing out this late near a playground when the area I am in is known for muggings. I'd high tail it.

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>You know... I've had enough, I can't take this any more. Even if I return, they'll make me work while sick until I faint... again.
>It's not like the mansion can't function without me
>Besides, I can be replaced too
>so... bye-bye

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No not yet!!!! You haven't made my sandwich yet!!!!!

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>BGM: For What It's Worth

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NO! Stop it! Stop it right now!
Replaced?! Did you crazy yourself and not notice? You're so strong and beautiful and smart...though I must be wrong about that last bit if you think anyone could EVER replace you...
Your life looks like shit, I know...but don't go shooting yourself without trying to DO something about it first!

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>50 years

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Right. I love Reisen so muuuuch.

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Look at all those faggots, thinking Gensokyo is some happylight place where nobody gets hurt.


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Ffffffuuuuuuuuck yooooouuuuuuu!

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Don't be like that, I really like Reisen too.

She has something that compels me to bully her.

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>50 years old.

Whoa, she's old and busted.

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Why is everyone so cruel to Reisen? What did she ever do to them?

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Hey, yo, Rayson!! Bring me some mo' Fritos!!!!

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Cuddle both.

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>She has something that compels me to bully her.
That's no excuse to help make her life a living hell.

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As always, the character that is used for recurring jokes gets thought of as a hapless depressed victim by its fans.

Take it easy people.

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I was referring to Tewi.
If you bully her too, though, you can be a bitch too.

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as well as an occasional target for ptsd

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But that's what Reisen is. Don't try to sugarcoat it.

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Cuddling with her must be heavenly.

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The more we talk about Reisen in this thread, the sadder IotM&IotE strips seem ;_;

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No, that's what you want her to be so that she fits your criteria of a deep, grim character, which Touhou is not and even the creator himself says that everything in it is silly and shouldn't be taken seriously.

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so /jp/ is filled with tvtropes people?

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IotM&IotE is pretty happy-go-lucky. I like Reisen when she is happy, and her punishments often get too out of hand.

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Have you all forgotten that Lunarians dislike Earth humans because we're supposedly 'impure'? I'm sure Reisen shares that sentiment as well.

Also mootykins, what is up with Hebrew appearing in my captcha?

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Once I'm a wizard in Genoskyo, I will fuck up everyone who even thinks of harming Reisen.

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Those who choose to live on the earth become impure themselves.

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I never said she (or Touhou in general) should be grimdark.

But it's still unfair that she takes all the shit.

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Because I am extremely shallow, I'm only attracted to her power and its applications

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Pretty high-tier power, if you ask me. Reisen is really underrated in that aspect, she's even a Stage 5 boss and almost nobody remembers.

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>Nobody remembers
I'll always remember.

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Come on, stop dumping so fast, you're making threads die in less than two hours.

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Are you even listening?

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Botspamming really is so soulless.

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Jeez, are you even there? Or are you away from the computer altogether?

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Doesn't seem to be,others might want to share the bunnygirl love. I guess we can discuss what we like about the Perfect Bunny girl when the spam dies down. They could at least nokosage.

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I don't get it, is he doing this on purpose?

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sage activated

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some /jp/anon made a ranking of touhou characters by the number of nsfw images they've got among sfw images, and the winner was you Reisen.
i love you Reisen. i wish i could hug you gently. :<

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Stop doing this! Why are you killing the thread?

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one day i will kill myself because i can not hug her close, kiss her softly and tell her everything will be alright as she cries into my chest

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14 posts remain
halting for unknown period of time

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That's cool, but can you slow the dumping down?

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man. the images are loading up so slowly..
also, here's reisen (83).jpg. its the best touhou image that i've ever seen.

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No idea. The bright side is that if there is a Reisen thread there will be another one in a week or so. Then everyone will be tired of dumping a mixture of 300 or so images then they die down for a bit.

Last time I tried that I hallucinated in the hospital with her telling me to wait to die. Nasty stuff, those on the other side do care about you living.

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that image is far too colorful

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But I don't want one thread full of automated dumping for two hours every week. Is that too ridiculous a request?

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Plus the guy is blatantly ignoring me like I'm trolling or something.

I just want my Reisen thread to last longer ;_;

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Stop, stop, stop! Don't just dump, talk!

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I can't tell if Reisen's the cool, collected type or meek and lovey-dovey in fanon.

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Cool and collected Reisen with a fun and somewhat goofy side is how I like her.

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she is a combination of meek and lovey dovey in addition to being cool and collected when she must be serious

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>killing myself
you should reconsider that man.
after months of thinking about how to enter gensokyo, i've reached a conclusion that there's more chance by keep on living than by killing myself.

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Yes, it certainly is all over the place... but I like her as >>7917765 stated as well.

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Who is the touhou to the left?

>> No.7917789

Reisen. No, really.

>> No.7917790

it is reisen

>> No.7917795

Reisen. To be politically correct, the one of the right is Udongein because she goes by the Earth name she was given by Eirin

>> No.7917820


Why does she have short hair? Is this canon,or at least based on official touhou?

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You guys are jerks! I'm going to bed.

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Ah, found her:

>> No.7917837


>> No.7917835

Read "Silent Sinner in Blue" off of the Touhou wiki. Then read "Cage in Lunatic Runagate" and finish it off with "Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth". That should have everything you need/would like to know about Reisen and Reisen 2.0

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When I see Reisen threads, at first I feel joy, but then remember that it will probably have many posts about her being mistreated and that makes me depressed.
I want to help her but I can't ;_;

>> No.7917943

you can help her in your heart
imagine that you are holding her and she is holding you back under the moon on a snowy night

>> No.7917951

If only you people didn't think of her as a miserable and depressed slave, when she actually was the one who wanted to live with Kaguya in Gensokyo even while being Eirin's student and having to do chores.

It's not like she's sad about it, she's quite cheery and proud of her work, whenever Tewi doesn't screw her day and gets her into trouble.

>> No.7917961

>whenever Tewi doesn't screw her day and gets her into trouble.
But that happens all the time.

>> No.7917979

She's cheery and proud of her work during the time Tewi doesn't ruin the day.

Something about pleasing her master's expectations was also mentioned I think.

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You like Travel, right?

>> No.7918147

I'd like anything as long as Reisen is by my side~

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You can imagine Udongein by your side at any time. Simply close your eyes, and hear her coming home, and she hugs you from behind as a surprise. You smell her soft scent as she says "I'm hooome~" to you, and you turn and hug her back.
Later after dinner, when lying in bed, close your eyes and feel her holding you close, feel her kiss goodnight to you, return the favor, and fall asleep in her arms, while her brilliant smile pierces your heart with love.

>> No.7918391

kill left
mutilate right
fuck right's eye socket.

>> No.7918385

Pssh, whatever.

>> No.7918393

why do you post things like that
I was hoping to not cry myself to sleep today

>> No.7918518

you made me feel worse because my pessimistic mind knows this will never happen.


>> No.7918522

you simply don't have enough faith
it doesn't matter if it happens in reality, but it happens in your mind and heart, and there, it is as real as day

>> No.7918537

Sorry, but my self esteem is low enough that I do not think Reisen, or any female for that matter, would want to do THAT with me. From a third person perspective I know consider it strange and wrong when I imagine myself with a female (be it 2D or not.)

See? Even in my own fantasies I'm not safe.

>> No.7918545

she knows about your self-esteem, but she still wants to help you out and love you with all her might, repairing your broken soul
even if you feel you don't deserve it, she disagrees, and will help you understand

>> No.7918561

Stop projecting on my smug Touhous.

>> No.7918564

Touhous can feel love too. They don't need to be just smug, silly, crazy... they can feel the many emotions any human can

>> No.7918569


Man, now that makes me feel bad about any bad thoughts I've ever had.

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One day I'll learn to be the perfect husband for her.