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You're only jealous that Sanae has sucked more dicks than you.

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Whoops, forgot my sage.

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Sage doesn't even do anything.

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I'm not gay or anything, but if I ever had to suck a dick, I think I'd do just fine.

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HELL naw i'm not, those who are tho are GAY GAY GAY =__=I|I

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that's because sucking dick is really easy

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I am not jealous!
I'm sure i will also have a chance to suck on a million dicks one day!
..Okay so i am jealous.

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tell us more

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well if you've ever eaten a large carrot or cucumber hole its like that but without the teeth.

also even if you just lick it will give them pleasure, some even prefer licking over the sucking sensation

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HELL yea i am, those who aren't are GAY GAY GAY =__=I|I

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you sucked dicks and you are male?

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no I'm a femanon

I don't do it very often though

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tell us more

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I don't want to suck dicks though.

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females on my jp?
i think ill leave this board

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Dick sucking thread?

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Don't hit on me.

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Great now I have a semi.

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Best C80 release.

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>That censor bar.
Thank god that was censored, i could have been offended

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I'd only suck a dick if it was ishikei or nise drawing it or something. They're really nice

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That is one seriously delicious looking dick.
I would gladly suck it.
No homo.

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This thread would have been immediately deleted if I'd have made it.


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Go on~
Im sure you must have more tasty looking dicks in your collection.

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Mmmm, they really look so tasty.
No matter how hard I try, I just can't reach my dick when I try to suck on it myself, sigh.

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>a femanon moving other anons to lust for cocks
Dammit femanon.

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You are the femanon.

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I want to get pummeled for hours by dozens of dicks like that until I break and can't walk for a day.

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I won't be swayed. I've got a mind of steel.

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dicks penetrate steel

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What the hell kind of dicks penetrate steel? Actually, I don't want to know.

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I could easily suck hundreds of dicks. I posted myself in the gay section of craigslist and got many replies. Instead, I decided to get my own dick sucked, though. I only want to give pleasure to my boyfriend (I don't have one yet, though).

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Me in fishnets.

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I swear that artist is in the secret employ of the gay agenda. It's pure straight porn but never fails to make me wish I was the girl taking those beautifully rendered dicks.

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Behind moon draws great dicks.

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We both know you would.

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/jp/ - Faggot Culture

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almost vomited looking at that horrid thing. get out of here with that freak. dicks have balls attached anything else is a mutilated mutation.

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yfw you zoom in that picture and see the warts on the head of her dick...

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ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( cute boys only pls

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Those are pearly penile papules. Please learn you some dicks.

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hmm... yummy

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You're now jealous that your cock doesn't have bumps for increased pleasure.

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Futa sucks. Please post shotacon instead.

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Commence the penises

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Needs short hair. And smaller cock. And more androgynous face.

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What's it like, not being able to autofellate?

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i almost threw up when i saw that. i think i'll have nightmares
also read it thru, it has no innervations, but i bet you're one of the sick fucked up fucks who have that thing on your penis because you don't wash it often. ewww
no one would like to suck on that

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Gotta love being agile~
If you are not, its worth getting into shape for.

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Mine does.

Also this thread needs more trap homosex to drive out the females.

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>more trap homosex to drive out the females
It doesn't work like that.

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There are none here.
..Except maybe that Shino anon.
But that is more of a shemale.

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hah they're very into that, you silly

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I'm sorry; I hate to be that guy, but sauce?

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It's not gay if the dick is on a girl.

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Indeed, but there are testicles there.

Most futa lolis only magically grow dicks.

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It's not gay if you feel like a girl

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It's not gay if you wear a skirt.

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How did you know i was still here?
You some sort of wizard?

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Helloooo sexehhhhh layydeeeee

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Its a penis thread.
I figured you would still be around, you always stick around for those..

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Speaking of females, I wonder where that gal who wanted to impregnate another girl has drifted to.

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I'm pretty much always on /jp/, but there's no real reason to constantly bring up my one-note fetish.

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I don't see how you guys can fantasize about sucking off little boys. Little boys are meant to be fucked, they're too passive to be on top. If you tried sucking the dick of a little boy (which would incidentally be tiny, probably smaller than your own dick), he'd be resistant at first, only gradually submitting to the pleasure, until he would surrender and let you do all the work, and you'd just be wrapping your lips around his small shota cock until his hips starts shaking a little, your hear some girly moans, and feel a small load being deposited in your mouth. After swallowing, you'd look up and see him lying there, completely exhausted and breathing heavily.

If you suck of a futa, however.. You'd be overwhelmed seeing that huge dick in front of you, wondering if you'd even manage to fit it in your mouth. Somehow, you'd manage to get it in, inch by inch, but feeling overwhelmed by the huge presence inside of you. The girl might be a little shy at first if she's never done it before, but her sexual instincts would take over, and soon she'd be grabbing your hair and pushing you further towards her cock and making it impossible to pull it out, even if you wanted to. By the time she's ready to cum, she would, completely without warning, shove it as deep down your throat as she could, and with your face pressed tightly to her crotch, you'd feel her thick, warm sperm invading your throat and filling up your stomach. When she finally finishes, she lets go, and you can finally pull away and get some fresh air. She starts apologizing for getting carried away, and when you look up, you see that she's blushing for showing such a side to you. Overwhelmed by how adorable she is, you get up from your knees and hug her tightly. At which point you notice something hard pressing against you and realize that her boner still hasn't gone down at all.

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Glad to see you're with us, comrade.

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How would fucking them compare?

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4Chan turns you gay.
True story.

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4Chan turns you gay.
True story.

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What about that one female from the "what does it feel like to be cummed inside?" thread?
Might of been a guy pretending to be a women but this person was describing what it feels like when someone cums in your vagina.

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Naturally /jp/ is the only place for a person so disconnected with reality as myself.

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I thought so too. But I've become mostly resistant to it nowadays.

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Indeed. Just remember:
You will never impregnate another girl


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I'll trade you for the ablity to be impregnated.

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>that feel when i met the most beautiful woman
>and loved her more than she loved me
>and came inside her in order to knock her up and trap her with me
>and then i found out she was a post op transsexual and could never impregnate her
>and she dumped me for an obese black man that helped her change a tire

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this is what you sound like

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>Little boys are meant to be fucked, they're too passive to be on top.

I don't know how it feels to fuck them, but I can tell you that being sucked by them isn't that great either. They lack experience, and are too shy, which makes them slow. I had to finish myself in his mouth after a while. Still, it was a VERY satisfying psychological experience.

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/ /    ヽ ::: \
| (●), 、(●)、 | NO THANK YOU!
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/      
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |.|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: :|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ

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One day, you wake up with your waifu Ruko sleeping on top of you. Her tits are squashed against your chest and her erection is poking you in the thighs. Gently rolling her over onto her back, you can see her morning wood straining against the fabric of her pajamas. You pull down her pants to her knees, causing her rock-hard wang to stand up proudly. For some reason, her thick cock is incredibly arousing, and you can feel your own joystick begin to stiffen. You wrap your hand around Ruko's boypart, feeling its warmth seeping through your skin. You give her shaft a few yanks, but Ruko doesn't stir. At any rate, such an impressive pecker deserves more than a simple handjob. Bringing your face closer to her schlong, you can see a tiny stream of precum bubble up from the head of her shaft. Her sausage looks simply delicious, so you tentatively wrap your lips around the top part of her skin flute.

>> No.7912643

The heat emenating from her knob is hotter than any coffee you've ever drunk; if you were to place some chocolate on her slit, it would quickly melt. Grabbing some leftover Hershey's, you place a pad of chocolate right on her glans; it softens and begins to run down the sides of her love muscle, coating her dong in rich brown goodness. You greedily lick the chocolate off her organ, and the taste is like God cumming into your throat. However, Ruko seems no closer to orgasm then when you woke up. Once again, you place your lips over her prick, not intending to let go until you feel Ruko's cum wash down your throat. Her precum seeps out of her slit, mixing with your saliva to form a thick broth on your tongue. It tastes faintly of barley. Your head bobs up and down as you furiously suck her tool, which is so large and meaty that it pushes rudely against the back of your throat and you nearly gag with each down thrust.

>> No.7912649

You can feel each throbbing vein in her unit with your tongue as you hungrily slobber on her package. Ruko moans a bit in her sleep, and you can feel her unit begin to stiffen further until you're sure you could prop up a house on it. You even rake your teeth against her firm tonsil tickler. Finally, you can feel her member begin to tremble, but her johnson is so large that it feels like an earthquake rocking your mouth. You can sense her cum rumbling up her custard cannon like a volcano ready to burst. You stand ready to lovingly receive her love juice, but Ruko jerks up and firmly impales your head on her cunt crammer. Her immense strength holds you in place like a vice, and her cum gun's barrel is poised at the entrance to your esophogus. Gallons of cum rush forth from her fishing rod like the Biblical flood, gushing down your throat and quickly filling up your stomach. The taste of barley is overwhemling as the cum backs up into your mouth and enters your sinuses. Her high-pressure lap rocket even forces cum into your intestines and blows it out your ass as your gut simply collapses under the onslaught. Ruko finally lifts your head off of her sperminator, but not before your lungs have been filled to capacity with her barley-flavored cum. Your body begins to convulse with coughing fits while Ruko laughs at your predicament, but the thick cum is simply baked into your lungs. The last thing you hear is Ruko's husky laughter as your mind fades into oblivion.

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Being cummed inside? Already did.
It's sticky, warm and a bit painful, like having hot candle wax poured inside very fast.
2-year faggot here.

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Those euphemisms are hilarious

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Good job ruining this thread fags.

>> No.7912698

Your point is?
I know what I wrote.

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>Good job making this thread awesome fags

You're welcome.

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Why can't this be true.
Fuck this gay earth.

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did that really happen

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yes, he gave her hepatitis and now she has chronic lock jack

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>lock jack

what a tragedy

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Sanae is now the first Touhou which has a voice other than my own in my elaborate asberger-induced fantasies.