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You hit my weak point. It's hard for me to resist Eirin, I still haven't quite figured out why.

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Ummm... I like your b-butt, Eirin. I also like the way you painted your toenails...

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What's your favorite colors?

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I don't see what my favorite colors have to do with it. Although she is wearing them. She's not even one of my favorite Touhous but there's something about her...

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b-back that ass up

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Only Touhou of whom ZUN art I fapped to.

Eirin, so good.

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BBA alert

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i'd like to charge towards Eirin

then when i reach her butt i would deliver the biggest and most powerful slap ever released in history of mankind on her butt while her butt starts to wobble like lewd jelly

then i would invite her a cup of tea

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How does Erin paint her toenails? Blue on one foot and red on the other?

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How does Erin paint her toenails? Blue on one foot and red on the other?

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...is incredibly arousing to even think.

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Since I can't do it too I sent all my slap-energy to you. To it for me, do it for all of us.

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Oh no!

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Two different sets of nail colors is now a new fetish of mine.

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That's pretty damn hot. I'd be too shy to do it myself though. Hell I'd be too shy to ask her to join me for tea let alone talk about anything. Oh well.

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I want to sew Eirin's dress back together, while playfully inquiring whether she's been eating too many sweets lately for this to happen, to which she'd blush and desperately deny.

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Poor woman has been having a lot of wardrobe malfunctions lately.

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Why is Eirin so sexual? She's my favorite touhou for that.

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What if you accidentally pierce her butt while trying to sew it? You're not going to tell you are a master craftsman now are you?

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You'd hear her sweet pitched moan if you did that, it would be a gift descent from the heavens.

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I could NEVER bring myself to slap a female on the buttocks. I just cannot fathom that they would want someone like me doing that.

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She'd just poke him back, of course.

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>pierce her butt
I wouldn't mind doing that either.

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Seems like a strange reason to pick a favorite Touhou. But I admit she is attractive for some unexplainable reason.

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She's ready to pump that aphrodisiac into her victim.

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She doesn't need aphrodisiacs with a body like that. She should focus on other types of drugs.

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