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>Mamizou : Oh my, can it be that you know not of the sea?
>Reimu : No, well, I saw it once. On the moon.

SSib is still canon.

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Didn't read it.

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It always was.

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>SSib is still canon.
I didn't think there was anyone who didn't consider it canon.

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Why would I not consider the most action-packed Touhou arc "not canon"?

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Why would I not consider the most action-packed Touhou arc canon?

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I never understood that page. Did something happen to Patchouli because if I remember right she's pretty much the same afterwards.

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One of these days I'm going to read it. It seems great on every level ever.

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It's good until the moonbitches come out of nowhere and curb-stomp the entire cast in the blink of an eye.

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Eirin had charmed the rocket to arrive to its destination without problems. Here she's threatening to assassinate Patchy in case she knows another way to get to the Lunar Capital. If Patchy did know another way, that would mean the Moon would be exposed to an Earth attack.

Personally, this (along with all other moments of Eirin inside the SDM) is my favorite moment in almost all Touhou. It's the most actually tense and potentially dark the series has ever got, including all the games.

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Technically, Reimu could suicide-win, but now I'm entering DEEBEEZEE territory, so I'll shut up.

It's funny because Moonbitches are the only opponents ZUN could never make a game out of, they're the epitome of killjoy when it comes to danmaku

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>he mad

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Ah it makes more sense now. Thanks. I should probably give it another read since it's been a while.

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Damn, I was trying to forget that SSiB existed.

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Well, now I'm sure the next Touhou will be set in a marine environment. That quote was the last straw.

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But why?

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>sameface syndrome
so what? This is not One Piece

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Excuse me, what?

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they arr rook same

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You're a faggot.

And an even greater one for even mentioning one piss

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Moonbitches are the worst Touhou characters.

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Umi da~

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Touhou 14 will take place in Atlantis. You heard it here first.

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SSiB was great up untill like chapter 10

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>wan piss
worst manga ever or worst manga ever?

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There is no sea in gensokyo

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They made a pool to counter that.

Atlantis is inside the pool.

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I always wondered what Quality Control was about. Cause I made a really crappy thread back when I was new on /jp/ and he posted saying it was a QUALITY THREAD. Does he say that at every crap thread, or did I accidentally really make a good thread back then?

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>One Piece
>not Bleach

Everyone in OP looks retarded.
Everyone in Bleach is the same person, with different hair.

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SSiB is actually a prologue to Yukari's invasion to Atlantis

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So does this thread mean I'm the only person who didn't like the whole 'invading the Moon' thing and thought it was un-Touhouish?

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Nah, the ending is touhou enough.

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Softest tail.
Chen agrees, don't bother her about it.

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What if SSiB was written by Chado?

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Then I wouldn't have read it.

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What are you doing, Eirin, that's not how you use arrows.
Unless you're Legolas.

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It's probably poisoned or something.

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You're not alone. It's kind of reversed though because even during such an important everyone remains calm and rather peaceful. The lunarians don't shoot on sight despite being told that someone would invade. The rocket travellers don't overwhelm the lunarians by attacking all at once but take turns and wait patiently. Yukari goes for a little walk, Yuyuko and Youmu only steal a bottle of sake.

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Well, I think ZUN doesn't like drama.

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Do you know what? I actually like the moonbitches for what they do.

While Gensokyo is locked in a cold war between a bunch of insanely powerful beings, the Lunarians are a society that actually has got their shit together. Super advanced tech, genetic engineering, etc.

It's confirmed that there are some extremely powerful beings out there (Yama's bosses, the Dragon, etc) and having the main cast lose is an interesting twist.

It's not like they got curb stomped anyway. They even say that Sakuya/Marisa could have won.

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Also, Yukari outright beat Toyohime in a battle of trickery.

Still, the Watatsukis proved to be worthy adversaries.

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Moonbitches were uninteresting as fuck. They could have been amusing antagonists, but they just come off as pompous, arrogant cunts.

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>pompous, arrogant cunts.
You mean they are like every other Touhou character ever?

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>They even say that Sakuya/Marisa could have won
When did they say that?

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>It's not like they got curb stomped anyway.
Yes they did.

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They aren't the only ones though, isn't Suika kinda arrogant too from her IaMP dialogue?

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I thought the next Touhou game is supposed to be about holy war with Miko vs Byakuren

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They fight over Atlantis.

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So, underwater holy war?

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Underwater Ray Romano

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I think the problem is the arrogant ones get their shit pushed in from the ensuing danmaku battle, but in SSiB, moonbitches dominate everyone, and only slightly look like fools at the end.

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>get their shit pushed in from the ensuing danmaku battle
That still leaves Suika (and Reimu when she's playable).

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Suika should have gone to the moon.

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Didn't she break the moon once?

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Broke the illusion, or sky, or whatever you want to call what hides the true moon.

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Wasn't that Yukari?

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Oh, never read that one.

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Piccolo, tell my son that I love him.

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Eirin the assasin.

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Patchouli-sama doesn't even put her book down. Useless moonhag doesn't stand a chance.

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Patchouli only playing around woth you, her book NOT EVEN DROP

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I laughed.

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The Watatsukis weren't even playing fair, they were countering danmaku on a conceptual level instead of trying to dodge.

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It wasn't even a danmaku fight- they just used their tech/ineherent abilities to cheese a win.

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Oh lawd, it was mastubatory bullshit to the max, right down to Reimu being the only one to mount a decent challenge because lolmaincharacter.

Seriously I just want to read a story with a nano-augmented NASA astronaut punching moon bitches in THE FACE.

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Zun please add Watatsuki sisters in the next "hisoutensoku" or whatever the fuck you plan to add. Actually, add eirin too so we can go beating her for a whole hour.

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Fucking Namek arc

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so why are they doing a manga about the lunarians ? can't they focus on the rest of the touhou cast ?
I don't read it since i'm not really interested about Alpha moonbase and ducktales level about the moon.

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Ran is canon warmest. Reimu agrees.

Also, mamizou's tail looks like a giant piece of poop.

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Forgive my ignorance, but is there any official english release of this available? I like owning reading my manga in physical form and I don't know moonrunes.

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You look like a giant piece of poop.

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I'm not sure, but looks like you're better off just downloading it.

On an unrelated note, why did all the formal clothes from SSiB go unnoticed by the fandom? Remi's dress was sex.

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And so was Yuyuko's.

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Evil, nasty, racist bunny rapists

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Yuyuko destroying the entire Touhou fanbase.

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Moonfags mad as HELL at Yuyuko's superior stealth skills.

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So it's canon that every Touhou has the same face, then? Gensokyo is pretty crazy.

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Really, pay some more attention.

Anyway, talking to rabbits in broad daylight isn't what I would call stealth skills.

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So why didn't the mooners stop her? Too busy rubbing one out over a photo of EIRIN?

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Somebody so adorable could never be a thread.

Or so it seemed...

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No, really, I'm dumb. What am I missing?

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Post >>7910284 wasn't intending to express anything about Yuyuko's character in particular. He was just making a remark about how the specific dialogue in question relates to /jp/.

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They were taken in by Yuyuko's adorableness. Somebody like that could never break into your house and steal your sake.

Or maybe they were just too busy exercising with their new pets.

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I really feel like a fucking idiot right now.

I guess I'm too focused to the fact that there's no fanart of that dress to remember the text in that page.

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I still haven't read it because while it sounds pretty great I can't stand to see the main characters lose

I know its shit but I love them being cocky invincible bastards that only occasionally lose to each other

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Eirin was even worried whether they could cope out on their own or not. That's how useless the Moonbitches are!

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Reimu = Goku
Remilia = Vegeta
Marisa = Piccolo
Sakuya = Gohan or Krillin
Yukari = King Kai

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SSiB is cool, it's Touhou in SPACE

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What about the Watatsuki's? Which one's Frieza?

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Deus ex Touhou edition
Helios end = Everyone's mind can be read for a pure and perfect democracy = Satori and Koishi
Illuminati end = Controlling people in the shadows = Yukari
Templar end = Youkai lose their power and become humans = Keine
Anarchy end = Beat everyone = Reimu

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The one with the sword. The other one is Cooler.

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>Cough on me again and I'll cut ya.

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Oh please, Patchy could shrug that off like it was nothing.

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Touhou needs mermaids.

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Fucking aliens ruin everything

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anyone know if manga in this clip got an extended version?


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sorry i meant to make a thread with this

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