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Do you liek the taste of cum?

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What does it taste like?

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No, as I am not, Mami, Ami, or Miki.

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Only if it's mine.

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Mine tastes like a fruit smoothie.

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I do enjoy the taste every now and then, but the main problem is I really have to force myself to taste my cum. I almost always have a huge urge to do it while masturbating but once I actually cum I almost can't bring myself to do so. When I can manage to do so I always feel very warm inside.

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Semen in itself is not that good, to make it taste great you need to suck it right from the source.

The lewd sweaty smells and sound that comes from sucking it out is also important for how it tastes.

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I'd like to try yours, ZUN!bar-kun...

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>Mine tastes like a fruit smoothie.
Do you think i could..Y-you know..

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T-two at once?!

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I could even dress up as Homu homu for you while i do it.
If you want me to that is..

I dont mind sharing with the other guy either..

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>this thread

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If you don't mind sharing, I suppose I c-could join in.

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It's not the taste what makes it difficult for other people to swallow it, it's the texture. It's like eating your snots.

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This. It was like hot snot. I nearly puked. Of course I swallowed and went for seconds. It was all mine though. And it was right after I figured out how to put my dick in my mouth...at least the tip.