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How is your unique vision of Touhou?

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Grimdark and powerlevels.

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Actually, the only threads I-ve ever replied to are shithreads like this one.
Most of the time I passively read everyone-s opinion about games or porn and keep mine to myself.

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There may be problems occasionally and sometimes someone needs to get beaten up, but it's generally silly and relaxing.

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touhou 666 CP
short for Cunt Punting

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I don't really give a shit about visons and plot and shit, I just give a fuck about gameplay.

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I dream of a random weak and frail /jp/er with no life, goals, or ambitions getter gapped to Gensokyo by Yukari. Quickly he finds that his dreamed wonderland is no paradise at all and is grim, dark, and cold. All his favorite touhous either shun him or try to eat him and the humans cast out the foreigner. His weak body and unsocial ways treat him horribly in this new and strange land.

Yukari gives him an ultimatum. She gapped him to Gensokyo, as she does quite often with other NEETs and Hikikomori from time to time, as they will not be missed in their old worlds and their tender and atrophied muscles are the finest form of human veal. He is given a set amount of time to escape his paradise lost on his own or get eaten in a large feast.

This Anon is constantly fighting for survival and goes through many difficult trials which slowly turn him from a complete loser into a man. From escaping rampaging Onis and hungry Youkai to having your limbs sewn back on by a crazed Eirin or being frostbitten by Cirno, he sheds his old ways and blossoms into something new, now more masculine and reliable. He slowly realizes what a great life he had back home and curses his old self for being so naive. He forms pacts and alliances with some of the more saner Touhous and even gains what one could call friends after winning their respect through feats of sheer will and determination.

After some testing trials and through some random stroke of luck, he manages to find his way back home, now a changed man. He now sees the world through a new light and is for once glad to see his own sweet home. But he only gets gapped back to Gensokyo, now welcomed by the very Touhou that once scorned him not too long ago.
And then he spends the rest of his days shitposting on /jp/ in Gensokyo, saying "I FUKCED YOU'RE 2HU!"

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After all that, I wouldn't even want to go home. I would become the most fearsome human to have ever roamed Gensokyo.