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Imagine this
Your favorite Touhou meets you. However, she thinks you're an enemy, and beats the shit out of you. Excruciating pain, near dead, until she snaps out of it and realizes your feeble attempts at standing or even dragging your blood soaked body away from danger is fear of death, not an attempt to throw her off.
She immediately begins to apply first aid to you, and once you're stable, she brings you back to her places and over the course of a few months, nurses you back to health. You share a few stories and talk to her, giving her nothing but forgiveness when she cries at what she's done. She eventually falls in love with you as she brings you back from the brink of death.
Which touhou would you want to share this fantasy with?

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uncle mugen

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Ur mom lol

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suck my cock dude

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I want to share this fantasy with lady Eirin
I will never share this fantasy with lady Eirin ;_;

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Why does it sound like the best idea ever.

He'll eventually teach you about his techniques.

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Take your hands off Uncle Mugen!!

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Only if you're an old half ghost magical samouraï.

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the softest

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She'll surely try some strange drugs on you because you're an human from the outside. You'll end up looking like this.

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OP god damn you I'm still thinking about this.

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she'd be too horrified from what she'd done to do that

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That'd be awesome though.

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I choose patchy because she surely have some strange magic or books that can turn me into a little girl. If not I choose Nitori for the android loli body. If I can have the loli body I'll use my new knowledges to take over the earth and become the most terrible tyran there ever was.

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Like you have to ask...

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lol, I'd beat the shit out of that bitch.

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 ( ´・ω・)  Aya is worst race
 ( つ旦O  ∫
 と_)_) 旦

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No, unlike many people on /jp/ I still have some pride. If a chick ever did something like that to me I'd stab her as soon as I could move my stabbing arm.

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Only if she lets me eat her liver as payback.

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>implying Mokou would beat the shit out of someone who isn't Kaguya
>implying it will be love and not bromance

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even with her crying begging you to survive and forgive her?

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>when she cries at what she's done
Not my favorite touhou, then.

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Mokou killed alot of people.

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Rinnosuke is not she.
And he wouldn't beat me, because he is really nice and calm. He would invite me for tea and we would have trade deal and he would invite me to Gensokyo.

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Yeah, it's impossible to just forget something like that. Maybe if she just punched me. Maybe if it was just a kick but not beating me to the edge of death.

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and she feels bad about it.

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She'd do quite a crackerjack job in beating the everliving shit out of me.
I'm sure her disastrous attempts at trying to nurse me back to health would be cute as fuck too. I'd bet she would use sake as a disinfectant.

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One Master Spark or Stardust Reverie is good enough to kill me. If I ever survive, I'm going to be a merchant or a farmer. With her.

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Good luck stabbing a youkai.

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and the best part- this whole thing is completely in-character.

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It's a good thing she most likely knows more about medicine than most of Gensokyo's inhabitants.

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I think it'd be easy if her guard was down. They aren't all invulnerable.

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She did it for hundreds of years.

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I once had a dream I got knocked out in the forests of Gensokyo and I woke up to Aya feeding me like a baby bird (chewing up food and throwing it back up in my mouth)
I woke up and fapped and then I was slightly disgusted with the whole ordeal.
I'm not into eating vomit, Aya.

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I have a feeling I'd be completely dead since my favorite is Sakuya. I don't think I can be nearly dead with knives stabbing pretty much every part of my body.

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I'd endure a hundred beatings if it meant a loving relationship with Sanae.

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Just imagine waking up in her house.

>"W-Where am I?"
>"In Hell."

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youkai can survive being split in multiple parts
You're pretty much fucked if you will try this.

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Which one are you talking about?

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yo dawg i'd make that bitch tap out

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But she can't cook...

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That's no excuse for throwing up in my mouth.

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Reisen, of course.

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Only one I'd imagine having trouble with would be one of the oni or the zombie. Everyone else is made of flesh.

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she is slowly reforming.

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She's not throwing up, she's chewing your food. Throwing up would involve the contents of her stomach; neither of you want that.

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see >>7891012
Stab Mystia or Meiling or Letty or something, and she'll scream in surprise and pain...before literally tearing your head off. Youkai are incredibly durable.

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Tomato-Potato I'd still like a home cooked meal.

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the idea of getting the shit beaten out of me doesn't sit very well.
Because these are youkai, I imagine even a moderate blow could probably shatter a few bones.
I think "beaten near death" is too much, but being seriously wounded by accident is a softer way to put it.

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But she can't cook! Weren't you listening?
You know all those pictures where some girl who can't cook makes some food, and it turns out all black and bubbly and covered in mosaic? You want to wake up to that being shoveled down your throat?

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Why can't I just eat the food she's chewing and feeding me then?

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Because you were unconscious.
I imagine she tried to just put it in your mouth at first before realizing you weren't chewing it and it was just sitting there, then awkwardly shoveling it back out.

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Tenshi. No exceptions. I would be okay with being friends, though.

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I have a dream like that. I was under effects of imperfect hourai elixir (still grants immortality, but recovery rate of wounds is such as of a normal person). For centuries, I was a toy-doll for Kaguya. One time, after my body was horribly broken, I was discarded like a piece of trash in the bamboo forest. It took me a couple of years to gain my consciousness back. I wandered for many days looking for eientei. To go back to the only life I knew. Then I crossed my path with Mokou. After hearing Kaguya's name escape from my lips she went berserk on me. She stopped only after my charred body crawled up to her and hugged her feet begging for mercy. She broke out in tears and took me to a small hut to take care of me. We eventually grew closer to each other. Even though my eyes never healed, I didn't hold a grudge. On the contrary, I thought that meeting her was the most fortunate thing that would ever happen in my existence...

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op, I like your thread. I'm too focused to daydream about this right now, but I really hope that some anon can enjoy this fanta sea. 10/10 and thank you.

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No matter what.

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because, after I'm fully healed we can go back to the forest and play with travellers togheter!

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My love.

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Thanks, OP. Now I have something to dream about tonight.

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Interesting way to make a "who's your waifu" thread OP.

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I don't care if she beats the shit out of me.
I love you Lady Patchouli.

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Flan <3

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you can't really say you love if you wouldn't forgive her for nearly killing you on your first meeting

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Me on the left.

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are you alright?

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That's beautiful.

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Yeah, well when Patchouli fixes me up, I'll be the new Phoenix.

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...I really don't know if is more disgusting the art or the content itself.

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oh yes

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Remi wouldn't be remorseful or cry about hurting me. She would most likely be negligent and order the fairies and Sakuya to attend to me while she allows me to stay in the mansion until I heal up. I'd be happy to stay there as a blood slave for the rest of my life.

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It'd be nice if okuu wounded me through negligence to the point I'll never fully recover and satori takes me in.

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She'd be glad just to have my company. ;_;

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>It'd be nice if okuu wounded me through negligence to the point I'll never fully recover

Sounds like a recipe for Leukemia and metastasized cancer

Just saying

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that's cool. I specifically picked okuu because I couldn't bring myself to hate her no matter what, although my target is satori

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Do you know what it is sad?

You going happy, doing your job of announcing the arrival of a new season. And then, suddenly, a stranger crush you just because she misunderstood your cheerful message, and being just a little fairy, the damage is worst. It's OP history, but without the happy ending.

This thread is reminding me the more love of is she needed.

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I approve of this post. Poor Lily White is way too underappreciated in general.

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Metastasized cancer in Gensokyo is a good way to become a youkai, you know. Probably a nuppeppo, a egg-shaped mass of rotten flesh that was either completely harmless or a very competent guardian of holy grounds that assimilated any would-be thief into its lumpy body - your flesh would fuse with a rotting heap of raw meat while the rotting heap of raw meat in question looks at you with world-weary eyes that carry no emotion sans a hint of disappointment at your stupidity.

It'll be good to live in Satori's place because it's said that whomever eats the flesh of one gains immortality, so you'd have a bunch of people trying to eat you otherwise. I guess you'd be a droopy-eyed little girl who likes to sleep and little else and you'd have a soft body other pets like to play with (which means you get large breasts in every doujin, of course.) since if you could ignore the smell and didn't intend to steal from a temple, nuppeppo were harmless living beanbag chairs made out of flesh.

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What if I only like my favorite touhou in a friendly manner and have no interest in pursuing love, also the manner of a mule when laid up?

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generic morbidly obese demon has been in so many mythologies.

You almost wonder if they're real.

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I imagine we would meet on a rainy evening in the woods somewhere. I had gone on a hike and the path I choose took way longer than I thought. I'm cold and hungry and just want to get back home.

Then she pops out, trying to scare me. It actually works cause I wasn't paying attention, and I let out a yell of surprise, only my yell must have sounded very menacing to her. It's dark and I'm wearing many layers of clothing and a hat, obscuring my features. Scared herself, she beats the shit out of me with her umbrella's giant tongue, breaking many bones in my body. I beg her to stop and she sees I'm a harmless human, incapacitated and crawling for my life.

I imagine it would rain and/or snow almost everyday she's around me, associating the scent of rain with her smiling face for all time. As our relationship progressed I think it would be something special to share a kiss deep under the umbrella as it pours.

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