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Why Yukari won't use her gaps to cut heads of her enemies?

That should work - splitting head from rest of body by teleporting it few centimetres away.

It would be sure kill move.

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raymoo said 2hus no kill

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Because she never goes for the kill.

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/r/ The Motherfucking Yukari.

Short answer: For teh lulz
Long answer: She enjoys sleeping and trolling..

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Even if the body is split through the gap it still remains intact as a whole, so using the gap itself to separate the head wouldn't work.
Unless you use it to cut the head off, in which case you could use anything really.

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This is actually a good reason. She likes Reimu too much, she doesn't want to make her angry.

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Why hasn't Yamaxanadu killed this hag yet?

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Komachi's distance power does that sort of thing easier. The distance between your head and your neck, you and the sun, etc.

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The Yama just judges the dead. She doesn't make them.

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Play the fucking game
Read the fucking official works
Stop posting about shit that is already answered.
Just because it pops into your god damn head doesn't mean you should type it up and post.

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Because being cool fits Yukari more. Komachi can use her scythe.

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Yukari is still pretty popular among most of us, the problem comes more from fans hyping up her strength and making her out to be the mother fucking Flash of Touhou; able to achieve anything with her poorly defined powers and ought to be able to defeat anyone.

It ignores a key part of Yukari Yakumo, she's a schemer. A direct show of force simply isn't Yukari's style, it never had been and never will be. Sure it's fun for doujin artists like Chado to draw up a massive DBZ style fight, or for neck beards to argue about her capabilities, but the thing that makes Yukari so attractive as a character in the first place is her evasive twisted nature. Nothing she does is what it seems, schemes within schemes Yukari plots on the very long term in ways only a few could begin to comprehend.

For a true powerhouse character with combat ability, you need to look to youkai like Suika and Yuka, Yuka especially because of her direct nature. For a powerful but direct mastermind you've got Kanako who is clearly working towards her own agenda but it's not exactly hidden. In comparison Yukari's methods are convoluted to the point where it borders (oh ho) on insanity, she approaches problems from completely unexpected angles obfuscating her objectives with both clear and hidden feints.

The point is, when someone fights Yukari, she is never really serious, often smiling as she laughs off a defeat and retreats having spun the circumstances to her favour. Yukari has never been a direct force kind of youkai. She is a schemer by nature and her powers only support this.

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I've defeated Yukari multiple times
does that mean I can fight goku?

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I agree with you but you didn't have to condescend Chado.

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Yukari could beat go with ease.

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You can beat them both but you'd never beat Kira if he got serious. Just saying.

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I like you, you actually make sense. Most people just sling shit without taking character personality into consideration.

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See, when people see this for the first time, that's where the problem lies.

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>mother fucking Flash of Touhou
Justice league of Gensokyo.

Reimu = Superman
Marisa = Batman
Youmu = Flash (I know aya is faster but she's a prick).
Suika = Wonder woman
???? = Green Lantern
???? = Martian Man hunter

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flash is a prick too.

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Didn't exactly this happen in Liebe show?

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He's acts childish but he has the heart of a warrior and everyone's safety in mind. Didn't you watch that Justice League Flash Celebration Episode? He's a friendly guy.

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You've done more justice in four sentences than people have done in four years discussing her. Someone turn this into copypasta.

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You're doing this on purpose, right?

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in 12.3 she has a skill which can divide anyting into smaller pieces or something...so yeah she tries to do that but the game mechanics dont allow it

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Yukari can accomplish more just by crying like a bitch faggot than most skilled assassins could ever hope to achieve with a power that cuts heads from a distance.

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You just ruined it all.

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Yukari is strongest. Even game mechanics shouldn't stop her.

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get your revisionist shit out of my children's cartoons.

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Oh my, I'm sorry.

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Here you go

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I'll just leave this here

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All Hail Yukari.

/jp/ should start to pray to her and beg her in hope she will hear it and agree to help you in finding way into Gensokyo or granting your wish.

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Yukari's powers are greatly overestimated by fanon. Especially regarding her ability to control gaps.
She probably wouldn't be able to do that unless you stood in one place for half an hour.