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I don't get it. Is she the prince or just a knock-off of him? If she is supposed to be based off of him, then what happened to him?

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He is sucking my cock.

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First of all, thanks for your email, welcome to my botnet.

Second, she's the prince, turned into a little girl through the power of TAO

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go ahead, it's my junk account anyways haha.

Taoism doesn't do that. Does it?

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The universe of Gensokyo dictates Prince Shotoku was always a girl. Ergo, she is "him".

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I can find your real email using your junk one, you silly willy!

TAOISM can do anything!

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Oh, I remember! Shotoku means income! I finally memorized it!

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>real email

that one is junk too

anyways I'm all outta shoutoku

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Well i hope anyone who puts his email on here enjoys 2000 pictures of dwarf porn

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You would too if they didn't tell me your email address is invalid.

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Miko can see your desires through your phony email. I don't think getting spammed is your biggest concern right now.