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Imagine Chen operating a television remote control, and stopping at a program that piques her interest. Perhaps it is a fishing show. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen walking to the grocery store to buy some milk. She scans the shelf for no fat milk with a paw on her chin. After finding the milk she wants, she goes to the counter and engages in small talk with the (human) cashier as he rings up the purchase. She pays for the milk with a twenty dollar bill that was in her collar and Nyaa~s a goodbye. Fancy that.

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When did Gensokyo become so full of cats?

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Imagine your mother in my bed. It actually happened.

Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen wearing denim overalls and a yellow hardhat, whilst operating a jackhammer.
She stops what she's doing to whistle at another fine lady cat strutting down the street. She gives her a sly glance. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen writing her lifes memoirs. It consists mostly of the interesting places she has been at night while Ran was asleep. She pauses and remembers one of her earliest memories. Maybe it is of her first ball of wool. Fancy that

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Imagine Chen sitting next to you, her bare leg rubbing against yours as she squirms on the couch, frustrated by the lack of quality programming on TV. She looks up at you with her adorable eyes and asks, "What do you wanna watch, Onii-chan?" Your mind suddenly snaps from her thigh to her face and you, flustered by the sudden question, answer noncommittally, "Uh, whatever." She pouts for a second, then turns off the TV. "Well if you're not interested in the TV..." She trails off as she starts rubbing her leg against you more roughly, looking up at you with expectation.

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Imagine Chen sitting at a computer sobbing loudly smashing out her tears via a keyboard. Perhaps she is getting mad over a stranger on the Internet, fancy that!

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Imagine Chen routing her connection through seven proxies simply to call someone an offensive name on the internet. Perhaps she calls them an anus. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen painting an oil painting of the doe-eyed cat she loves that lives with the rich family down the street. She is getting annoyed with the inconsistency of some of the lighting and the way she has't managed to capture it quite perfectly. She gets high on catnip and in a fit of rage rakes her claws down it, ruining the present she was making for her unattainable love. As she comes to from her fit of rage, she notices her front door was open and the very same cat she was doing the painting of is stood there and has seen the whole episode. She looks her in the eyes, says "Mew..." and walks away. Fancy that

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Imagine Chen repeatedly opening and closing the door to the airing cupboard, watching the towels flapping around. Perhaps the towels have striped patterns on. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen curled up on the sill, and being so fascinated by the bird feeding outside her window that she takes a photograph of it. Perhaps it is a blue jay. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen riding a bicycle. But her legs are too short to reach the pedals. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen working in a genetics testing laboratory. She is working on improving the genetic code to mice. Maybe she selectively breeds the tastiest litters. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen out in the night. She fancies herself the defender of cattesses and kittens, ever ready to come to their aid. The occasion has yet to present itself, but she is ready. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen, making her own hamburgers from scratch. She uses her own meat for the burgers. Perhaps it is mousemeat. Fancy that

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Imagine Chen, she is laying in the sun on its back, sleeping. She is dreaming. Maybe she dreams of cat heaven. Fancy that.

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Imagine chen did some shit. I don't give a fuck. Fancy that.

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Imagine a shitposter on /jp/. Perhaps he is Buttranger. Fance that!

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Imagine Chen standing at the very peak of yokai mountain. She raises her hand in front of her eyes and squeezes it into a fist, as if crushing all things in her vision and starts an obsession for power that will ultimately lead to her own destruction. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen playing with the other childish Touhous. She accidentally scratches one of them, causing a rift in the relationship. Perhaps their friendship never recovers and they grow to be bitter enemies and rivals for life. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen sucking a dick. It is not your dick but mine. Perhaps she was your Touhou. Fancy that!

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Imagine Chen hunkered down on the toilet several hours after visiting Taco Bell with Ran and Yukari. She ate five beef bean burritos with hot sauce on a dare and now she can feel liquid shit bubbling up within her colon, ready to erupt unhindered from her anus at any moment. Perhaps the shit will have such an unholy smell that Yukari, while retching violently, will be forced to gap the toilet bowl full of shit into another dimension. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen being thrown out by Ran. She lives on the streets and does terrible things to survive. Yukari finds her and offers her a job working with tourist, and desperately, Chen accepts. When she begins she is given catnip and is forced to have sex with otaku's from 4chan's /jp/ board in exchange for money, all of which goes to Yukari. She begins the long road of self-destruction that tears her apart and destroys every trace of the happy little kitty she used to be. Perhaps she sees suicide as her only way out. Fancy that!

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Shouldn't she be using a litter box?

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Imagine Chen wondering around Gensokyo, having adventures and getting in fights. She forms a group with Cirno and Medicine Melancholy. Perhaps they pretend that they are saving Gensokyo like Reimu! Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen being raped. It looks very fun. Perhaps you join in. Fance that!

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Imagine Chen playing Touhou PCB. She can play well, but she purposefully loses to herself every time because she doesn't want to see herself defeated even in a game. Perhaps she stops playing and plays a different game. Fancy that!

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ImagineCchen is sick and needs to be put down. Ran drowns her in the toilet. Perhaps Okuu eats her corpse, fancy that!

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Imagine Chen browsing /jp/, and stopping at a thread that piques her interest. Perhaps it is a good thread, unlike this one. Fancy that.

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No Touhous lurk /jp/. Deal with it.

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That's probably a good thing for them.

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Cats are lactose intolerant

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No they aren't mine drinks milk all the time.

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Imagine Chen preforming lewd acts for you. You cum on her. Perhaps she hisses at your penis. Fancy that!

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This is why you give them a special type of milk. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen's life narrated by someone with a relaxing voice. Perhaps it's Mr. Rogers, back from the dead. Fancy that.

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Apparently if a nekomata leaps across a corpse, they raise the dead to do their bidding.

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Bob Ross would be pretty cool

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Fancy that!

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This is Chen shopping for watermelons

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Here I've been busy wasting my time banging away in the dark at mySQL while this thread goes along.

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fancy this thread!

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Imagine Chen masturbating in public. She fingers herself beneath her dress and tells herself that she hopes that no one else notices, those secretly wishing that they will. Perhaps when she climaxes she will make noise, fulfilling her wish. Fancy that!

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Imagine Chen browsing /jp/. She looks in disgust at the lewd things that the otaku have written about her. She tells the other Touhous about the filthy site. They discuss the inaccuracy of what the otakus think. Perhaps they close the portal to Gensokyo to keep them away. Fancy that.

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girls don't finger themselves in public, they rock back and forth.

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Imagine Chen as a furry.

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Could've been worse. Fancy that.

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I heard some women can climax just by contracting their legs...!!

Fancy that.

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I'd watch "The Life and Times of Chen" narrated by Morgan Freeman.
I'm sure it would be quite relaxing.

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Imagine Chen hunting a mouse. She playful teases it for a while before letting it go. Perhaps the mouse is one of Nazrin's friends. Fancy that.

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Chen means "Charm" in Hebrew. It's pronounced with a hard CH.
Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen getting a bath. She squints to prevent shampoo from getting in her eyes. She'd probably take extra care of her ears and tails. Maybe Ran would dry her off with a cotton towel as Chen giggles playfully. Fancy that.

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Imagine Chen as your pet. After weeks of only bathing herself using her tongue, she starts to stink.
Being a cat and deathly afraid of water she viciously attacks you with her claws when you force her into the shower and turn it on. The doctors manage to stop you from bleeding to death but you have lost vision in one eye and will be disfigured for life. Fancy that.

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No, like this.

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Imagine Chen going to the bathroom really badly because she had some spicy tacos the other night. She sits on your face with your mouth eagerly awaiting your delicious meal she is making for you. She squirms and strains and struggles as her cute little pink anus is flexing and twitching open and close. she lets out tiny little farts that are quite strong and smelly as she giggles and apologizes for them sinking so much. But this only gets your mouth watering for what is to come. she give one more good push and lets out a little cute brown bud that slowly emerges into a thick long and delicious poop log. As she is getting more aroused from the sensation of someone serving as her loyal toilet she says in a lustful yet gingerly manner "itedekimasu unko-san~" As your long awaited meal that has been slow roasted inside her you began to eat gingerly. You can hear Chen breathing heavier as she is about to cum from this ecstasy of pooping in someones mouth. As you chew on the warm delicious product of Chen more comes from her cute butt and plops on your chest. She steps off of the seating apparatus and looks at you eating with lustful eyes. "Mmm that looks tasty~" She slowly encroaches on top of you and takes a deep smell of her meal and starts to slowly rub it all over you while taking the remaining pieces and eats some herself. "I-I can't take it anymore unko-san! I'm g-going to cum~" She then squirts quarts of her female cum juice and coats your entire body with it as you cum in sync to her cumming. She plops on your shit smeared body in complete exhaustion from the immense orgasm as the both of you bask in the afterglow of such a wonderful event. Fancy that.

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Fancy that.

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I enjoyed this thread and think that everyone on page 0 should see it again.

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Imagine Chen using a litter box.