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Is it better when H-doujins have the silliest reasons for sex or is it preferable for them to have at least some arouse-inducing plot?

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>Semen isn't food

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This looks like an image macro, or I would think that way if I hadn't read the whole doujin already.

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OP's pic is too non sequitur for me.

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Plot and acting in character are usually much hotter than boring fuck fuck hips moving on their own crap.

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Being licked by a curious Yuyuko's tender tongue as she naively and playfully experiments with your body isn't arousing enough for you?

Ghost blowjob WOO!

It really depends. Good plot can be great, but humor goes a long way as well.

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It's better if they go out of their way to have silly reasons for sex.

For example, a doujin where a man is turned into a little girl who has to have sex with 40 other little girls in a 7-day period in order to keep her cute immortal body for all eternity would be great. This is said to be the contract a Malay magician struck with the Devil himself, though he chose poorly and decided to become an oil-leaking rapist demon that cannot be seen by non-virgins instead of a loli.

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Stupid reasons are always the best

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>become an oil-leaking rapist demon that cannot be seen by non-virgins
No, that sounds much better than being a loli.

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What about an oil-leaking rapist demon loli who can't be seen by non-virgins?

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What kind of jerk randomly burrows into other peoples' business and tells them their tastes suck just because they picked a purple umbrella?

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>arouse-inducing plot
NTR or mindbreak, right?

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I read H doujins for the plot.

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Sounds like /jp/ to me, but that doesn't make sense because that dude seems to be outside.

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Both are fine, but I consider that the latter is better for the performance of romantic, slow-paced, intercourse.

>Good plot can be great, but humor goes a long way as well.

As long as it doesn't make you laugh. Also, hilarious comments like "I'm cumming from my ass" and similar are boner-killers.

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Byakuren should get a boyfriend already.

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I prefer mind-breaks and slavery plots, but I also like the vanilla stories and more lighthearted stuff.

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I am a huge faggot who enjoys yuri.

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Porn with plot is excellent. It's such a damn shame that most artists who try to put plot in their porn are also mind break fetishists.

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i prefer plotless

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Need Source on Byakuren bird fucking
And definitely need source on tentacle girl Reimu. (this is my fetish)

As far as the topic at hand: Stuff with a really good plot is good, but the more attention given to the plot the less is usually given to the ero. On the other hand, a lot of stuff tries to add plot halfheartedly and it just gets in the way and is awful.

Basically, plotless is better unless it's good plot.

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sometimes i wish for a doujin that would just go OH SHIT I'VE A PENIS


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It's funny because that's what always happens.

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Unsure if serious....

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Once she realizes it tastes like salty milk she's gonna be pissed as HELL

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I like the funny ones. I have been searching for this doujins, but I never founded it, now I don't even remember where I left the name.

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Go back to /b/.
What's with all the meme spewing fags these days.

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Being this thread related to toohoo manga, I'd like to ask for sauce on this, please.

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He is serious, you omnitard. "U MAD" is the name for Hong Meiling's scanlator group. He is one of the few who makes an effort to translate correctly these doujins. LWB is another one.

Avoid CGRascal, as he does not know japanese.

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This guy's translations are always painful.

Looks like Byakuren Yume Mousou, part of a series of doujins involving Touhous imagining exactly two other Touhous getting raped and then imagining themselves getting raped. Titles are generally in the "X's ____ Delusions" (some translations) or "X Yume Mousou" (untranslated or if CGRascal gets his hands on it).

Pic related, from Dai-chan's Drugged Delusions.

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yep, [Circle Nurumaya] Hijirin Yume Mousou.

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I'm a little surprised that they made so many. They've even got one with Mima in it.

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Curious, sauce on that?

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Nvm, found it.

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Issue resolved. Thread locked.

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but what about the source on this one?

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I still have no idea which doujin this is from, but I really want to find it.

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>Me and my kind obtain our power by feeding on the fear of us youkai. And that mean was to scare someone. It's so that we can exist that youkai are youkai. It's needed.


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CGRascal's finest translations. They range from mediocre to retarded google translation being assraped by mongoloid babelfish.

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You are the best, thank you.