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Today I've made a new friend!
She doesn't talk much but she is a cute girl.

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Oh? Is it night time already?
We should head back quickly then.

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So it's really gotten dark huh?
People say that a human flesh eating youkai named Rumia would appear at times like thi-

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Oh Rumia, you so crazy~

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I loved the one where a little girl was running away from Rumia in the forest........ All the while Rumia is chanting this poem about kids disappearing in the forest.....

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I like taht doujin page where Rumia has a conversation with Keine while eating a friend.
It's so bittersweet

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Rumia chan........... I was wrong about you....

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That's why Gensokyo has to be purged of Japanese abominations.

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That's why Gensokyo has to be purged of Japanese abominations.

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Sometimes I'm not sure what to think of Rumia...

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Well, she's a monster.

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You won't last very long there with that kind of gear.

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Almost everyone in Gensokyo is a monster.

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But danmaku's only AP5

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It's called a youkai. A YOUKAI.

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Everytime I see a mech I get just as baffled by the stupidity of the concept.

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well dreadnoughts are silly

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So uh, what do I give her?

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if shes there, its already too late for you.

just give her an orange or something

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Who gives kids candy canes for halloween?

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This might work.

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Stop talking and just give her some fooooood!

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Best comic.

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What was the name of this one again? I know it's somewhere in my "Touhou doujins everyone and their grandma has read" folder, but I can't bother searching everything.

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I'm not sure what it's called. I just named it Rumia 4koma.

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>You're the awesome one

Scientific proof Rumia is the best touhou

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You don't know? You seriously don't know?
Take a guess. Seriously, It's easy. If you're not a giant newfag, that is

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I like that one too. I think I shall dump it

I don't know if this is actually its name though, it's just what I called it after saving it from 4chan

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It's called children's folk tail. I don't like it much.

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Aw, really? I liked it. Grimsokyo is refreshing every once in a while

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Okay, not being distracted by Rogue Survivor anymore. Lez do dis

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Now to rename all my files..

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Rumia: What is this?
Me: It's called a penis. Touch it. It likes being touched.
Rumia: Sou Nanoka

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I strongly prefer cute Rumia to creepy monster Rumia.

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But then, wouldn't you agree thats what makes Rumia.... Rumia?

If she doesn't eat humans, she is not Rumia anymore.

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What about cute creepy monster Rumia?


It's 40k. The only tech-literate people in the future are idiots who worship fire extinguishers. It's only natural that you get mechs.

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Where is the baabby?? Is Rumia going to raise her?

And that dead girl. She is even smaller than Rumia, yet she is a mother? Is this normal in feudal Japan? It was not considered pedo right?

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To an extent, yes. But Rumia doesn't have to be a terrifying monster to eat people.
...or something.

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Isn't there a 40k faction that has the supernatural ability to make machinery more deadly the more ridiculous it looks?

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Sort of.

The orks basically have psychic powers that they aren't aware of, and their technology works the way that they believe it should.

They believe that red paint makes stuff go faster so it does.

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It goes quite far. 40k fluff includes an indicent where an ork pilot crashes in an imperial spaceport, after which he steals an imperial spaceship, shoots down his purpuers and flies home.
Despite the stolen ship having an empty tank.

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Not all of the time, paper won't shoot bullets no matter how much the Ork wants it to. Large scale warp bending activities such as a Titan coming to life to fight for the orks without pilots won't happen regardless how large the crowd is.

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There's this one doujin where Rumia protects a bird from being beaten up. Then eats the bird. anyone have it?

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Even within Gensokyo, Rumia is a legend to the inhabitants.
People are like: Have you heard of the Legend of Rumia?

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My favorite bit of that is the Kommando's who dress in bright purple and shout every order and still manage to infiltrate imperial bases.

No tech actually required STOOPID UMIES

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WHAT THE FUCK WAS REIMU DOING? Aren't she supposed to come out, beat the crap out of Rumia and save the humans? That's her job right? WTF

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>he doesn't know about orkydeon.

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Probably just lying around in her house, scratching her ass and armpit while yawning.

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Rumia might eat humans, but she's really, really bad at catching and hunting them.

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You know how this fish hunts by luring its prey to the light on its head?
Rumia hunts by pretending to be a cute, harmless little girl. It's all the same.
It's just nature, and its amazing wild life.

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Damn you made me think of the octopus chapter in franken fran and now I have the willies.

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... no grue jokes yet?


You mean this one? >>>/f/1561483

This is what really happens when you fire up the Gorkamorka.

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Nature is terrifying.


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That is one badass shrimp.

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I can imagine Rumia reading this (if she COULD read, I mean) and trying to stun people by clapping at them.

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Dreadnaughts are a only true hero's grave!
For the emperor!

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/m/ did alot more with it along time ago but yeah.

/m/ had a major hard on for orks and red and probably still does. Sadly we haven't had a good super robot anime in a while so I've had no reason to post there.

(jeeg and gurren lagann are the last two I can think of worth posting about)

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With your youkai strength, it might just work for her.

>Rumia claps
>Human kid explodes in to bloody rain

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I hnnng'd

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With her youkai strength, it might just work for her.

>Rumia claps
>Human kid explodes in to bloody rain

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You are HIGHLY overestimating a youkai strength.

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No, the grave of a true hero is in the turret of a Custodian Land raider.

But then again, 40k fluff is Schrödinger's fluff.

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Please don't post sample images.

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For a fit adult human, Rumia isn't much of a threat if taken head on. Her only advantage is her darkness, which - as I'm sure everyone knows - is as much harm as help since Rumia herself apparently can't see in the dark.

Or maybe Rumia can see in the dark, just not in her own generated total absence of light.

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By adulthood every human should have taken the blindfight feat.

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If you only lose 2 arms battling Rumia in the dark you are considered successful.

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Rumia would never eat her friend! Right!?